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Major Davis is having a bad day.

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Here is another chapter of my Stargate/Lilo & Stitch crossover. I hope you're still enjoying it. In this one, Major Davis is having a bad day.


It was her very best glare, and it really annoyed her that he seemed to think it was funny. Nani, sitting protectively close to her, was having better luck. Too old to be considered 'cute' Lilo supposed.

"Where's my dog?" she demanded again. Unlike her glare, this didn't amuse the uniformed man questioning them. He gave a put upon sigh and pinched the bridge of his nose. "He's a good puppy! You can't take him away!"

"We all know he's not a dog," Major Davis said tiredly. "Dogs don't talk. That creature does." Lilo exchanged a worried look with her big sister. "We just want to know where it came from. It could be very dangerous."

"Not to us," Nani answered with a shrug. "To idiots with guns that bust into our house? That's different."

The man looked away for a moment. "I admit that was badly handled. Our information was... incomplete. The men who went in had to be ready for anything. Judging by the amount of trouble your 'pet'gave them, they didn't prepare well enough." Lilo smiled proudly.

"How long are you going to keep us here?" Nani asked. Lilo felt her smile slip away, and she scowled again.

"I wanna go home!" She made an effort to put extra whine into it. Adults hated that. Why should she be the only one having a bad day?

"I know, and I want to send you home as soon as I can, but Ineed to know about the creature first."

"Why?" Lilo asked.

"We want to know about him. Where did he come from? Are there more like him? We only have your interests at heart. He could be dangerous to you, even if he doesn't mean to be."


"He could make you sick."


"He might have a disease that won't hurt him but could make you and your sister very sick."


"Because-" he broke off, looking irritated. "Stop that."


"What's to know?" Nani threw her hands up in exasperation. "He's harmless unless you attack him first. He's healthy. He's gentle with Lilo, and he's part of our family."

"What else can you tell me about him?"

"Why?" Lilo asked again. The man ignored her, focusing on Nani. Her sister sat back in her chair and said nothing.

"Anything you can tell me would be useful," he tried after afew minutes of silence.

"He likes Elvis," Lilo offered.


"He likes Elvis. He can hula. Well sorta, and he likes to play in laundry fresh out of the dryer." She smiled hopefully at the major. "Can we go home now?" Davis'face was doing a fine imitation of a rock, but Nani was making small choking noises and her shoulders were shaking, as she looked adoringly at her little sister.

"Anyone who likes Elvis can't be all bad, right?" Nani asked.

"Its musical preferences aren't an issue Miss Pelekai, as you well know," Davis' tone hardened as he decided to try a different tack. A polite question and answer session wasn't getting the job done. He did not enjoy playing the heavy, but the girls were beginning to wear on his nerves. "Your sister may not understand the serious situation you've found yourselves in, but you should. Harboring that creature, when it might pose, at the very least, apublic health risk, is a serious crime."

Lilo leaned over to her sister and said in a loud whisper,"I bet he doesn't like Elvis."

"You don't need to worry about an invasion or a plague,"Nani said when she could breathe properly again. "All the people Stitch has are right here in this room. He's been living with us for months now without so much as a sniffle. Where he came from, just isn't important."

"I disagree."

Lilo gave him her best wide-eyed innocent look. "Why?"

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