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The Dressing Room

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Patrick takes Amy to his dressing room where she has to admit something a little embarressing...

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Patrick led the way back through the corridors of backstage to get to his dressing room where he and Amy had decided to go. Amy followed closely behind him as they walked and chatted. Once they got to Patrick’s dressing room he stepped aside and motioned for Amy to go inside the room. Amy found this very gentlemanly and this action only made her feelings towards Patrick stronger. As she walked past him, Amy brushed past Patrick’s arm a little. In doing so she not only felt herself blushing but also as cliché as it sounded, had tingles going throughout her body. She couldn’t help but wish that his arm were around her once more like when they had had the photo taken.
“Take a seat,” Patrick said as he followed behind her into the dressing room.
“Thanks,” Amy replied. She looked at the furniture before her and decided to sit on a couch. Patrick seemed to have decided the same thing as after he grabbed them both a drink of coke from a mini fridge in the room, sat down close to Amy on the same couch. He handed her one of the cans and opened his own. After taking a sip, he looked at Amy and saw she still hadn’t opened her can.
“I should have asked if you wanted it,” he said assuming that Amy didn’t like coke.
“Oh no, I’ll have it, it’s just…” Amy paused and looked at the ground.
She didn’t want to have to tell Patrick the truth of why she wasn’t drinking the coke; in fact she decided she was going to avoid it as much as she could. The truth was that Amy wasn’t the best at opening a can, especially when she was nervous. She usually tended to either achieve not opening the can at all or having its contents spray everywhere. She really didn’t want this to happen in front of Patrick nor have the coke go all over his dressing room, him or herself so she decided she had to avoid having to open it. The only thing Amy could think to say to Patrick to avoid opening the can was that she’d have it later. But Patrick didn’t buy it.
“You’ve just been in a mosh pit right?” He asked her as he took another sip of his coke.
“Yeah,” Amy said uncertainly knowing that this was going to go somewhere she didn’t want to go-her telling him the truth.
“Well you must be boiling Amy,” Patrick adjusted himself on the couch and glanced over at Amy, “I can tell something’s up. Why aren’t you downing that coke if you’re thirsty? Which you must be.”
Amy contemplated this and suddenly she realized that she was extremely thirsty. Her mouth was dry and she could feel her body was screaming out for a drink. But she knew she couldn’t have it without embarrassing herself terribly in front of Patrick, so she tried to resist the fact that she needed a drink. Desperately.
Amy felt her cheeks burning like before and she avoided looking at Patrick’s eyes as she spoke, “I’m fine, really,” she said in almost a whisper. She placed the can of coke on the ground and braved looking over into his eyes. She could see a mixture of confusion in them and also in his face.
Again, Patrick didn’t believe Amy. “What’s wrong?” He said kindly as his face turned into a concerned expression.
Amy became aware that she couldn’t avoid the truth any longer. She took a deep breath and turned to face him, “It’s stupid,” she remarked.
Patrick shook his head, “I don’t think it will be.”
But, Amy thought, he didn’t know the truth yet. Amy wanted to believe that Patrick could understand her problem, but she imagined that once he knew it, he would just think she was pretty dumb. Who else had trouble opening a can? God, it was only her!
“I’m not the best at opening it,” Amy said reaching for the can, “Trust me,” she added while avoiding looking at Patrick’s face once again. She really didn’t want to see the look of amusement he would certainly have on it as he heard these words. Instead she stared at the can and waited for him to bolt out of the room to get away from her.
But this didn’t happen. Amy felt Patrick move a little towards her and take the can from her hand. Their fingers touched as he took it gently away from her. Amy quickly glanced at him. She watched him as he opened the can for her and then he passed it back to her.
“You should have told me before,” he said reassuringly, “There’s nothing wrong with not being able to do that.”
Amy sighed, “I just find it embarrassing,” she admitted to Patrick.
“I think it’s cute really,” he smiled at her and then sat back taking yet another sip of coke. Amy also took a gulp of her coke and as she did this, wondered what he had meant by that comment. Had he meant that it really was cute? That she didn’t need to have been embarrassed at all? And that her thoughts were absolutely right, he did like her a lot? She hoped so.
“So what did you think of the show?” Patrick asked.
Amy forgot the thoughts as she answered this question. But another little thought kept in the back of her mind. What would happen from tonight? Would she be able to become more than a fan to Patrick?
All she knew was that she would like to. That she would like to be Patrick’s girlfriend.
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