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If Insane is Wrong.......(FMA/Kimblee love story)Chpt 2 Final Exam

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Second chapter and yes I know I had this story saved already so all my chapters should be up in like 7 mins ^^

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Ed: So your the Furhur. Good we need to talk.
Furhur: In Good time Edward, but I believe that the final exam is going to start quiet soon and I need to set up final preperations. Feel free to speak with me as soon as they are done. Good day.
He turned around and headed toward the area.
Ed: Wait.. He stoped abrubtly as Al held him back.
Al: Ed I thought we were going to find Arron. Ed stared back at the spot they were standing at to see they were gone.
Winry: Edward?
Ed: ..........damn

Kimblee: You ok kid?
_: I really wish you wouldn't call me that. I breathed in deeply and closed my eyes to calm myself. I really didn't want to fight-it wasn't my thing. Not only that but I wouldn't forgive myself if I screwed up in front of Kimblee. Suddenly I was pulled around so we were staring face to face; I could feel the color rise in my face.
_:What is it Kimb....
He grabbed my shoulder firmly
.....what was he doing?
Kimblee: Your not planning on wearing that are you? He smirked at me....What the?.....
_: Of course not! I'd have to be insane to fight in a skirt.
Kimblee: Whats wrong with Insane?
I turned and headed back inside central, leaving him behind. I moved down a couple halls so I could find a empty room to change in when I looked up at the nearby clock. It was almost time to begin. I finally found a room and put on a pair of green shorts, Black shoes and a black tanktop. I put my hair up as best as I could, then took it out and ruffled it so it was running down the length of my back. I headed back outside to see him leaning against the wall...waiting for me.....

~Some 10 mins later~

Everyone in central was outside- there was a man announcing the match. It was Kimblee and I against some guys.
Kimblee: ready? He seemed anxious to me, he was really looking forward to this match.
_:lets get this over with.
We both headed to the center and stared at the others. I didn't like the looks of them; just by there postures you could tell they were criminals.
_: Hm..... you mind if I take down the blonde?
_: He's undressing me with his eyes, that ass.
He looked over to the the blonde then closed his eyes and smirked.
Kimblee: If you think you can keep yourself alive.

????: BEGIN!

I'm not going to describe the match cause I'm cruel like That.


BOOM The arena exploded filling the air with dust and smoke. I lost sight of Arron, but on the other side some fool decided to attack me head on. I moved to the side as he pulled out a long dagger to attack me,only to make contact with my hand to his face. Blood splattered everywhere around me, not one drop on me.

(X3Cause thats How BaDAss I amX3 me: LUVS!!!)

I made my way across and found my next prey. Black hair, blue eyes .... missing limbs....What can I say? He barley put up a fight. Then I spotted Arron. She had the blonde trapped in vines, struggling as they finally squeezed the life out of him. I called her over, but stopped when another one came up behind her a gun to her head. Before he pulled the trigger I blew his arm clean off.
Kimblee: You ok?
She stared up at me and nodded. I turned back towards him only to see a spike through his stomach. I looked back at her to see her smiling up at me.
Kimblee:Why you....
She came over toward me and looked at my hands.
_:......Looks like you enjoyed yourself....

We fought out a few more fights, each one was barley even worth the waste of alchemy. Arron seemed exhausted, her alchemic control was off today; She used more than needed. People were leaving as we stood there through the Furhur's speech only to find we both passed. She seemed relieved, I could care less to this point. They gave us rooms. I went into mine. I took off my shirt, layed on my bed and dozed off, Only to have Arron walk in some 20 mins later.
We were each given rooms. The first thing I did was shower...
It was so nice. Then I decided to head over to Kimblee's Room. I walked in (without knocking) to see Kimblee laying on his bed, shirt off, his head relaxing on his hands. I blushed like crazy especialy when he opened his eyes and stared at me, his usual grin on his face.
_: Oh...sorry. I'll leave if you
Kimblee: You comin in.
_: ya....
I shut the door behind me and walked over as he sat up on his bed.
_: You look bored.
He shrugged and moved over so I could sit down, but when I went to sit down I tripped and landed in his lap.
_:Sorry. I moved to get off when his arm snaked around my stomach and pulled back, so my back was against his front.
_:Kimblee I....
His other hand brushed against my face and pulled my hair back. He brought his head down, I could feel his breathe on my collarbone and then the sting of his teeth as he tenderly kissed my neck-the same spot when we first met. I moaned out softly, embaressed as I did so.
His kiss became sharper and then the next thing I knew he had pushed me down on the bed, towering over me.
_:What are you..
He brought his lips down forcefully on my mouth, Prying my mouth open. I tried to push him off, only to pull him back.
I was so confused. He pulled back and smiled down at me like he had a wicked little secret. Then He got off the bed, headed to the door and walked out.
I left my room, leaving her there inside. She was driving me mad- the taste of her blood came back on my tounge from where I bite her. I wanted it.....I wanted her.
I walked down a few halls and came across the Furhur's door and heard full metal; he seemed ticked. I leaned against the wall and relaxed a bit so I could hear what was going on. Hm, Dont judge me- I was curious....
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