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Chapter 4: Strangeness

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Mikey discovers that Mia isn't what she appears to be.

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hey guys! update time! i hope you enjoy the latest chappy and review to your hearts content. I have actually decided to combine this with another story I have been writing so It's about to get even weirder, but in a good way! He he, get it good Way. ugh... Ignore me I think I have a fever. On with the story!

*Mikey's P.O.V.

(Still 2 weeks before but two days later...if that makes any sense.)

Mia and I met up at the entrance to the school before we headed to homeroom. We have steadily been getting closer ever since the jock incident, and we go everywhere together. Anyway, we walk into the room and head to our table in the back, where Ray was already sitting. Ray's awesomely cool with his fro of curly hair. I swear small furry animals nest up there!

Since our homeroom class is also our math class, we got out our notebooks prepairing to take notes like we always do. Just then the teacher walks in. She says,"Pop Quiz on yesterday's notes. I hope you studied!" A collective groan is heard as every student in the room starts to object to this unusual event. Now, Ms. Marble is not the type of teacher that will move a quiz just because you get on your hands and knees and beg, so I don't know why everyone was trying to talk her out of this thing. While I resigned myself to failing yet another test, I see Mia raise her hand.

"Ms. Marble, can you please move the test?" she asked in her sweetest voice. Marble turned to her and smiled that devious smile of hers and told her that just because she was new didn't mean she had to act stupid.

Well, I think that ticked Mia off because she closed her eyes for a second and started again. "I think you should throw the test away and never give us another test ever again." Her voice had a hint of something else in it now.I just couldn't place it.

The whole class just died out laughing, everyone but me, Mia, and Marble.Marble just stared at her and said," That's a wonderful idea! I shall do it right now!" She picked up the stack of tests and shredded them. Everyone cheered.Except me. Because I saw what happened while everyone was looking at the teach, while Mia was talking. I was the only one looking at her when she opened her eyes. I guess that means I was the only one who saw her eyes turn completely black, from eyelid to eyelid. This could get interesting. At the very least, I don't think I'll ever have to take another test.
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