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"Anytime My Love"

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of course another frerard one-shot xD as always im running out of titles here!!!

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alright. as most of you know, i can only write on the weekends and the only reason i review during the week is cause of my phone. and i left my notebook at my mom's house so right now i just have to think of something.
i wanna start a chapter fic SOOOO bad but i have no idea what its gonna be about! frerard fer sure but i dont know what to make it about. im weighing my options and vampire-frerard-romance is winning AT THE MOMENT but i still have no effing clue. so give me your opinions and suggestions!!!! in the mean's yet another frerard oneshot[[ prolly not very original, but whatever]]

I love you so much. I know that you are happily in love with Jamia and are getting ,married soon. That's why I hope by the time you read this, I will be gone. Please don't be a hero Frank. I don't wanna have to see you with her when I love you like this. Just do me a favor and don't come get me. I can't live knowing that you'll never love me like I love you. I want you to be happy, and I know that you love Jamia. I just wanted to let you know how I feel Frankie.
With all my love

I rushed through his apartment. All I could see were empty bottles of beer lying on the floor. When I went home,I had found the note.
I was in tears on my way to Gerard's house. I can't believe this! I couldn't let this happen! I love Gerard like no one could ever understand.
Today, Jamia broke up with me, realizing that I just wasn't happy.I agreed that it was for the best. The only reason I don't love her anymore is because I realized I love Gerard. If Gerard does anything to himself...

I didn't get an answer. I followed the trail of broken glass into his bedroom. I swung the door open.
Gerard slurred. He was obviously drunk. "Hey buddy how's it goin?"
He was piss drunk. I rushed over to him. I looked down. He had blood dripping down his arms. I took his arms. Deep slashes were carved into his right wrist...and on his left wrist, "F R A N K I E" was carved up his arm.
"Oh God Gerard!"
I sobbed. I pulled him into a hug and began rocking us gently. I held him close.
" 'ts wrong?"
I continued sobbing.
"G-Gerard...Why did you do this?"
"I'm sorry."
"I love you so much Gerard." I cried.
"I love you too Frankie."
"Come on Gee. Try to stand up."
I pulled him to his feet and pulled one of his arms around my shoulder. He leaned against me as I dragged him to his bathroom. I sat him down. I examined his wounds. They weren't as bad as I thought. They weren't bleeding anymore. I grabbed a washcloth, wet it, and started to clean him up. Gerard was sobering up a little. He just sat there in silence. I ran him a bath.
"Get in."
I got up and left him.
I cleaned up all the bottles and changed his sheets.
After about 30 minutes, I knocked on the door.
"Gee you okay? You ready to get out?"
I heard a splash. I opened the door. He had tried to get up, but fell back down.
"Need some help?"
"mm hmm"
I walked towards the bath. I felt guilty standing here and looking at Gerard this way. He was beautiful. His body was perfect. He was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I bent over and put my hands on his upper arms. I helped him up, took his hand and and helped him as he stepped out. I took a towel and dried off his arms gently. I moved down his chest. My eyes lingering on his smooth, pale skin. I dried off each of his slim legs and felt bad for sneaking glances at him where I shouldn't. I ruffled his hair up with the towel, getting a laugh from him. I also felt terrible because I was turned on right now.
"Come on Gee."
I lead him into his bedroom. He fell back on his bed.
"Come on Gee ya have to get dressed."
"mm mm"
I pulled out some boxers and a shirt and held them out to him.
He rolled over on his stomach, acting like a stubborn child.
He turned back around. He looked really good, just laying there with sheets lightly draping around his sides. He smiled up at me, sleepily.
"Frankie will you sleep here with me tonight?"
"Sure. So you sure you don't wanna get dressed?"
"mm hmm"
I sighed. Yeah I don't mind him not getting dressed, but I don't want him waking up being mad at me...then again...why did he do all this? Cause he loved me...
I walked towards the bed. I lifted the sheets and slipped under them. Gerard lifted himself up and got under the blankets. He immediately clung to me.
This guy was too much.
His bare legs were wrapped around my waist. His black hair was still pretty wet.He pulled us tightly together. Our middles were pressed together. At the contact, a small moan escaped my lips, but Gee couldn't hear it. His face was buried into my chest. I hesitantly slipped my arms around him, holding him in place. His body was so warm against mine.
"I love you Frankie."
For the first time tonight he didn't sound drunk. He said it with meaning and I knew that, if not all, most of the alcohol was out of his system.
"I love you too Gerard. Don't you ever do that again."
He looked up at me...
"You really mean it? You love me?"
"Yes Gerard. I love you so much"
"What about Jamia?"
"We broke up Gee. I realized that...I loved you more."
He was silent.
"I'm sorry. I thought that..."
"Don't worry about it right now."
He suppressed a smile.
"You're beautiful Frankie and I just loved you so much. I couldn't live with it..."
"Well now you don't have to. Now we really can be together."
"Yeah Gee. You're beautiful and I never wanna leave your side."
"Thank you."
I leaned my face down to his and our lips brushed across each other's.
I pulled away.
"Anytime my love."
He buried his face back into my chest and we fell asleep in each other's arms...
bleh. i know. i don't like it either, but still review and give me ideas on a chapter fic!!!!!!
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