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The Fall P2

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The actual Chapter. Enjoy =]

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A/N: I hope I don't confuse you with the ending of this chapter, Just keep in mind that there is still many more to come after this, don't be sad

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A week had past and soon I felt more and more like a captive animal than a human. I would make circles around the apartment and go out into the dusk. Spencer called me into the kitchen were he had some dish for me cooking away.

“If you make another circle you’re going to fall through the floor, I swear you’ve worn the hardwood down.”

“I can’t help it,” I paused, “I going mad in here.”

Lost grip of his spoon slightly but caught it before it fly completely into the pan. Spencer looked at Ryan with a book across his face sleeping. I began to crack my knuckles in attempt to calm my racing mind.

“I knew I couldn’t keep you inside very long, it’s,” he paused thinking for the word, “Cabin fever? I think.”

I took a seat at the kitchen island trying to catch the orange that now invaded his eyes; I wanted nothing more than a day outside for fresh air. The times I had been able to escape onto the deck Brendon had grown angry with me, as I was jeopardizing myself.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered, “I just want to be outside.”

“I know,” Spencer said to his hands, “it’s your earth scent.”

I looked away and put my face in my hands breathing deeply. It was only a few moments until I felt his arms encase me. I felt my body shuttered and then collapse against his side. Spencer pressed his lips against my head.

“Spencer, I-.”

We broke apart and turned to Ryan.

“Yes?” Spencer hissed. His tone spoke louder than his volume.

I could see some red in their eyes; I looked at Brendon approaching them.

“Pensais-je nous allias à Marilyn?” Ryan jetted, glaring at me.

“Nous allons encore,” Spencer replied, his eyes filling with black.

“Arrêt!” Brendon shouted and both males looked at him.

I slowly stepped back but was caught by Brendon’s arm; he pulled me in front of him holding my body like a parent. I looked away from the eyes that stared at me.

“She knows French,” Brendon said and Ryan’s eyes grew wide, “For Christ sake Ryan, you read her biography; she fucking lived in Paris for two years.”

Ryan stepped back like he been slapped across the face, in a way he had. He slinked away and picked his coat throwing Spencer’s his. Brendon put my coat over my shoulders before crossing the room for his.

“I’m sorry you had to see that,” Spencer said quietly as we left the apartment and traveled down the elevators.

“Time is 8 pm,” Brendon spoke with a low tone into Spencer’s ear, “We’ll reach Marilyn’s at nine, Traffic looks bad.”

“Thank you,” Spencer replied and then pulled me next to him as we began moving down the levels.

I waited for the third floor to flash its number before I opened my mouth.

“Why does Ryan hate me?” I whispered so lightly.

Spencer tightly gripped my arm, and I saw his eyes flash a grey color, something I hadn’t seen before. The elevator door dinged and slid open. It was almost as if we all were flouting across the floor. I was gently pushing into the limo and once we had all seated ourselves we drove off towards what I could only guess as Marilyn’s.

“About your question in the elevator,” Spencer whispered into my ear.

I nodded.

“He doesn’t hate you.”

My eyes darted to Spencer, our chins lined up against each others. He pulled his face to touch his nose with mine.

“He loves you.”

“Why?” I spoke almost under my breath.

“Because I’m his maker.”


The next hour flew by in a daze, I didn’t know what to think and Spencer wasn’t about to elaborate on what Ryan thought for me. Love? I didn’t believe it, I couldn’t. The boy had been annoyed that I lived with them, that I was their human pet. Even when we met he was not happy.

But, he had kissed me and touched me. Even though I didn’t want him to, but he had. My stomach flipped as we entered a dark building which supposable housed Spencer’s maker. Why was he in love with me, Spencer was in love with me, or at least I thought.

Was I even in love with Spencer?

“Spencer!” a Smokey voice called out.

I turned to see a very tall and thin Vampire standing upon stairs that stretch up two stories. He wore two different coloured contacts and had quite large lips painted with deep red lipstick. Spencer removed his coat and handed it to a servant. I tried to remove mine but my hands shook so hard that Ryan came to help me. His eyes were a soft yellow color.

“It’s okay,” I said quietly, but Ryan ignored my request and removed the jacket from my arms.

The hall we stood in was tall and built with black marble. I felt my skin flush with Goosebumps and a few servants who had been standing perfectly still turned at my scent.

Marilyn looked over Spencer at me; he glided over to my shivering frame and placed a hot hand upon my shoulder blade. He had just been feeding.

“So you are the Human named Emma?” He gave his servants a hard glare and they grumpily returned to their posts.

“You shouldn’t be scared,” he soothed, “We all fed before you arrived.”

“Yes all of us,” a familiar voice spoke from my backside.

Spencer hissed and ran towards him grabbing his throat. Brendon and Ryan ran to grab me but Marilyn had already handed me off to a stronger curly haired Vampire.

Peter pushed Spencer to the floor and the servants who lined the halls swarmed Ryan and Brendon.

“Take her to the car Joe,” Peter called with a certain nonchalant tone, “Thank you Marilyn for the trap.”

Marilyn smiled and nodded to his servants. They took the struggling Ryan and Brendon away from my view. I fought against Joe screaming and kicking.


Marilyn came over to my frantic self and slapped me across the face.

“I’d save your breath sweetie,” he turned“ I don’t know what I’ll do with this new money Pete, maybe build you a statue?” he chuckled with Peter as a wounded Spencer tried to stand.

“SPENCER!” I screamed. The tears that streamed my face were hot; I felt my self choking with hysteria, “SPENCER! LET GO OF ME!” I was squirming even harder.

Marilyn scowled at me.

“You betrayed me,” Spencer spoke so hoarsely.

Peter made a b line for Spencer slamming his head to the concrete. Spencer made one last attempt biting Peter with all his strength. Marilyn yawned at their battle and soon waved his hand for servants to take Spencer away.
“WHERE ARE YOU TAKING HIM!?” I screamed fighting so hard against Joe.

“All this excitement really can’t be good for you,” Marilyn lowered his voice, “or your body.”

Peter stormed by me holding his arm tightly. Joe began to pull me away but Marilyn stopped him to say one last thing to me.

“I’d forget about Spencer, he's as good as dead now. Spencer won't live the night." Marilyn took a deep breath, "he’s come back to his maker, just as I bore him by giving him my blood I am going to take it away." He touched my soaked face, "There will be no more running away for him, or getting involved with humans like his father did. I am his father now, I am his life and his death.”

I let my head drop with sobs. I could barely breathe.

“You have a piece of him now, and memories. Forget the rest,” Marilyn whispered.

Joe pulled me away and I blacked out.
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