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lonely valentines day

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poem. it's another lonly valentines day (which i'm really sick of) and it's looking rainy. I wish we'd stay together, but now my rose is wilting, and his bow is wet with rain.

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this goes to our lonely valentines day, which i'm sad to say inclueds me, it'll be another raining day for us. comment, rate. I OWN THIS POEM! No copying...

It’ll be another lonely Valentines Day
For the girl
Holding the black rose
From the boy
It doesn’t represents love
It represents what had left

It’ll be another lonely Valentines Day
For the boy
Holding the red bow
From the girl
It resents what he had killed
It doesn’t represent love

It is a lonely valentine
For the ones
Who our out again
Alone and cold
There are no chocolates and hearts for them
Just the pain and memories from back then
The rose is wilting
The bow is getting heavy with rain
There looking up towards the black sky
Both whispering
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