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This is a story that i wrote for English but it is based off of the lyrics from Bullets.

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Lying on the bed was a man with thick black hair that fell just above his shoulders framing his soft boyish face. His eyes were closed and there were many wires and tubes connected to his fingers, wrists, chest and other body parts. In the background you could hear his faint breathing and the rhythmic beep of the heart monitor proving that the man was indeed alive, despite his pale skin, sunken eyes, and still appearance. Beside this man was another man close to the same age. He had light brown almost blond shaggy hair just past his chin. His hair was matted to his head in some places and sticking up comically in others. This mans eyes were a dark hazel color and were rimmed with dark circles from lack of sleep. He had a sharp jaw line and glasses, perched on the bridge of his nose, that were slightly askew. He sat, waiting, tired but impatient, on the edge of a chair next to the first man’s bed.
The man in the bed began to stir slightly and the brown haired man quickly jumped up and grabbed his hand.
The man in the bed opened his eyes slightly and quickly closed them due to the harsh lighting of the room. A few moments later he opened his eyes again this time allowing them to stay open. His face was etched with confusion as he looked around the room. When he noticed the other man standing next to him his face switched from confusion to fear and anger and pain all at once. He was too lost in thought to notice the other man talking to him or hugging him or anything else going on around the room.
The man from the hospital bed was now walking hand in hand with a woman. The woman had dark blond hair and light blue eyes. She had a petite figure and was about 5’ 5’’. Now that the man was standing and awake you could see that his eyes were the same hazel color of the other man from the hospital and that his height fell at about 5’ 9’’. The man and the
woman were both casually dressed and were in the middle of a shady park. They both halted at a large oak tree and took a seat under it. “I love you” said the woman. “I love you too” replied the man. Those were the only words exchanged for a while and the two lovers sat in comfortable silence until the man spoke again. “Let’s run away together.” The man stated with an excitement in his eyes. “What!” the woman replied surprised. “We should run away, just me and you; we can take to the highway. We could drive until the end of everything.” The woman still surprised by the sudden outburst of adventurous plans remained silent. “I want to let you know how much you mean to me. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. We’re in love and that’s all that matters. It doesn’t matter if our friends and family don’t approve, I’ll never let them hurt you, I promise.” The woman finally found her voice and answered with four simple yet meaning filled words “Yes, I trust you” The man smiled and looked into her icy blue eyes and they slowly brought there faces closer.
The man was now walking up the walkway of what was presumably his house. He slid the key into the lock and opened the door. His eyes met with the scene of the woman and the man with the similar eyes and light brown hair sharing a kiss against the living room wall. The man dropped his keys to the floor and stood in disbelief of the event. At the sound of the falling keys the woman and the man with the similar eyes broke apart and turned toward the door. At the sight of the man both of their eyes widened and words of explanation spilled from their
mouths like wind: continuous, unnoticed and substanceless. The man didn’t bother to listen or yell or even talk for that matter. He pointed one finger to the door and held it there as the explanations continued. The woman broke down crying and dropped to her knees at the man’s feet. The man with the similar eyes continued to carry on and looked close to tears himself. The whole time the man’s face remained emotionless as his arm held outstretched toward the door. The man with the similar eyes stopped talking first and hung his head. He walked defeated out the door. The woman saw the man with the similar eyes leave and gave one last attempt to reconcile with the man. She stood and tried to kiss him while saying she loved him. The man remained stiff and turned his head to the other side so that the woman only kissed his cheek. The woman gave up and walked slowly out the door her tears flowing freely.
Once the woman left the man turned, closed the door, and walked into the kitchen. His face was still emotionless, and his demeanor still tense. He opened a cabinet above the refrigerator and pulled out a full, unopened bottle of vodka. Then the man walked into the living room and turned on the radio, not really paying attention to the song that came on but just to have some background noise. He then sat on the couch and opened the bottle and for the next hour proceeded to drown his sorrows in poison.
The man was now a little tipsy and he stumbled into the bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet. He pulled out two bottles one of red colored pill labeled as an antidepressant and one of a blue pill labeled as a sleep aid. The man clumsily unscrewed the top of the red pills and dumped 5 or 6 into his hand. “The red ones make me fly” the man mumbled as he swallowed the pills with a gulp of vodka. He then opened the other bottle of pills and poured 3 or 4 of those
out into his clammy palm. “And the blue ones help me fall.” The man drunkenly giggled as he forced the pills down with the last sip of vodka.
The man dropped the bottle on the floor and left the pill bottles out on the counter. He stumbled into his bedroom and collapsed on the bed. The man didn’t fall asleep though despite the toxins in his system. Instead he just laid there staring at the ceiling. “I can’t sleep without you” he muttered and silent tears began to streak his face.
The man was now back in the bathroom swallowing more pills. Only this time the man’s face looked like it hadn’t been shaved for over a week and his clothes were disheveled, greasy, and covered in various substances one would not like to know. His eyes were rimmed with black and blue circles from lack of sleep and his breath smelled of alcohol. As the man stumbled back into the bedroom he glanced at the phone on the hall table with a blinking red light and a number 32 reminding him that he had unchecked messages. The man once again collapsed on the bed and went back to staring at the ceiling. “I can’t sleep without you” the man repeated just like he had every night since the first. But this time no tears fell. Instead the man began to smile. The man sprung from the bed, as fast as a drunken man can spring, and walked out of the room.
The man was now standing in the park again with the woman and it was nearly pitch black. The only light was that of the crescent moon. “I'm so glad you forgave me” screeched the woman excitedly. “I knew our love was too strong to be split apart” she wailed. The man just nodded and grabbed the woman’s hand. He dragged her to an even darker part of the park under a canopy of trees. The woman leaned in to kiss the man and the man leaned forward as well but instead of kissing her the man reached up and wrapped his hands around her throat. “Please understand it has to be this way” the man pleaded. The woman let out a silent gasp as the air was
slowly cut off to her body. The woman tried to struggle, but the lack of air and the passionate anger of the man were too hard to fight against. The woman tried to make a sound but all that came out was a soft gurgling noise. “Trust, you said, who put those words in your head.” the man scolded. Soon her body went limp and the man released her. Her body fell to the ground and made a soft thudding noise against the grass.
The man then pulled a gun from his jacket pocket and began to laugh as he brought the gun close to the woman’s heart. He shot her once directly in the heart. To him it didn’t matter if she was already dead or not. “Now your breathing is ragged and your heart is broken just like mine” the man explained. “You know the red of your blood and the blue of your skin make you more beautiful then you ever were before” the man told the corpse of the woman.
The man dragged the body over to a small pond not far from where they were and pushed the woman’s body in the water. The man then dipped his hands into the water and began to rinse the blood from them as the body sunk to the bottom of the shallow water.
The man was now at home again. He stood in the bathroom another empty bottle of vodka sitting by his feet adding to the pile of garbage that had built up on the bathroom floor. On the counter there were the two bottles of red and blue pills as there was every night but now there was also 7 other various colored bottles of pills laid out. The man picked up each bottle one by one and unscrewed the cap. Then instead of 3 or 4 pills he dumped the entire bottle of pills into his hand. One by one the pile got smaller and one by one things got blurrier and spun faster.
The man was once again in the hospital bed. He was taken from his thoughts by a sharp pain in his forearm. The man looked over to see a nurse drawing blood with a long silver needle.
As he examined his surroundings again he noticed the man with the similar eyes, a nurse, and an entourage of beeping machines. The man didn’t understand how he wasn’t dead. The man didn’t understand why he was such a screw up in life that he couldn’t even carry out his own death. But what the man really didn’t understand was, did he even deserve a second chance?

If you have any questions regarding symbolism, allegories, allusions, or simply what i meant about anything leave a comment and i will post another chapter explaining upon request. if you don't have a question please let me know what you think anyway.
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