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Station Singing

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YugiohHarry Potter crossover. CoAuthored with Wirlybird. Just a whole bunch of random songfics where the YuGiOh characaters are at Hogwarts.

Category: Yu-Gi-Oh! - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Crossover,Romance - Characters: Joey Wheeler,Seto Kaiba - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2008-02-10 - Updated: 2008-02-11 - 2313 words

Kidea: Time for number two!

Wirlybird: Country music of doom!

Jonouchi: My turn to sing.

Seto and Yami: Kidea and Wirlybird don’t own Yu-Gi-Oh, Harry Potter or Barricades and Brickwalls. They belong to their respective owners and copyright holders.

Millie, Hermione, Pansy, and Serenity: This is a Yu-Gi-Oh/Harry Potter crossover fic.

Harry and Draco: We have been told to tell you all the pairings that will feature in this stupid piece of carp.

Wirlybird: chucks keyboard at Harry and Draco Do it properly!

Harry and Draco: rubbing heads Jeez ok. The pairs featured in this fanfic are as follows. Whether they are from Yu-Gi-Oh or Harry Potter will be mentioned after the pairing.

DracoxBakura Yami no Bakura HP/YGO

HarryxYami Yami no Yugi HP(derr)/YGO(derr again)

HermionexOtogi Duke Devlin HP/YGO

RonxSerenity HP/YGO

PansyxRyou Bakura Ryou Good Bakura HP/YGO

YugixMarik Yami no Malik YGO/YGO

SetoxJonouchi Joey Wheeler YGO/YGO

BlaisexMalik Marik Ishtar Good Marik HP/YGO

Ron and Yugi: And in the last chapter it will be ten years after this year of Hogwarts (They is in year 6) and the pairings have changed…well some of them.






MarikxMillie Millicent from Slytherin

GinnyxOC They’re making up some random guy

Kidea and Wirlybird: Let the story begin!


Beep beep beep
Two brown eyes opened sleepily and gazed over at the screeching alarm clock with an annoyed glare. He growled darkly at the appliance and gave it a tremendous thwack to make it shut up. It gave a wheezy beep and then the numbers disappeared off the digital face. It died. That meant he needed a new one.

“Fuck.” He groaned and pulled the covers off his torso to revel his lean chest. He shivered, it was going to be a cold autumn day in England.

“Damn. Bloody cold.” He whispered as he slipped out of his futon and shuffled to the door in his boxers and socks, which he’d put on the night before to prevent cold morning feet meeting with cold morning floor. They’d already been introduced and they didn’t get along. Not pleasant. When he reached the door he looked back at his alarm clock and smacked his head on the doorframe. He couldn’t remember the time. He figured he’d read the time off the VCR in the lounge after his shower. He walked into the bathroom and turned on the water. He let the steamy hot liquid pound his shoulders and he sighed. After he was satisfied he was clean he turned off the water and pulled a towel around his waist and one around his shoulders. He shivered and sat down on the bathmat and began to dry his hair. He poked his head out of the bathroom door and wrapped the towels tighter around him and ran from the bathroom to his room, flicking on the heating as he went. He shut the door to his room and slid down to the floor, his back running down the door.

“Too cold. I don’t wanna go to school.” He mumbled and shivered as his blonde hair dripped cold water down his back.

‘But if I go maybe he’ll finally agree to go out with me…and I’ll get to see him.’ He thought optimistically, trying to make a bad day seem good…better. He fished in his haphazard draws to find some boxers. No such luck.

“I bet, with my luck, my boxers are out on the line.” He groaned as he walked to the window and looked down into the small courtyard. There they were flapping in the hurricane force wind. He gave a moaning sob and pulled on a long sleeved shirt. He darted down stairs and opened the door. The wind blew in and the curtains fluttered like leaves in a tornado. He slunk outside, gabbed his boxers, and ran back inside. There was a slight war between him closing the door and the wind trying to get in but he won eventually. He pulled his boxers on under his towel and then began drying his hair again. He started to walk upstairs when he remembered the time was needed. He went back into the lounge and lent down by the VCR. He just managed to catch 8:00 before everything went dark, only to be lit by the pale grey light outside. It was a blackout.

“Fucking wind.” He hissed into the dark and went back to his room. He searched his room till he found his jeans draped over his cupboard door, where he’d chucked them the night before. He pulled them on and pulled out his suitcase. He began chucking stuff in but stopped when he heard a quiet meow from inside his suitcase. Leaning down he pulled the clothing aside and saw his tiny Siamese kitten sitting in the suitcase looking miffed and cute.

“What ya doing in there Chii? You waiting to go to Hogwarts too? Well get out and I’ll pack.” He smiled and the kitten gave another meow before crawling out of the large suitcase. He smiled as he watched the kitten trot over to his pillow and curl up, almost as if she was waiting for him to get ready. He quickly stuffed the rest of his clothes in his bag and grabbed his watch which he’d unearthed from the mess that was his bedroom floor. He picked up his bag and Chii lept onto the suitcase and onto his shoulder. He grinned and gave the cat a quick scratch behind the ears before slipping out of his room and down the hall.

“Katsuya. Where do you think you’re going?” He heard his fathers drunken voice growl from the kitchen.

“I’m gong to school Dad. I always go to school at the same time every year.” Jonouchi said stopping and looking into the tiled room where his father was sitting at the counter with a bottle of whisky in his hand.

“Yeah well no being the fucking whore you usually are. Or you’ll pay me the money you earn when ya get home.” Jonouchi winced. He’d lost his virginity only two years ago and the guy he thought loved him wasn’t there in the morning and he never saw him again. Now whenever Jou’s dad was drunk he called him a slut and a whore…he was always drunk. Without another word Jonouchi grabbed his acoustic guitar from it’s place by the door and walked out. He wished he never had to come back.

(A/N – Intermission! While Jonouchi is getting to Kings Cross we will have a slight intermission while he grabs breaky and takes an hour to hitchhike there )

“Thanks mate. I appreciate it.” Jonouchi called as his last lift drove off. The wind was blowing as hard as ever and his blonde hair fluttered wildly around his face and into his eyes. He pushed a few strands behind his ear and pulled his black trench coat tighter around his cold body. He walked between people, excusing himself for pushing to get past. He looked up at the large clock and sighed. It was only 9:30 when he reached platforms nine and ten. He had managed to grab a trolley and had placed his suitcase and guitar on it. Chii was perched on his shoulder, watching all the people that they passed. Jonouchi reached the barrier and looked around to see who was watching him. The coast was clear so he darted through the barrier and came out at platform 9 ¾ . A pair of icy blue eyes watched the blonde disappear through the barrier and he smirked slightly, the sooty owl in the cage beside him gave a hoot.

(A/NfW – We’re putting vending machines on platform 9 ¾ so deal with it! They take wizard money and have wizard snacks. So there!)

Jonouchi looked around at the completely deserted station. The train wasn’t even there yet. He smiled and looked over at the large vending machine in the corner. There was a bench beside it.

‘Perfect.’ He thought and put his suitcase of the bench, using it as an extra step up so he could pull himself on top of the vending machine. It was cozy up there and he pulled his guitar up after him. Chii hopped up too and sat next to her master happily. Jou opened the casing around his guitar and pulled out some music sheets that he had already been scribbling on. Grabbing a pencil he placed his guitar flat on the top of the machine and began plucking at the strings.

In the shadows beside the vending machine a tall brunette with cold blue eyes stood listening to the broken tune that stopped and started and got altered above him. He stood very still, just leaning against the wall, his eyes closed and listening. Jonouchi mumble to himself as he scribbled down notes and made alterations to his song. It was 10:00 before Jonouchi was truly happy with the song. He picked up his guitar, resting it on his knee and looked down at the sheet music one more time before closing his eyes and letting his fingers play what sounded right.

Barricades and brickwalls
Won't keep me from you
You can tie me down on a railroad track
You can let that freight train loose
Iron bars and big old cars
Won't run me out of town
Well I'll be damned if your not my man
Before the sun goes down

Those cold blue eyes widened at the beautiful sound such an annoying persons voice could make when he sang. He listened to a small instrumental and smiled, the music sounded like country rock. It was refreshing.

Well you can chain me down
On the edge of town
You can leave me there to die
But the railroad track
Will bring me back
When the lonesome whistle cries

Jou’s voice had that country accent and it suited the song perfectly.

Barricades and brickwalls
Won't keep me from you
You can tie me down on a railroad track
You can let that freight train loose
Iron bars and big old cars
Won't run me out of town
Well I'll be damned if your not my man
Before the sun goes down

Another short instrumental, rock coming more into it but the song still held its country feel.

Well you can lock me out
You can scream and shout
You can try to change your name
By the end of the day
I'll take you away
Like a force 10 hurricane

Jonouchi sang like he was the only one there, he most likely thought he was. The hurricane line was ironic due to the current weather outside, a small smile played across the brunette’s face.

Barricades and brickwalls
Won't keep me from you
You can tie me down on a railroad track
You can let that freight train loose
Iron bars and big old cars
Won't run me out of town
Well I'll be damned if your not my man
Before the sun goes down

Jonouchi let the music play out for a while longer before ending it calmly and smiling. He smiled and went through the song one more time before packing up. The brunette didn’t move from the shadows as Jou folded up the music and placed it on the edge of the vending machine. He sat with Chii for a while and at 10:15 the train arrived but Jonouchi didn’t move, so the icy blue eyed teen stayed too. It was 10:30 when people started arriving and when Jou saw Yugi, Yami, and Harry he climbed down, grabbed his bag and guitar, let Chii leap onto his shoulder and got on the train with them. The brunette looked up and saw Jonouchi’s music still sitting on the vending machine. He reached up and grabbed it. At the top of the paper it was written in an untidy scrawl – From me to the one I love so dear. The teens blue eyes softened, he knew the song was for him and he knew that he needed to find Jonouchi. It was 10:57; the train was about to leave. He slid on the crimson carriage train and began searching the compartment. He was surprised to find Jonouchi all alone in his compartment. The blonde was trying desperately to make his suitcase fit in the overhead compartment. The brunette slid in and closed the door silently behind him. He reached up and pushed Jonouchi’s bag into the compartment, making the smaller of the two jump.

“K…Kaiba! What are you doing here?” Jou stammered and back away from the brunette, only to fall onto the seat. Seto held out the folded paper.

“You left your music behind. You’re a good singer you know.” He said smirked slightly as Jonouchi went bright red and took the music notes.

“You mean you heard me?” He whimpered. Seto nodded and sat down next to the blonde.

“Like I said, you’ve got a beautiful voice.” Jonouchi blushed crimson and Seto smiled.

“That’s the first time I ever seen you smile Kaiba.” The brown eyed boy said grinning back. Seto blushed slightly and Jou laughed. Jonouchi’s hair was all over the place from fighting with his bag and guitar, Seto reached across and brushed it out of those amber eyes. Jou blushed darkly and Seto couldn’t resist but kiss the smaller boy gently. Jonouchi nearly died in shock but gladly kissed the brunette back. He’d finally got his wish. Him and Seto…together. He hoped it would never end.

Kidea: That was an awful ending. I am so sorry.

Wirlybird: Whatever…took our time completing it. At least it is done
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