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One day at the beach is remembered in the lives of two boys who feel alone for only a summaries suck [SasuNaru]

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Kidea:: I'm being good this time. Finishing all the chapters before I post them

Enjoy our short interlude; it's just here to fill in the missing years...won't be as long as the filler episodes --' +shudders+

Author:: Kidea

Anime:: Naruto

Warning:: Yaoi, fluff, shonen-ai

Pairing:: Sasuke x Naruto

Part:: 2 of 3

Inspiration:: My awesome girlfriend and our awesome afternoon at the beach with our mates. Love you Ami-chan!

Note:: Interlude...

Afternoon Sun



Years passed since that day, I never forgot though.

That year my parents were killed in a car crash, so I live with Itachi now. I may as well live on my own though, he doesn't talk to me much. He never did for that matter.

It's amazing how one day can have such an impact on you. Though now that I really think about it, it wasn't that day that had an impact; but more the person who I met that day. I never even learnt his name. I barely remember what we did that day either...I just remember him, and that happily sad smile.

I sometimes wonder why he was sad. But it's stupid to wonder, it's not like I'll ever see him again. I can't make it better. I can barely even make my on life worth living, let alone fix another's life.

Still...I can't help but wonder...

[The blonde boy]

So many years, I'm still lonely. But the memory of that boy, Sasuke, I'm not so lonely when I think of him.

My parents died when I was very very young. I lived with my aunt until this year. She wasn't the best in the world, but she helped me through school. I moved out this year, but my aunt is still gonna pay for my tuition. She's pretty cool like that.

I don't go to the beach anymore; I always end up depressed when I come home. I wonder if he even remembers me...

Kidea:: Like I said...really short. Just sort of an insight into their lives...yeah...
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