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Birthday Wishes

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Rated for smutt, in the process of being edited... It's Yugi's birthday! Slightly over used I know but I wrote it on my birthday! My first lemon so yeah...

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Kidea:: Ok this is a fanfic I’m writing on my birthday!! Woot it’s Sunday 11th December and that makes it my birthday!! So I decided to write a one-shot birthday fanfics. Hope you like it, fluffiness, and lemon…joy!


The bed covers twisted around the small frame more as he rolled in his sleep. Large eyes opened sleepily and purple hues searched the room in the early morning light. His eyes focused on the bedside light and he flicked it on. He grunted and held his hand up to shield his eyes, too much light too early in the morning. He rolled over and found the other body that was there last night was gone. The boy sighed. It was his birthday and the boy he’d had a crush on since they met, who slept in his bed, not knowing how the other felt, was gone.

“Wonder where he’s gone off to?” He said out loud and pulled the blanket over his head and slid his hand out to turn off the light. It was too early to get up and it was his birthday, you should allowed to sleep in on your birthday.


An older looking boy stuck his head around the door. All he could see was a bundle of blankets taking up the middle of the bed. He smiled warmly and closed the door behind him with a soft click. He walked over to the bed and shook his light.

“Yugi, wake up. Come on Yugi-chan, it’s your birthday. Get up.” He said trying not to laugh as Yugi poked his head out from under the covers trying his best to look annoyed at his yami before pulling the covers roughly over his head and yelping as he smacked himself in the head in the process. The older boy laughed and crawled onto the bed and pulled the covers down to inspect his now bruising hikari.

“Yugi, Yugi let me see.” He said tugging at the blankets and waiting for Yugi to sit up. He saw the light blue-green bruise forming just above Yugi’s temple. He gently ran his fingers over the bruise and Yugi winced.

“Ow Yami! That hurts. Besides I’m still tired and it’s my birthday so I get to sleep in.” Yugi grumbled and blushed a little, pulling the covers around his body so that only his head stuck out. Yami smiled back at Yugi and Yugi felt his heart melt, he wanted to glomp Yami so much right now. Yugi knew he couldn’t or Yami would never go near him again.

“You’ve been asleep all morning Yugi. It’s 11:48 and grandpa said to come and wake you up. Sorry we had breakfast with out you.” Yami smiled and pulled Yugi out of bed. The smaller boy gave in and just let himself be tugged down stairs in his starry PJs (A/N-I love those PJs ^o^). Yami dragged him into the kitchen and Yugi was instantly awake. In the middle of the table was a cake that would have been half the size of Yugi himself.

“Oh wow. Can I eat that for breakfast?” Yugi said eyeing the cake hungrily as his stomach gave a ferocious growl.

“Sorry Yugi, but that’s for your party tonight. It doesn’t fit in the fridge.” Grandpa Moto said over the top of his newspaper. Yugi sighed and grabbed some cereal from the cupboard but smiled anyway.

“Wow, I can’t believe my hikari is turning 18. It’s so…I have no idea.” Yami said sitting down at the table and eyeing the huge cake untrustingly.

“Promise to have fun tonight Yami, no being sour and boring like you usually are.” Yugi joked and laughed at Yami’s ‘say that again’ face.

Yugi and Yami spent all day getting ready for the party. They had to hire as much anime as possible and they hunted down every blanket and pillow in the house so it would be nice and comfortable on the back room floor. It was 3:15 when they finished and they stood back and admired their work.

“Not bad, not bad at all.” Yugi smiled as he looked at the untidy pile of pillow and blankets spread out all over the back room floor.

“I think it will be good fun tonight.” Yami said resting his arm on Yugi’s shoulder, he was puffing gently. His eyes drifted over the room and landed on the pile of anime DVDs on the floor. It reached up just past his knee and that pile didn’t include Joey and Tristen’s anime ‘library’. Everyone agreed it was a mini library of anime because it took up three shelves in Tristen’s lounge room. Yugi blushed when he felt Yami lean on him slightly and jumped when the doorbell rang. Yugi walked up to the front door and peered through the window to see who it was. He grinned when he saw two white haired boys standing outside. The taller one looked slightly pissed off, but the smaller one had a soft smile on his face. Yugi opened the door and smiled broadly.

“Happy birthday Yugi-chan!” Ryou sang out when the door opened.

“Yeah happy birthday squirt.” Bakura said ‘enthusiastically’.

“Thanks guys. You’re early.” Yugi said and cocked his head to the side questioningly. Bakura moved past Yugi and stood in the front room waiting for Yugi and Ryou.

“Yeah, we, I mean I thought it would be nice to come and help.” Ryou said walking in after Bakura. Yugi closed the door and grinned. He opened his mouth but another voice spoke from behind Bakura.

“We’re done, but that doesn’t matter.” Yami said coming into the front room and leaning in the doorframe that lead into the kitchen. Bakura glared briefly at Yami and the he snapped his head around to face Ryou.

“I told you they wouldn’t need our help.” He huffed and Ryou smiled.

“It’s the thought that counts.” Yugi smiled happily bouncing past Yami and into the kitchen.

“Better follow him. I believe he’s rather proud of what we achieved.” Yami smiled and turned on heel to follow his hikari. Bakura and Ryou followed Yugi and Yami into the lounge.

“Nice.” Bakura smirked and flopped into one of the chairs. Ryou smiled and tapped Yugi on the shoulder.

“What do I do with this?” He asked holding out a small box wrapped in blue paper and a silver ribbon.

“Over there,” Yami said gesturing to a small table in the kitchen before Yugi could answer, “We’re waiting till everyone gets here.” He smiled as Yugi pouted and stuck his nose in the air.

“What have you gotten so far short stuff?” Bakura’s voice came from somewhere near the TV. They all looked at the white haired yami as he read the labels on the anime DVDs.

“Uh…nothing. I didn’t get my present from Grandpa yet.” Yugi said looking back and darting off into another room and coming back with a large box.

“Bit heavy for you isn’t it?” Ryou said eyeing the box.

“It doesn’t weigh anything…really light.” Yugi said putting the box down and opening it. It was another box. He opened that box and found a bunch of small presents. A DVD of Full Metal Alchemist, some new Duel Monster cards, a CD of some random music he liked, and a poster of FLCL.

“Awesome!” Yugi beamed as he pulled out the poster. He ran into the other room and came back straightening his hair after Grandpa had obviously ruffled it. The doorbell rang again around 4:00 and they all went to answer it. Joey, Seto, Tristen, and Duke stood in the doorway all smiling, except Seto who was trying not to look too happy. Joey gave Seto a playful glare and they came in. They were in the kitchen and talking when the doorbell rang again. Marik let himself and Malik in and Malik came running into the kitchen and he wrapped Yugi in a hug.

“Happy birthday shrimp!” He grinned and ruffled Yugi’s hair. Marik came in and put the present down on the table.

“Yeah congrats shorty.” He said smirking at Yugi and Malik.

“Thanks.” Yugi gasped from Malik’s bone crushing hug. The all sat down in the back room and talked for a bit and Yugi showed everyone else the new things he’d gotten so far and Yami went and got the rest of the presents. Yugi ended up with more anime, more posters an air brush painting done by Duke and a few other random things. They all sat down and every found a comfy spot to sit and watch anime all night.

“What first?” Joey called from his spot in Seto’s lap. Seto sighed and pulled Joey closer and stroked his hair softly.

“Um…I don’t know…what about Furi Kuri (A/N-FLCL)?” Yugi smiled as he got up from his spot in the big recliner. He stuck the DVD in and Yami darted into the recliner and sat there smugly.

“Hey!” Yugi whined and glared playfully at Yami.

“What?” Yami asked innocently.

“Fine I’ll just sit on you then.” Yugi said and sat on Yami. To his surprise Yami moved so they were both comfy. Yugi blushed and couldn’t help but cuddle into his yami. Yami smiled and draped his arms around Yugi and held back the urge to go ‘awww’ at the red tinge to Yugi’s cheeks.


Yugi gave a soft yawn as he closed the door. It was 3:54 and he was very tired. But he knew that him and Yami had to clean up the back room. He walked in and he was suddenly swept off his feet and carried up stairs.

“Yami, what are you doing?! What have to clean the back room don’t we?!” He yelped trying hard to control the blush that was spreading across his face. Yami smirked and he put Yugi down on his feet.

“Do you want the present from me now, or do you want to wait until tomorrow night?” Yami said trying hard to control his body from grabbing Yugi and kissing him and to control his growing erection. Yugi blushed more and then gave Yami a questioning smirk.

“Now.” He said hoping deep in his heart that he would get the present he’d been praying for since he turned 16 and his Yami was reveled to him. Yami grinned and opened the door to their room and covered Yugi’s eyes with his hands. Guiding the small spiky haired boy into the room he picked up the blindfold and tied it around Yugi’s eyes. Yugi’s hands shot up to the blindfold.

“What’s going on Yami?” He asked lust and fear hinting in his voice.

“Shh, do not worry Yugi. Do you trust me?” Yami asked the small boy as he lay him down on their bed. Yugi looked in the direction of Yami’s voice and nodded.

“I trust you Yami.”

“Good, hope this is what you want.” Yami said kneeling over Yugi lust filling his voice and eyes. He was about to pull the blindfold off when Yugi put his hand out to Yami’s and stopped him.

“If it’s you, I’ve wanted this present since I met you.” Yugi said entwining his fingers in Yami’s. This time Yami went crimson and then he smirked.

“You’re a good guess.” He said leaning down and moving Yugi’s hand above the small boy’s head, never detangling his fingers from Yugi’s. He kissed Yugi’s lips softly and when Yugi gave a soft moan Yami pressed his their lips together with more force. Yugi arched up into Yami and reached up and let his hand rest on Yami’s soft cheek. Reluctantly Yami detangled his fingers from Yugi’s and reached down and pushed Yugi’s top off. Yugi was blushing all the shades of red ever invented as he felt Yami’s hands dance up his chest. He arched up when Yami placed kisses on his chest and stomach.

“The blindfold, please, Yami.” Yugi gasped lustfully and Yami slid the blindfold of Yugi’s eyes and he kissed the other boys soft lips. Yugi kissed back lustfully and wrapped his arms around Yami, pulling the taller boy closer. Yami smirked against Yugi’s lips and pressed his tongue to Yugi’s lips. Yugi looked into Yami’s eyes and they begged the hikari for entrance. Yugi slowly opened his mouth to let Yami in and he moaned as Yami’s tongue explored his mouth. Yugi let his hands roam along Yami’s back and he found the same spot he’d found when Yami had rolled onto him in his sleep and Yugi couldn’t help but explore. It was a spot between Yami’s shoulder blades and he grinned as he felt Yami’s skin twitch under his fingertips and Yami arched up from Yugi’s mouth and moaned.

“How’d you know about that?” Yami asked smirking at Yugi and resting his head on Yugi’s chest waiting for an answer.

“Well…remember that morning when you woke up on top of me? I found it that night, I couldn’t help myself!” Yugi said looking down at Yami blushing and looking helpless.

“Do it again, it feels so good.” Yami moaned slightly when Yugi pressed his finger into his back again. Yugi smiled happily, it made him so happy to be able to make Yami moan like that. Yami took one of Yugi’s nipples into his mouth and sucked softly. Yugi groaned and arched into the warm heat. Yami smirked and bit the boy’s sensitive nipple softly. Yugi yelped and gave a pleasured moan. Yami pulled away and Yugi gave a whimper of protest. The older boy smirked and began undoing Yugi’s pants. Yugi sat up and pounced on Yami. Yami gave a yelp and he was flipped onto his back and he looked up at Yugi.

“You first.” Yugi said devilishly and pushed his hands under Yami’s black tank top. Yami gave a groan and let Yugi strip him of his top. Yugi gave a very Yami smirk and rubbed his thumbs over Yami’s nipples. The dark gave a gasping moan and clutched the sheets of the bed. Yugi licked Yami’s chest playfully and Yami started laughing when Yugi licked his abs. Yugi grinned and continued to tickle Yami with his tongue.

“Sss-stop! Yugi stop.” Yami gasped through his laughter and grabbed Yugi and flipped him over. Yugi gasped and they lay there like that for a second. Yami smirked and slid his hands down Yugi’s sides and started to undo his pants again. This time Yugi just gripped the sheets and closed his eyes. Yami slid the confining material off his soon to be lover and pulled Yugi’s boxers off too. Yugi blushed dark crimson as he was now completely naked in front to of Yami who was just smirking. Yami stood up and pulled his boxers off and Yugi couldn’t help but stare.

“You never struck me as someone who didn’t wear boxers…or underwear in general.” Yugi said still eyeing Yami’s body hungrily. Yami gave a small laugh at the way Yugi was eyeing him.

“Like what you see?” Yami asked devilishly as he crawled on top of Yugi seductively. Yugi reached up and pressed his hands to Yami’s chest and wrapped the around his back. Yami lent down and kissed the smaller boy passionately, sliding in his tongue and engaging in battle with Yugi’s tongue. Yug closed his eyes and moaned into Yami’s mouth and gave a protest when Yami pulled away. Yami moved kisses down Yugi’s chest and abdomen. He paused momentarily at Yugi’s navel and dipped his tongue in making Yugi burst out in giggles. He continued down the small hikari’s stomach till he rested his cheek on Yugi’s pelvic bone.

“Are you sure?” He asked with a concerned tone. He needed to know that Yugi really wanted this and wasn’t just going along because he knew Yami wanted him so badly. Yugi looked at his dark and nodded

“I love you so much Yami. I want you so badly.” The hikari panted and gave a soft yelp when the older boy’s hands slid up his chest and then slid back down to fold across his stomach. The younger boy reached down and rested his hands on Yami’s arms.

“Ashiteru Yugi-chan.”

“Hmm Ashiteru Yami-kun.” Yugi nodded and smiled softly. Yami smirked and took his hikari into his mouth. Yugi moan loudly and bucked his hips into the warmth that enveloped his length. Yami gagged and placed his hands on Yugi’s hips. He began to suck slowly and he listened to Yugi whimper. He quickened the pace and Yugi groaned and tried to buck into his mouth again but Yami kept a firm hold on the smaller boy’s hips. Yugi gasped and Yami drank up his hikari’s seed and cleaned Yugi up.

“Oh Gods.” Was all Yugi seemed capable of saying as Yami crawled up and rest his head on his chest. He looked up and kissed Yugi once they had both had a chance to catch their breath and Yugi kissed him back passionately. Yami pulled back and ran his fingers through Yugi’s hair with his free hand, the other was holding his weight off the smaller boy beneath him. Yugi looked up at him and smile, his eyes shining with passion even if they were half lidded.

“Please Yami, I need you. I need you inside me.” Yugi breathed and reached up to brush his fingers along Yami’s cheek. Yami brought his hand from Yugi’s hair and placed it over the hand on his cheek. He lent down again and kissed Yugi. (A/N-This is my first lemon so sorry if it’s no good) His hand slid behind Yugi and rested on the small of the boy’s back. He slid his tongue into Yugi’s mouth and Yugi slid his tongue into Yami’s mouth. Yami slid one finger inside Yugi and his hikari accidentally bit onto his tongue. Yami winced and kissed the tip of Yugi’s nose softly.

“Relax koi. It wont hurt for long.” He assured the younger boy and nuzzled the crook of Yugi’s neck. Once Yugi relaxed Yami added a second finger and Yugi gasped again. He scrunched up his face slightly as Yami scissored his fingers and Yami kissed him calmingly. Yugi gave a moan and Yami added a third finger and Yugi gave a short grunt and it turned into a groan of pleasure. Yami smirked at the groan and pulled out and Yugi gave a moan of protest and Yami licked the tip of Yugi’s ear. Yugi gave a high pitched moan and Yami smirked happily.

“Now who’s been looking for my sensitive spots while I sleep.” Yugi said and have another moan when Yami kissed his ear again.

“I couldn’t help myself.” Yami said innocently quoting Yugi. Yugi gave him a ‘bite me’ look and Yami shrugged and nipped his hikari’s ear playfully. Yugi yelped and groaned at this and Yami gave a moan as Yugi arched his back and their erections rubbed against one another briefly. Yami lifted Yugi’s leg over his shoulder and positioned himself above his hikari. He pressed into Yugi’s entrance and Yugi closed his eyes and nodded to Yami, telling him he was ready. Yami slid inside the younger boy and cringed inwardly when he heard Yugi yelp slightly. He lay on top of Yugi and waited for Yugi to tell him he was ok. The other boy wrapped his arms around Yami and kissed his collarbone to tell his dark that he was ready. Yami nodded and pulled out and then pushed in again delighting at the soft moans the passed Yugi’s lips. He held himself back from going to fast and hurting his light and he pushed inside Yugi and Yugi gave a loud groan and opened lust filled eyes and gazed at Yami with a begging look.

“Please Yami, faster, I need you.” Yugi panted and Yami gave a pleasured moan has he thrust deep inside Yugi and Yugi gave a high pitched moan and he saw starbursts as Yami hit a bundle of nerves deep inside him. Their pace quickened and Yugi moved his hips with Yami’s thrusts. Yami felt his orgasm near and he slid his hand around Yugi’s length and smirked as the smaller boy gasped and buck his hips. Yami began to pump Yugi so that his hikari would reach his climax before himself. Yugi gasped and panted for air as he felt himself reach his climax and he moaned his yami’s name as he was tipped over the edge and came onto Yami’s stomach. Yami felt Yugi clench around him and with one last thrust he came deep inside Yugi. He collapsed on his hikari puffing heavily, sweat making their bodies seemingly glow in the moonlight. He rolled off Yugi so as not to hurt him and Yugi shuffled over to him.

“Wow.” Yugi sighed and closed his eyes and took a deep breath to slow his breathing and to take in Yami’s scent. He smelt like something Yugi had never smelt before but he knew he liked it even before the scent reached him. Something like burning pinecones (A/N-Has anyone ever smelt burning pinecones. Really strong but I like it). Yami smiled and wrapped and arm around Yugi.

“Happy birthday Aibou. Ashiteru.” He whispered softly as Yugi’s breathing evened out and he fell asleep. Yami smiled and yawned. Pity he had to wake up in a few hours…stupid morning.
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