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The Beach

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"They'll never never never take the summer from me." Oneshot. Based on the Beach by All Time Low.

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The Beach

I’ve grown up with Frank. He’s been my best friend since forever. Our parents met at the hospital and we were born within days of each other. He got Halloween and I got Bonfire Night. Except that’s an English festival, so nothing special ever happened over here. He got the trick or treaters and I got rain. So anyway, my name’s Amiee, and this is a story of one part of my life.

Senior year at high school. I’d learnt to drive, all exams were over and it was just a countdown to graduation. Me and Frank were going away straight after. Headed straight for the beaches of Florida. Our parents were trusting us and we couldn’t wait.
“Hey Aimee,” Frank smiled as he plonked himself down next to me on the grass. “Ten days.”
I smiled back, squinting in the brilliant sunshine. “I know,” I replied. “You packed?”
He shook his head, taking the daisy chain that I was fiddling with, and slowly pulled it to pieces. “Like heck have I. You?”
I shook my head as well, my wavy hair falling about my face. “Nah, might tonight though.”
“I’ll probably pack the morning we’re going,” he confessed, stretching before clambering to his feet. “I gotta go find Georgie.” He grinned quickly. “Remember. Ten days.”
I laughed as he scampered off. Ten days. That was all that was left.

Graduation came and went. Frank and I lived on opposites sides of town, and I’d agreed to pick him up. So, at a ridiculous time in the morning I dropped my bag in the trunk of my car, hugged my parents, and left my childhood home; the prospect of a week with sun, sea and Frank causing a wide smile to grace my face. As I waited at a stoplight, I drummed my hand on the steering wheel, hoping that, for once, Frank would be ready on time.

He leaned across from the passenger seat to plant a kiss on my cheek. “You ready?”
I laughed as the car pulled away from the sidewalk and he waved to his parents. “You make it sound like we’re getting married or something,” I joked, my eyes on the road.
“Well, you know what they say,” he said seriously. “Any couple going away come back married.” Only the grin that you could hear in his voice ruined the graveness of his manner.
“Ah, now there’s your problem Frank.” I replied, glancing across at him. “We’re not a couple.”

The ride to the airport went smoothly, and so did the flight, except for when Frank thought he’d lost his passport. Turns out it was in the back pocket of his jeans. Oh, and I went really dizzy when we took off, but Frank assured me that that was normal. And then we reached the hotel.

“Hey. We’ve reserved rooms. Under Iero and Ford. Adjoining rooms.” I said all this to the pretty brunette receptionist as Frank stared at her before smiling, in a way he believed to be irresistible.
“Hi,” she beamed, tapping on her computer keyboard with perfectly manicured nails, obviously checking the information. She handed us our keys, saying, “Two floors up, on the right. Enjoy your stay.”
As we walked towards the elevator, I turned to Frank. “You can shut your mouth now.”
He looked offended. “I wasn’t staring that hard!” he protested.
“Yeah,” I said sceptically, as the elevator door opened, and an older couple with two children walked out. Whatever Frank had been about to say was lost as the man snapped, “We’re going home.”
“But Dad!” the oldest boy complained.
“No but Dad’s,” was the retort. “We’re going.”
As the family walked out of ear shot Frank tossed his head towards them. “Think there was an argument?”
I nodded severely. “Definitely.”

The rooms we got were great. Our parents helped us pay. It was our graduation present. I couldn’t stop smiling as we walked into the rooms. Wait, rephrase that. Our rooms. We had a balcony and the only thing that separated our rooms were a thin wall and a flimsy sliding door. I dumped my bag the door, jumped on to the bed and squealed. We were here. Finally. A week of sun bathing and hottie spotting.

Frank pushed open the door and stuck his head into my room. “Do you think this is a week we’re never going to forget?”
I grinned, from where I was sat cross-legged on the bed, running a hand through my ash blonde hair. “Oh yeah.”
He walked into my room and flopped down next to me. “So you seen any hot guys?” he asked, putting the phrase ‘hot guys’ into air quotes.
“Present company excepted?” I teased.
“Well duh,” he joked.
“Um, no, but we have only been here like five minutes,” I said, looking down at him, as he lay next to me. “What you gonna do?”
“Sleep,” he mumbled. “We were up far too early.”
I was about to argue with him, but I yawned, which forced me to nod. “Yeah, so go to your own room.”
“But your bed’s so soft,” he murmured, and within a few seconds his eyes were closed and he was gently snoring. I sighed before mustering the energy to push him off the bed.
”OW!” he sat up indignantly. “What was that for?” he demanded from where he was on the floor.
I shrugged. “You were faking, and I wanna sleep in here.”
As he scrambled to his feet, he rubbed his head. “Fine,” he sighed. “I’ll just go into the other room. On my own. Alone.”
I smiled innocently. “You do that.”
Before he walked out the room Frank turned to me and asked, “Are you gonna be a little less sensible than normal this week?”
I threw a pillow at him. “Go to sleep.”
“What about the sunshine?” he asked, ducking the pillow. “Think you’ll forget that?”
“Frank!” I moaned.
“Fine, fine, I’m going.” He slid the door shut. “See!” he yelled.
I snorted and rolled over. The bed now smelt of cigarettes and aftershave.

We slept for pretty much the whole of that day, and then talked through the night, the same as we always used to. The next day we headed for the beach. I wanted to sunbathe and Frank? Well, Frank wanted to make sand castles.

“Aimee! Aimee! Look!” Frank called me from where he was building what looked more like the Empire State building than a castle.
I lifted my head from my book. “Yeah Frankie. It’s cool.” I hid a smile as he turned back to his creation. I loved him so much. He’s been there for me since we were tiny tots. And he always makes me smile. Always. No matter what. Even when I broke my arm in three different places, and believe me that hurt. Lost in memories, I didn’t realise that Frank was now standing right in front of me.
“Aimee?” he asked, kneeling down, next to me.
“Yeah?” I asked, resurfacing to look up at him.
“You okay?” he asked softly. “You looked sad.”
”I’m fine,” I said, putting down my book, and stood up. “Race you to the sea.”

I did beat him, but then he rugby tackled me. We came up laughing and splashing each other. It was a great day. That night he decided to hit the clubs, whereas I stayed in the hotel. He dragged himself in at three am. I know, because he woke me up, by asking me to dance.

As he spun me round in the darkness of my room, he suddenly giggled.
“What?” I asked, laughing.
“I’ve still got sand in my feet,” he sniggered.
Let me guess,” I began. “You can suddenly feel it.” He nodded, swaying slightly. I watched him for a few seconds before nodding. “You should go to bed.”
He smiled serenely, then grinned, and pushed me onto the bed, before jumping next to me. I sighed, shaking my head, as he curled into a ball. Within seconds his breathing became steady and even. I turned over so my back was facing him, and closed my eyes.

That was the pattern of the first six days, except Frank didn’t go to the clubs anymore. Instead he stayed with me, talking and laughing till long after midnight.

On the sixth night Frank waited around in the lobby while I called my parents.
“Yeah, it’s brilliant. I actually have a tan.” I paused as my Mom said something. “Frank’s fine.”
”Hi!” he interjected.
I smiled. “But I’d better go. We’ll see you tomorrow. Yeah, love you too. Bye.” I hung up and looked at Frank. He grabbed my hand, and dragged me outside.
“Come on. I need to smoke.”

He lit up and we wandered down to the beach as the sun went down. There was a party going on, held by other kids like us. Frank, being Frank, began talking to them and soon we found ourselves in the midst of the festivities.

“Hey. You know Frank?” The girl speaking was a cute blonde. She was wearing an orange bikini top and low-slung jeans.
“Yeah?” I replied as I adjusted by bandana.
“Has he got a girlfriend?” she asked nervously, twisting her hands,
I looked at her in surprise. “Um, no. Do you want me to-?” I trailed off, not sure whether I wanted to finish that sentence.
“No, it’s okay,” she said hurriedly. She sat down next to me in the sand, as the sun finally disappeared behind the horizon. “I’m Alex,” she offered.
I smiled. “I’m Aimee.”
She grinned back. “How long you here for?”
“We’re leaving tomorrow,” I said sadly. “Wish we weren’t. You?” There was a burst of singing, and then a burst of laughing from the others.
“I live here,” she smiled.
“Oh. That’s cool.”
”Yeah.” There was a pause as we watched two of the boys wrestling. “Sam thinks you’re cute,” Alex said conversationally.
I blushed. “Who’s Sam?”
“The dark haired one who’s sitting on the surfboard.” I looked over to see who she meant, and then shivered. With the sun gone, it was becoming cold. “Mm, he’s alright.” In actual fact, he was mega fit, but I wasn’t about to say that.
“And he’s coming over here,” Alex giggled. “I’ll see you later.
“Alex!” I called as she left and joined Frank, who had a gaggle of people around him.
“Hi.” I looked up to see Sam standing next to me. “Is this sand taken?”
I giggled like an idiot, and shook my head. “No.”

Sam was very cute and very funny. But I never kissed him. Mainly because I had someone else in my head. And that someone was Frank. Which was majorly scary. I didn’t like Frank in that way. I couldn’t. Could I? It was midnight before I left the beach, Frank having already left. I walked into my room singing quietly to myself to see Frank sitting on my bed.

“Hey,” I ventured.
He watched me. “Do you like Sam?”
“Um,” I paused, surprised by the abruptness of his question. “No.“
Frank cut me off. “Don’t lie Aimee. Please. Just stop pretending.”
I smiled. “What are you talking about? I don’t. He’s cute yeah, but-”
“Your smile says it all,” he murmured, standing up.
“What?” I protested. “I don’t!”
Frank took a deep breath. “Aimee, I like you. I like you a lot. Ever since forever. And every time you get with some other guy, it hurts. Because I want to be that guy.” I froze, and silence ruled for minutes. “Aim, say something,” he pleaded. “Yell at me, kick me out of your room. Just say something.”
I slowly moved towards him, and with a few steps I was so close I could every pattern in his hazel eyes. I still hadn’t said anything. But as I began to kiss him, I guess words didn’t really matter.

The next day we walked out of the hotel, carrying the suitcases, and we flew back to New Jersey. And as we got in the taxi that would take us from the airport to our homes, I guess we realised that maybe nothing would come of last night or maybe we’d go our separate ways and meet, maybe, once a year or maybe we’d never see each other again. When we were in middle school we promised to stay best friends forever. Maybe we would. Maybe we wouldn’t. But no matter where we went, or what we did, we’d always have the memories of one week in Florida. They’d never take the summer from us.
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