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Design or Be Reassigned

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A very important board meeting.

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A/N: Here we go another chapter already--this really is coming to me so quickly. Back to Jocelin's perspective again if you get confused. Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think!


[title]Design or Be Reassigned[/title]


Maybe it wasn't a good idea that I slept in before one of the most important meetings of the year. A huge client had now just locked its greedy little fingers around us and was squeezing without relief. Did I particularly enjoy this job, not really. Somedays I wondered if all the evil corporations got together on basis to eat and laugh about the measly people the step over. But after peddling some pond-scum I know I'll have more freedom--Carl promised me.



"Alright kids," Carl said in an aggravated tone, "Lets get down to business." Carl always seemed like the middle aged father type that really didn't care about anything besides the money in his back pocket and quick scheme's to climb that success ladder. As much as I despised the man with the poor fashion sense and crooked toupee, I followed him and sucked up royally, I wasn't his top designer for nothing.

"You'd think he'd straighten out the rat on top of his head for a meeting." Lauren snickered hiding her smile behind a folder, I merely tapped her arm in mild annoyance. Blake the firm's nerd case across the table from us casually glanced in her direction. I knew his secret--he loved Lauren. It was utterly obvious with his frequents of supplying her with coffee any other small task he could do for her.

One day I swore he was trying to show off. "Oh, shit not again--" Lauren would say smacking the side of her tower with her foot, "Really," she would look at me not amused, "I have a deadline to meet and this devil of a machine decides to quit on me." I would merely shrug not knowing much more than she did, out of the corner of my eye I'd spot Blake's tell tale black glasses pop behind the water cooler, a sly smile on his face. I rolled my eyes and continued to work as he offered to fix her machine--trying to be all manly about it too.

Strangely Lauren had never really cared--or noticed. Poor guy, maybe with a little polishing he'd be of more interest to her. I pondered the thought of Nathan giving him a few tips, he always knew how to dress well and he always had a great social standing. My thought were interrupted by Carl once again.

"As I'm sure you know, we have a new client," he stuffed part of a doughnut in his face, I nearly gagged as he talked further chunks falling from his gaping mouth, "mmph quite the big client." Carl truly never fit the word formal--casual would be an understatement. "Blake," he said cleaning his mouth with a napkin, "Brief the others." He now downed what seemed like gallons of coffee--I wondered what else he could fit in there, his whole fist perhaps.

"Well--" Blake said pushing up his glasses and rustling his papers, it was obvious he was nervous. "Reebok, is currently one of the largest shoe productions companies world wide..." he feathered the tips of his papers, squinting to read further information, "They will be expecting a full slew of new advertisements, a well as a redesign for their website to suit their new sales pitch..." Everyone hung on his very words, the man really knew how to leave us hanging dry, "With every pair you buy you can mail and rebate for a free CD out of the featured--in addition you will be entered for larger prizes." He closed his folder striking a not so charming smile towards Lauren before facing Carl once more.

"Wonderful now children," Carl continued, he had a tendency to treat us as if we were all still pre-teens. "What does this mean for our corporation Cutting Edge?" He gazed around the room--clearly all of us thought it was a rhetorical question and stayed silent, his expression became more annoyed--I decided to bite.

"Expand into other countries?" I said almost waiting for one of his sarcastic remarks instead I was praised, satisfied I crossed my arms and sat back in my chair. Lauren rolled her eyes, she never got praise--but an usher to run for his coffee instead.

"Precisely but not only a country..." Carl stood up in excitement his motions grew faster as he revealed a map underneath a white board. A map of all europe was displayed prominently several cities starred such as London, Paris along with other big names. "But a fair chunk of Europe, we are trying to eventually reach a global market--Australia being next on the agenda." With a smug grin on his face he sat back down in his large chair--much more comfier than our 90 degree angle backed chairs with now leverage.

Hushed whispers broke out among the associates, I could tell everyone wanted a slice of this deal it was definite that Reebok would be paying well. "This will be a full team effort but we will have someone leading the campaign besides myself seeing I will be on several meetings in Europe throughout the months of progress." Everyone's eyes widened, this was their chance to shine brighter than the rest--this meant a raise. Some of my coworkers seemed to put on a 'game face' and already shut you out cold if you even looked their way. I merely chuckled at the fact that we were all acting like children--as Carl always said.

"Now I have chosen already." Carl said extremely calm, everyone went silent. I could tell Tracey the office know it all was fidgeting in her chair, just about to snap.

"But sir!" she said smartly, "You aren't even going to give us a chance to pitch?" Tracey grew extremely uneasy she could not be passed over so easy not even without a chance, she worked too hard.

"Tracey I am full aware of all your protests, but if you really wanted to land this you should have had better pitches the in the last few campaigns." Brushing her off he straightened the folders in front of them then his tie--this was the signal that the meeting was coming to close, "Jocelin, you will be joining me on our meeting with the representatives in Paris in a weeks time." He looked down the table at her with intention that she dare not refuse. My mind was completely blown at his blunt tongue as everyone gaped at me.

"A week?" I said sputtering, I had not finished my last project yet, and I've never ran a campaign before--this was too much. "Shouldn't I finish the last campaign first?" Everyone still bore me down with a mix of utter suprise and hatred, I grew uncomfortable and shifted in my seat.

"You will," he said sternly, "Be at the meeting next week." I only nodded meekly not wanting to refuse in fear for my position. "Since Tracey has been so kind to voice her neglect she can finish the last campaign for you!" He patted her on the shoulder, her face was now almost broke down to tears--I wondered how someone could take one campaign so seriously.

"The campaign will begin after the meeting next week, you will each have your duties laid out by Jocelin," Carl gazed around the room at the faces, he grew angered and loudly closed the meeting, "Understood." Everyone nodded in a dark unison of what seemed to be on their part failure.

After Carl had vacated the board room the others cleared out each boring their stares to me in their own way. I sat staring at my work before me unable to comprehend the current happenings.

"Aren't you thrilled Joce?" Nathan said tapping my shoulder. I just blinked and continued to allow my mind to unwind.

"God forbid you feel tormented!" Lauren said sarcastically--I could tell she loathed me.

"I have one big problem," they both looked at me curiously as I bit my lip, "I know nothing about shoes."


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