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What one women thought was ecstasy turned out to be the beginning of something much more.

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Roses are red violets are blue the feel of his lips on my thighs makes me shiver and coo

As his lips reach my already moist womanhood his hands roam my breast to find already erected nipples and squeezes them to that perfect point between pleasure and pain ECSTASY!

Mmmmm Yeah!! Low moans escape my mouth as I thrust my hips against his mouth. I want to feel every stroke of his tantalizing tongue. And I want him to taste all of me. ECSTASY!

As he begins to suck my clit my back begins to arch. Now I know my organism is coming. My eyes roll back in my head and my mouth starts to water. I couldn’t turn back if I wanted to. God he’s good. Yes Yes Oh Yeah I’m cummm…….ECSTASY!

My body is numb. And I love it. I open my eyes and see him hovering above me with a school boy smile on his face he leans in and gives me the deepest most passionate kiss I’ve ever received . There it is again pure ECSTASY!

He twists his head so he can plant little kisses on my neck then whispers in my ear if you thought that was ecstasy you haven’t felt nothing yet!!

If people like this story I will continue it.
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