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Phone Sex Fun

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okay it was written supposedly BEFORE the games and is just a bit of fluff. If it is OOC I am sorry but I enjoyed writing it and that's the idea right?

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Rufus was Bored! That was an intended capital B there as sitting in the dormitory trying to do his University homework was proving to be entirely too Boring. Rufus had contemplated the idea of diving out of his window and heading out to a party or bar but he had been caught once already that month. His father had already told him that one more attempt at such tawdry behaviour and he would be escorted like the child he was acting like.

He was flipping the pen around his fingers and trying to think of something entertaining to do. He grabbed his cell phone with a smile and looked at the numbers down the list. He found one of interest and dialled.

“General Affairs.” Tseng’s curt but polite voice rolled down the headset.

“Hi Tseng, it is Rufus.” He smiled widely as he flipped the pen around his fingers.

“What can I do for you young Sir?” Tseng was used to the President’s son and his random calls. Sometimes he found it a nice break from staring at the piles of paper work and e-mails slowly filtering in.

“What are you doing right now?” Rufus asked him, he had a crush on the Turk.

“I’m finishing off a report Rufus.” He chuckled. “You know the thing real working people have to do? It’s called work.”

“Entertain me I am bored.” He yawned loudly on purpose.

“Well how can I do that? You are at University and I am working.” Tseng chuckled.

“Tell me what you did last night… did you have a good time playing with yourself and did you think of me?” Rufus asked him bluntly. Tseng’s silence meant he knew he was unsure of what to say. “Have you ever had phone sex with a previous partner?” Rufus suddenly wondered if Tseng had a current one. He had never thought to ask.

“Well I can say that I didn’t sit and play with myself if that is what you need to know but had I of been I might have been thinking of you.” Tseng was smiling he found it amusing but part of him was concerned the President might one day realise he was flirting with his son. “I have engaged in dirty talk before Rufus. Was that what you called for? I am sure there are companies that do that kind of thing.”

“Yes well those companies are not you.” Rufus said pressing the matter. “So you are telling me that you aren’t playing with what you have? Well I would rather imagine that you were. Come on lie to me if nothing else… tell me?”

“You are incorrigible.” Tseng laughed deeply down the phone, it sounded sultry and seductive. “But I guess since you sound so very bored and your father does employ me, I should at least try and help you feel entertained.”

“Good.” Rufus slid back in his chair and looked around his room with smile.

“Well let me see.” Tseng walked over and locked his office door with a smirk. “Usually when I am home alone and in that kind of mood I would of course have to resort to something to take the stress away…”

“Where?” Rufus said as he imagined Tseng in a soapy shower, suds-soaked bath or in bed. It just sounded so good and the idea of walking in on him was doing enough to spike an erection.

“Well the last time it was in the shower. I’d finished work, come home and you had been in the office.” He decided he might as well flirt with him and enjoy it himself. “I was wondering what you looked like naked. You seem to go to the gym and you have a nicely toned body under those clothes I am sure.”

“Not half as good as I am imagining yours must look.” Rufus admitted his hand sliding over his trousers, his erection getting firmer as he thought about the dark haired Turk and his athletic abilities.

“I can’t say I was thinking about comparisons. I was thinking about putting my hand on your prick and testing if you were as cocky as your attitude.” Tseng suddenly realised he was imagining it a little too much already. His hand was straying to his belt as they talked. “I have a feeling I should do that sometime.”

“I would love that.” Rufus muttered his hand already caressing his organ, making a damp patch on his trousers. The idea of the Turk in his hands or vice versa were doing wicked things to his imagination. “I want that now. Does that excite you?”

“Oh very much.” Tseng murmured. “Are you already hard young Sir?” He teased.

“Yes.” Rufus didn’t even sound embarrassed as he panted, trousers coming undone with his other hand. “Very hard.”

“I like that idea.” Tseng said his inhibitions flying out of the window. His own hand undid the dark blue trousers, slid into his boxers and over his semi-erect cock. “Does it feel good?”

“I’ll tell you.” Rufus let out a short chuckle as he pulled himself free of the confines of his pants. His hand was stroking up and down his own hard length and teasing himself to full hardness with just a few tugs. “I’m so hard for you right now. Even your voice can do wicked things Tseng.”

“I want your hand on my cock now.” Tseng admitted as he ran his hands under his trousers, over his cock and down around his balls. He hadn’t had sex in so long even a two way jerk down the phone was enough to set his heart racing. He had enough choices he just hadn’t felt much of an urge.

“I’d do that. You just have to be here.” Rufus moaned lightly. He wanted to slam him in to a bed and fuck him hard, hear him call his name, his hand played up and down his veined length as he thought about it, he moved back a little against the chair his head lolling back as he listened. “I’d love to hear you say my name as I am buried inside you.”

“Promises Rufus.” Tseng said teasing, his hand bringing his cock free. He worked hard on himself too, his hand playing over flesh, a short snapping sound escaping here and there which Rufus heard and nearly spilled over thinking about it.

“Are you… right now?” He panted his imagination running wild. “Is your hand on your cock in your office?” He so rarely used profanities that when Tseng heard it a shiver ran through his spine.

“Oh yes I am.” Tseng admitted breathlessly. “How can I not knowing you are doing the same…” He shifted in his chair his hand running firmly up and down his hard already wet erection. Pre-cum dribbled through his fingers. He was writhing in his chair and he could hear Rufus’ short panting here and there.

“That sounds… divine.” Rufus murmured in a haze. The idea of his crush jerking himself off was sending a ripple down his spine and a tight knot into his stomach. The phone ended up on the desk, speaker button pushed as he slipped his trousers the rest of the way down, both feet against the desk, legs spread and his other hand dancing around his ass, fingers teasing his own hole. “Gods Tseng the idea… of you…”

Tseng wasn’t much better off and if anyone had walked in to hear the head of General Affairs or even see him his days under ShinRa might well have been limited. His hand worked up and down as he listened to Rufus and imagined him playing. The noises were so damned hot on his ears as he stretched his cock to its limit and pushed back down to his base.

“Tseng… I want you to cum for me.” Rufus told him, a soft deep voice that was dominating and needy all wrapped in one as he slammed his hand hard up and down his cock teasing the wet organ closer and closer to climax. His fingers slid in around his ass the pre-cum already smearing between fingers and crack.

“Fuck.” Tseng murmured as he splattered hot seed through his fingers as he finally came and wet sticky cum hot the bottom of the desktop. “Oh gods… Rufus…”

“I so heard that…” Rufus muttered as his cock pulsed and throbbed.

“You don’t want to have seen the mess I just made of my desk.” Tseng moaned riding the last wave.

“Oh yes I do.” Rufus moaned as he found his prostate with his digging fingers. “Holy!” He yelled down the phone not caring if the bodyguards outside ran in at that point. His hand gripped firmly one last time as he came hard in it, seed spilling out of his closed fist as he wildly jerked in the chair his legs falling to the floor. “I… want… you.”

“Remind me of that when you see me next then.” Tseng said sliding back against his chair. He found some tissues and wiped his hand, cock and finally the desk off. “I’d enjoy that.”

“I’ll grind you to the desk if I have to.” The president’s son told him honestly and finally slumped back I his chair. “I really need to shower now.”

“Think of me.” Tseng smirked before hanging up.
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