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Chapter 76-

I woke up the next morning with my whole body aching and a huge headache on the way.

Scarlet had cleaned me up to the best of her ability when we had gotten back last night. Now I just looked like I’d been in a fight, not a brawl, as Scarlet liked to call it.

I opened my eyes and saw Scarlet staring ahead at me.

“You right there?” I groaned.

“Your Mum’s going to kill you.” Scarlet shook her head.

“I know, there’s no way to cover up this!” I moaned, pointing at my bruised and battered face.

“Maybe you could make a story up?” Scarlet suggested.

“Yeah? Like what? If we involve Mikey, Mum will end up talking to either him or Donna about it, which would get me into more trouble.” I pointed out.

“Maybe we could say we didn’t end up going to Mikey’s and we ended up going somewhere else and something happened.” Scarlet suggested.

“Okay, that’s good so far, but we need this somewhere to be replaced with and actual place and this something to be taken over by an actual event.” I said.

“You fell out of a tree.” Scarlet said quickly.

“What?” I asked, holding my head.

“We could say we went to the lake or something and you were climbing a really tall tree, and you fell out. That would excuse for the bruises and cuts and stuff on your face. And I don’t think your Mum would really see the other ones, so, you’re pretty much good.” Scarlet explained.

“You know, that actually might work. I doubt that she’ll actually buy into it, but you never know. If we stick to our story then yeah.” I smiled slightly.

“Well, looks like we’re going to have to test that out now.” Scarlet muttered.

My mother then knocked lightly on my door before opening it and walking in.

“Oh, you girls are up. Good. I’m making pancakes, you want any?” Mum said cheerfully.

I felt a prang of guilt.

Mum walked over to my curtains and opened them, letting the blinding light into my usually dark room.

“Oh my god what happened to you?!” Mum screamed when she turned around and looked at me.

Mum flew to my side.

“We decided we wanted to go to the lake last night instead of Mikey’s and I was stupidly climbing a tree and I fell out.” I explained; wincing as she lightly poked my face.

“There’s got to be more than that Rachel. These don’t look like ‘falling out of a tree’ injuries.” Mum said.

“It was a big tree.” I shrugged.

Mum looked at me worriedly before sighing and standing up and walking out of my room.

“She took that, well?…” Scarlet said slowly.

“She’s disappointed in me.” I said ashamed.

“No she’s not. She’s just worried. No offense Rach, but you look pretty bad.” Scarlet assured.

“Thanks.” I muttered sarcastically.

“Well, at least you have two days until school again. That way maybe some of the bruising might clear up and it won’t seem as bad.” Scarlet pointed out.

“Thank you so much for doing this Scarlet.” I said, leaning over and hugging her as tightly as I could without bringing pain.

“Anything, anytime.” Scarlet whispered, hugging me back reluctantly.

It fell into a comfortable silence.

“Come. We shall get pancakes and eat them whole.” Scarlet said in a triumphant voice.

I laughed.

I tried to get out of bed and made it, but caused a lot of pain. I couldn’t walk properly.

Scarlet laughed.

“Alright old man, let’s get you to the table without breaking a hip.” Scarlet joked as she wrapped an arm around my shoulder for support as we walked out of my room.
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