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Our New Home

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Chapter 78-

It was Wednesday. I had a day off school, much to my joy, but we were moving. I was saying goodbye to my childhood memories. Good and bad.

We had everything packed in boxes that were packed in cars, trailers and moving vans. The whole house was bare. It looked so weird for everything to look that after so many years of living in this house.

I wondered around, looking at every individual room, fighting back tears as I remembered all the things that had happened in each room.

“You ready to go Rach?” Mum asked quietly.

“Yeah.” I said quietly.

“This is as hard on everyone else as is on you Rachel.” Mum said, wrapping a arm around my shoulder.

“I know.” I said.

I took one final backwards glance before shutting the door behind me and Mum put the key in the lock and locked it.

“It’s not our house anymore.” Mum chocked.

I took a deep breath and headed for the car.

“You kay Rach?” My Aunty asked as I got in the car.

I nodded a silent reply and my Mum got in the car, already bursting into tears.

My Aunty started the car and drove away silently, heading toward the real estate to hand in our keys and get the keys to our new home.

We all stayed quite as we drove, Mum’s soft sniffles seeming twice as loud as they actually were.

When we finally reached the real estate, I decided to stay in the car as Mum got the keys. She returned some minutes later with a shiny new pair of keys. She opened the passenger door and sat down.

“Now, let’s go and see our new house.” Mum said breathlessly.

I couldn’t help a smile that formed on my lips.

Aunty started the car again and drove in the direction in our new home.

I started to get a little nervous but also a little excited.

“Okay, we’re here.” My Aunty said dramatically as she cut off the engine to the car.

I looked up at the small place we were going to rent for however long we needed to.

It looked all right from the outside.

Mum jumped out of the car and made her way to the door quickly. Whatever sadness she was feeling before hand had been replaced by excitement.

Matt and I made our way to the door casually just as Mum had unlocked the door and opened it widely.

“Kids, welcome to your new home.” Mum said proudly.

Matt and I ran into the house, looking for the bedrooms. We had agreed that whoever got to a bedroom first, would be theirs. I wanted the biggest.

Of course, Matt wanted to play dirty, pushing me in the wrong direction to the bedrooms.

Matt yelled out in triumph as I dived into his bedroom.

“Suck on that! Biggest!” Matt teased.

“Damn it!” I muttered, walking over to the next bedroom I could see, which I was guessing is mine now.

I walked in hesitantly.

It wasn’t that much smaller than Matt’s. So suck to him. But the walls were painted in a bright hot pink.

“Mum! We are painting my room when we get the chance!” I called out.

“Yes Rachel.” Mum sighed.

“I’m serious! There’s no way in hell I am staying with hot pink walls.” I said as Mum started to walk in with a few of my boxes.

“You have that many posters Rachel you won’t even know the difference.” Mum said.

“Yes I will! I’ll know that behind every poster is hot pink plastered wall! I’m not going to be able to work with that!” I said hysterically.

“Okay, okay, when we get a free weekend, we’ll paint your room. Geez.” Mum gave in, walking out of the room.

I walked out of my room and saw my Aunty coming towards me with a huge box.

I eyed it carefully, trying to remember what was in it. I knew it was mine, that was clearly started in permanent marker on the side.

“Posters.” My Aunty said, handing me the box.

“Thanks!” I said excitedly, and running off into my room.

I looked down at the box in my hands and rolled my eyes. In permanent marker, written largely across the top was ‘Posters!!’.

I placed the box down and went in search for a knife, I came back into my new room with a knife a cut the sticky tape across the opening of the box.

The first thing I always do to make a place mine is always put up my posters. It’s a necessary thing for me. I couldn’t live without them.

I parted the cardboard flaps and took out the first poster, still having the bluetak on the edges.

I spun around quickly and looked for a perfect place to put it while drawing out a map in my head of how my room was going to look with all the furniture in it.

I found a spot for my poster, whether it be for the time being or permanently, it didn’t matter, as long as it was up.

I made sure it was stuck well enough before pulling out a small poster and finding a spot for that one.

There was something about this house, but it felt right. I could tell that we were going to be happy in this house as we tried to start our new life without my father…
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