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What happens when Sephiroth is oblivious to Genesis’ advances? Absolutely nothing. Crisis Core goodness.

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He was at it again. Angeal sighed. Normally Genesis had all the tact, subtlety and self-control of a rampaging Chocobo, but lately, around Sephiroth, he’d been almost… shy. For no reason. Completely out of the blue. Angeal halfheartedly returned his attention to his report. He hoped Sephiroth would stop teasing Genesis soon. The clever General was surprisingly good at playing dumb. At least, Angeal hoped it was an act. But then, no one he’d ever known could act that well…


Zack watched the exchange warily, wanting to bolt. He wasn’t sure why Genesis had hated him on sight, but there was no doubt about the shift in the man’s mood or the glare he’d given the cadet. Zack had almost been cowed. Not that he’d admit it. He had been acting cocky about being inspected by the General, but…

Sephiroth rolled his eyes, dismissing Genesis’ rage. Angeal tensed. Zack gulped.

“So, this is your pet project, Angeal? He hardly seems worth the effort.”

“I disagree.” Sephiroth’s own angry, clipped words were soon cut off.

“I bet.” Genesis left in a flurry of red, actually surprising Sephiroth. Angeal growled.

“Come on, kid, you’ve got training and the General has some adult issued to take care of.”

“Yes, sir.” Zack ground with an indignant salute. “It was an honor, sir.” He turned to Sephiroth with a big grin before turning tail.

“Yes, I think he was an excellent choice. I’d been watching his progress, as well.” Sephiroth assured, placing a hand on Angeal’s shoulder.

“I know.” Angeal sighed. “And so does Genesis.”


“I will regain my place above you.” Genesis growled, stalking passed a tightlipped Sephiroth and a singed Angeal. As soon as Genesis was out the door, Sephiroth stooped to help Angeal up.

“Go after him.” Angeal rasped. Sephiroth looked surprised. “Just trust me. Go after him or we’ll all regret it.” Angeal straightened on his own, brushing off his uniform. Sephiroth shook his head.

“What will that accomplish? We’ll just fight again. I’d rather give him time to cool off. He’s been acting so strange lately.”

Angeal sighed, but said nothing.
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