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Everything but the Heart

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Don’t you trust me, partner? Reno/Rude one sided. Before Crisis.

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Everything but the Heart

Of course there was Sephiroth. Everyone with a sex drive had jacked off in front of a poster of the General at some point in their life. Probably even Sephiroth himself. But… he wished he could come up with a downside that didn’t involve that gigantic, beautiful sword. Moving on.

And Genesis was the embodiment of wild beauty. Emphasis on wild. Sleeping with him would be like sleeping with a Cactuar, but it would be completely worth it. If Genesis would let anyone within 50 feet of him that wasn’t Sephiroth or Angeal.

Reno licked his lips. Ah, Angeal. The classic, rugged, man’s man for those who liked the older, strong, silent type. And really, deep down, who couldn’t grow to like it for Angeal.

He was completely different from Rufus, the waifish, wiry blond. Like Zack’s pet Chocobo, Cloud. But Cloud was still a chick. Rufus was a full grown menace, and there was a reason Reno stuck with his chopper.

Hmm. Zack. It’d be fun. But he’d have to kill the cocky prick if Fair didn’t learn how to stop smiling that damn, cute, bubbly smile. Maybe if Zack were tied down first…

Reno slammed his locker shut with a groan, pretending he didn’t have to limp.

Honestly, though, he didn’t want any of them anymore. The fantasies were nice… fuck that, the fantasies were the best sex he’d had in his life, and he’d had some really great sex. But, he just wasn’t in love with any of them. Crushing. In lust. Not in love.

“Hey, partner.” Rude straightened his tie while interrupting Reno’s internal monologue on the beautiful men he’d been surrounded by.

Reno quirked an eyebrow, looking Rude up and down carefully. He looked exactly the same, but…

“Who is she?” Reno smirked, his heart sinking.

“Not a chance. You’ll have it around the whole continent by sundown, friend.” Rude was almost smiling. The corner of his lip was twitching. Reno was impressed.

“What, don’t you trust me?” Reno clutched his chest melodramatically.

“With everything but my heart.” Rude nodded, walking toward the door.

“You wound my soul.” Reno only half-joked.


It wasn’t that he didn’t like her. So, Reno took over her background check personally. He’d wanted to find something. And he did; a few discrepencies, some minor flags, but nothing that following up on didn’t provide an easy, logical explanation. Then he even thought about planting something. But, the sad fact was, Rude could trust Reno, even with his heart.

She’d… she’d actually made the big guy laugh. Reno had heard it with his own ears and thought the sound would break him. So, he resigned himself to watching his friend be happy. Jealousy was a bitch, but that didn’t mean he had to be.


Reno groaned. He’d screwed up big. He rolled over in the bed, sore, tired, and pissed. He’d failed his partner. He hadn’t seen the pattern because first he’d looked too closely, and then he hadn’t looked at all! And why was that what he kept thinking about in his hospital bed, not how he’d fucked himself up in that botched mission?

Before he could start another mental tirade, though, the door swung open and closed again. Reno was facing the wall, but he knew who it was.

Rude didn’t bother to turn on the lights. His step was heavy before he sat down on the edge of Reno’s bed, facing the door. Reno closed his eyes, seeing his friend’s face clearly in his mind’s eye.

Rude, he knew without looking, was sitting with his fingers laced above his shades. His elbows were being supported by his spread knees. His usual non-expression was drawn down, the lines looking deeper than they should be.

They stayed like that for a long time before Rude finally broke the silence he’d needed from Reno so badly in that moment.

“Well, at least I know I can trust you, partner.”

“With everything but you’re heart.” Reno agreed, letting the silent tears wet his pillow.
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