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Chapter 30: Shadows Over New York Part III

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TMNT 2003/Harry Potter Crossover. Sequel to Books I through V. With enemies coming from all directions, Harry Potter will need all the help he can get.

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Chapter Thirty: Shadows over New York Part Three:

Harry jerked his arm, attempting to free himself but it was no go, as his bindings had been tight, he couldn’t reach his weapons and since they were spelled against damage caused my magic, so Harry needed a miracle to get out of this situation.

He looked over, his brothers were still frozen solid and it appeared that they would not have that much time left. The modified telescope cannon also seemed to be glowing brighter by the second, it would have nearly summoned enough power to sacrifice Harry.

Harry made one more desperate attempt to free himself but he might as well had went Bungee Jumping with a cord, because it was no good. He braced himself for the impact, he knew that there would be no way that this would be pleasant and could hardly believe the end would be like this.

Harry’s eyes shot up at the door being opened. The door swung shut and he saw Regulus make his way into the room, with a calm look on his face.

“You!” hissed Harry angrily but Regulus quickly made his wave over, before he removed Harry’s bindings with quick speed.

“I suggest you move Potter,” muttered Regulus and Harry quickly rolled off the table, before he put up a shield charm.

Seconds later, a blinding blue light blasted from the telescope, incinerating the stone table that Harry moved. The telescope seemed to fire up again, seeming to sense that there was no sacrifice made but Harry flicked a pair of shuriken, slicing the cords connecting the telescope to the mystical box. The telescope spun around before it blew up, sending snow dropping to the crowd.

“You have some explaining to do,” said Harry, before he turned his attention to other matters.

Instinctively, Harry moved over towards the frozen forms of Leo, Don, Mikey, and Raph, before he pressed his ear up to the ice.

“Potter, there is no way that they can be alive,” said Regulus. “You need to get out of here, once Eskara finds out you haven’t been sacrificed…”

Harry ignored Regulus, before he picked up his wand and tapped it three times to the ice wrapped around his brothers, hoping that this would be enough.

The ice began to slowly melt, allowing the Turtles enough room to break free from the ice. They staggered around, before they fell to their knees, alive, but just barely.

“Thank you Harry, we just managed to hold our breath, another few seconds…” stated Leo his voice shaking slightly.

“Fine, since your heroic activities for today are over Potter, since I got you in here, disable the box please,” said Regulus dully. “I didn’t fake betraying you for nothing to get you in here.”

Harry stood back, preparing to wave his wand, before he attempted to summon the box but the spell only traveled a few inches before it vanished in mid air. He pulled out a dagger and attempted to disable the box that way, but the dagger froze in mid air.

“Well, that’s lovely, you can’t even touch it,” replied Raph and a loud shrill siren echoed through the building, which caused the Turtles to leap to their feet shakily, still weakened from the effects of being frozen.

“We need to get moving now!” ordered Regulus but Harry shook his head.

“I’m not leaving without Alexandra, Mum, or Hailey, they will be killed if we go,” said Harry stubbornly.

“Fine, if you want to doom the entire city, Potter!” snapped Regulus and Harry just ignored him as his brothers rose up, before collecting their weapons. “I don’t know about your sister, but the other two are being held in a holding cell in the basement.”

They bolted out of the door, before they made their way down the stairway, thankfully receiving no resistance.

“So, exactly how far are we from the basement?” inquired Harry.

“Half way,” said Regulus, as the Turtles staggered.

“Don’t wait up for us,” said Leo, who still appeared to be a little bit weak from our flash frozen.

“Yeah, get to the basement, for those vampires get you,” added Mikey.

“No one’s being left behind,” said Harry and he used a small warming charm on his brothers to give them relief and they made their way down the stairs.

“Okay, I don’t like this, we should have met someone by now,” remarked Leo.

“Don’t jinx it Leo?” asked Raph as Don stopped, removing a small remote control device from underneath his wrist band. “What now?”

“Well, we’re going to need transportation out of here, I just hope this thing hasn’t been damaged when we were frozen,” said Don quickly as they made their way down the stairs.

“The basement’s through here,” informed Regulus and Harry blasted the door open, to see his mother and Alexandra in separate holding cells. Harry picked up their wands, which were laying on the table, before he sprung open the doors. In a blink of the eye, Harry tossed each wand to the two witches.
“Hailey, where is she, we need to find her?” asked Harry.

“Harry, what does your sister have to do with this?” questioned Lily and Harry paled, his mother didn’t know and he really didn’t want to be the one enlighten.

“I can answer that,” replied the cold voice of Eskara as she stepped onto the scene with a group of female vampires and Lily paled when she realized somehow, her daughter had been transformed into a vampire. “She’s now under my control and now I’ll finish you all completely.”

“Sorry to break it to you lady, but if my calculations are correct, in twelve seconds, your plans will be derailed,” countered Don and sure enough, the Turtle Tunneler popped up from beneath the basement, causing Eskara’s vampires to scatter in surprise.

“Take them out, it’s nothing but a foolish toy,” replied Eskara but Harry leapt in front of them, with his wand raised. “You don’t hope to take all of us out.”

“No,” fired back Harry as his wand glowed yellow, before filling the room with a blinding, high quanity of yellow light, causing the vampires to weaken, but Harry made his move, grabbing his sister by the wrist. She resisted. “Hailey, listen. If you’re still in there somewhere, you need to come with me, you don’t have to stay here.”

“No, stop them, your duty is to me,” ordered Eskara in a forceful voice but Harry had sent another couple of jets of light, before he managed to somehow get Hailey to enter the Turtle Tunneler.

The top of the tunneler popped shut and it began to dig its way deep to the ground, just as the spells that Harry had sent against the vampires had faded.

“Do not let them escape,” commanded Eskara and several loud pops were heard, as her minions morphed into their bat forms before shooting down the hole in the ground right after the getaway vehicle.

“We’ve got bats, right behind us!” shouted Mikey as he looked nervously.

“Yes, I realize that,” replied Harry as he conjured a pair of ear muffs before he placed them over Hailey’s ears to protect her nearly acquired sensitive hearing from what he was going to do.

In a second, Harry waved his wand, creating a shrill, siren like sound. Regulus collapsed to his side, clutching his ears in agony, as the bats were stunned, as if suspended in mid air. The tunneler made its way further down the hole and Harry sent another shrill sonic blast from his wand, and the bats flew from Harry, to escape from the horrid sounds that were tormenting them.

“How did you do that Harry?” asked Don curiously.

“A rare spell that sends super spell vibrations that only bats can pick up with their hearing and obviously vampires as well,” said Harry.

“Well, we got away Potter, my ear drums are mush but we got away, but I suppose it might have slipped your mind that I’m a vampire as well and thus might have required some kind of ear protection like you gave your sister.”

“Yes, slipped my mind, I was more concerned in getting out alive and the fact you could have gotten us killed with your games inside,” said Harry, as he was more concerned with getting back to the lair.

“My intention was to get you inside, how was I supposed to know you couldn’t touch that box?” retorted Regulus.

“Enough you two,” said Lily as she looked at her daughter whose eyes flickered open weakly, she was once again weakened after being taken away from a cooler environment. “I still at a loss at how Hailey got attacked or why but we need to see exactly if we can reverse the effects of her transformation.”

“Wait, you can reverse the effects of a vampire transformation,” said Alexandra in a surprised voice, she had never heard of such thing.

“Yes, but only partially,” chimed in Regulus. “Need I remind you that if she’s in the second to last stage, the only way to reverse it is to bite the vampire who infected her with the disease.”

“Eskara,” muttered Hailey weakly. “Need to get to her.”

“Hailey, no, fight it, don’t submit to her will, you need to fight this,” encouraged Harry.

“No, I need to…I need to.” repeated Hailey, as her eyes flickered open. “Let me at Eskara.”

“There’s Master Splinter,” said Leo, breaking an uncomfortable amount of silence. “I think we should pick him up and get back to the lair, to figure out what we need to do about everything.”

“Yes, that would be best,” replied Harry stiffly, wishing he had a way to roast Eskara like a marshmallow for what she did to Hailey. She would pay, Harry would find a way, she put his home in peril, she would have killed his mother, she tried to freeze his brothers to death, and now Hailey was on the verge of being converted into a mindless vampire slave.

In the Cayman Observatory Facility, Eskara looked at her minions, who had made their way back up the tunnel, before they transformed back into their human form.

“Mistress, we beg your forgiveness, Harry Potter did something to us, we’ve never seen any human have the power to do that, we had to retreat to escape it,” begged one of the vampires but Eskara remained unfeeling.

“No matter what pain that mortal could make you feel, it should not have been enough to distract you from your mission,” said Eskara coldly. “The traitor managed to double cross us again, and now the thief has gotten right out from under our midst. Not only that, but Harry Potter has taken one of my own. It’s time that he pays for his crimes against our race.”

Eskara’s minions nodded to her side, refusing to look at their mistress. They were not worthy after their failure, not worthy at the least and Eskara turned her back calmly on them.

“I underestimated Harry Potter, I left his demise to chance, a mistake that I will not allow a second time,” continued Eskara. “He will resume his rightful place, like all mortals, bowing down to our superior race.”

“Mistress, your power is omnipotent, no way Harry Potter can stop you from completing the process, you could easily deal with him after it’s completed,” remarked the female vampire but Eskara turned before she angrily back handed her follower across the face. “Please, I beg your forgiveness, I shouldn’t have spoke out of turn, I…”

“I can’t risk the outside chance that Harry Potter would stop our glorious plan,” reprimanded Eskara. “Contact me if he dares come back here before I can find him.”

Eskara transformed into a bat, before the alpha vampire female flew through the window, into the city, in the hunt for Harry Potter. The young mortal could not have gotten far, she would have her prey and reclaim what is hers.

Hailey laid down on the bed in Harry’s room in the lair, absolutely weak and unable to move as Lily stood over her, examining her daughter with her wand, hand shaking slightly.

“How bad is it?” asked Harry as he stood in the doorway and Lily shook her head sadly.

“The beginning to the second to last stage, she doesn’t have much time left until…” said Lily. “Anyway, Alexandra has gone back to get reinforcements, Aurors to storm Eskara’s strong hold.”

“It won’t do any good, there is no way I can shut down the box, either magical or Muggle,” responded Harry in a resigned voice. “That bloody mystical box has blocked my…every attack.”

Harry’s eyes widened in understanding, he could have hit himself for not coming up with this idea in the past but he was more worried about his sister then about shutting the box down.

“Harry?” prodded Lily.

“It’s going to take a mystical weapon to shut down a mystical device,” remarked Harry. “I need to make a quick trip to Hogwarts, I sure hope this works.”

Before Harry could move, his sister’s eyes flickered open and she struggled to get to her feet, her eyes glowing madly, they were slowly turning from red to blue, an indicating of the second to last stage of the vampire transformation.

“Hailey, you need to lay back down, you’re hurt yourself,” said Lily calmly but Hailey pulled herself up, before she angrily shoved her mother backwards and made her way to the door, but Harry somersaulted his way in front of his sister, before he stood in a fighting position.

“Hailey, stand back,” remarked Harry calmly, but his sister attempted to aim a punch towards him but Harry blocked it, struggling against his sister, but Hailey threw Harry across the room with a surprising burst of strength.

“No, I need to get to Eskara, it’s the only way,” replied Hailey, as she made her way out of the room but Harry dodged in front of her, raising his wand.

“I don’t want to hurt you, Hailey but I can’t let you…” stated Harry, but Hailey walloped Harry right across the face, causing her brother to crumple to the ground.

“Need to get to Eskara,” repeated Hailey.

“Hailey, listen to me, this is your mother speaking, sweetheart, you need to fight it, we’re going to find a way to help you,” said Lily. “You can’t leave.”

Hailey stared at her mother, her mind clouded and Harry attempted to find his wand, which slid out of his hand, an idea form his head but his hand found its way into a small piece of a Y’Liatian power crystal that laid forgotten underneath his bed. The crystal began to glow and Hailey recoiled, her hair switching between auburn and black back in forth.

“Harry, that crystal, it’s scrambling the transformation, it’s trying to reverse it,” said Lily.

“Harry, Mum, I’m sorry,” said Hailey, as she sat down on her bed. “I need to fight, I understand.”

“If only we had a bigger piece, we could have reverse it,” said Lily.

“Yes, all the other pieces are in my room back at the house,” replied Harry as he handed his mother the crystal fragment. “Mum, keep this on her, it seems to be causing her to retain her humanity.”

“It’s reversing a little bit,” supplied Hailey weakly. “I still feel some dark force attempting to consume me.”

“The crystal’s keeping it at bay, tell Alexandra that I’ll be with her and the other Aurors in a few minutes, I need to get Slytherin’s Blade,” said Harry, as he removed the Portus-Amulet and curse under his breath, spending an extensive amount of time close to the mystical box had froze the amulet. “This could complicate things.”

“Harry, can’t you thaw that out using magic?” questioned Lily but Harry shook his head no.

“Can’t, charmed against any magic, for the reason why it can’t be destroyed, but obviously the artifact at Eskara didn’t apply to this,” replied Harry. “It’s going to have to be done naturally.”

“Harry, use the transmat, it can get you to Hogwarts at the speed of light,” replied Lily.

“Brilliant, Mum and don’t worry about me getting back, my Portus-Amulet should be warmed when I get back to Hogwarts,” said Harry as he made his way, straight to the elevator leading to the warehouse, before he made his way on foot to his house.

Just moments after Harry had left, the entrance point of the lair was forcibly opened from the outside, as the four Turtles stood alert, somewhat recovered from their ordeal, ready to fight but Eskara entered the lair, her face cold and indifferent as she stood face to face.

“Stand back and I make your inevitable a bit more pleasant,” threatened Eskara.

“Don, Raph, cut from behind, Mikey attempt to swoop in front the side, I’ll take her from the front,” ordered Leo but Eskara just calmly flicked her wrist, causing the weapons of the Turtles to fly up into the air, before they disintegrated into dust.

Raph rushed forward for an attack but Eskara expertly dodged out of the way. The hot headed terrapin attempted to catch the attack on the rebound, but Eskara managed to use her might to hurl Raph into the air, and right into his brothers. A burst of white energy materialized in the lair and the Turtles were hoisted up into the air, before they were sent down. Seconds later, they were bound in tight ropes.

“I would highly suggest you don’t move, unless you want to be ripped to shreds,” informed Eskara, and as a result of that cold comment, Raph, Don, Mikey, and Leo remained perfectly still, knowing that the dark creature was not bluffing. “Now, claim what is mine.”

“I’m afraid I cannot allow that, Eskara,” said the stern voice and Master Splinter walked into the forefront and Eskara’s eyes narrowed, she was obviously insulted that an aged rodent had the gall to think that he had a hope of being able to fight her.

Eskara shot the same ropes she used on the Turtles at Splinter but Splinter dodged to the side, before the aged rodent sensei landed gracefully behind her. Turning around, Splinter’s walking stick cracked right into the face of Eskara. The vampire gave an angry scream as she was knocked backwards with a kick and Master Splinter landed behind her. The walking stick swung towards Eskara was caught and she hoisted Splinter up into the air with a surprising amount of strength, before she tossed him halfway across the lair, right near a pool that lead from the lair to a river.

With strength, Eskara grabbed Master Splinter. The rodent struggled but she managed to dunk Master Splinter’s head under the water. Splinter struggled to hold his breath, as Eskara put pressure on Splinter’s head.

A blinding jet of light filled the lair, causing Eskara to stepped back a few inches and came face to face with Lily, who stood their with a defiant look on her face, as Master Splinter managed to roll away, gasping for breath as the sensei was severely weakened.

“Give me what is mine,” ordered Eskara but Lily waved her wand and sent a jet of fire but Eskara clapped her hands and it disappeared in mid air, before she knocked Lily backwards, who thankfully managed to conjure some cushions at the last minute. Lily got back up to her feet as Eskara put her hand on the door leading to the room where Hailey was resting.

Lily waved her wand, mimicking Harry’s sonic vibration spell from earlier but Eskara showed visible discomfort. She managed to shut out the main and physically whip her adversary’s wand out of her hand, before she bound and gagged Lily. The muggleborn witch dropped to the ground and Eskara calmly kicked her wand out of the way.

“You will not catch me off guard, again,” muttered Eskara coldly, not caring exactly how the attack had an effect on her despite her ears being covered as she moved from the room and pushed the door open angrily.

Eskara walked over, unblinking and unfeeling as she reached down for Hailey, who wasn’t physically able to resist. The alpha female vampire hoisted Hailey up by the hair before she slung the girl over her shoulder. With her free hand, she casually dragged Lily out of the lair, viciously kicking Master Splinter in the ribs on her way out.

“We need to find a way out of these ropes,” grunted Raph. “It’s starting to crush my ribs.”

“If I only had my katana but Eskara vaporized it,” said Leo darkly.

“I can’t believe it, that’s the second time today she’s made us utterly helpless,” said Raph. “When I get my hands on that…”

“Harry should be getting back soon, so he could let us out right?” suggested Mikey hopefully.

“Yes, that seems to be our only hope, these ropes are tight and she really knocked Master Splinter around,” said Don darkly. “I don’t think he can get up on his own accord even though he’ll live.”

A few very uncomfortable minutes later, the door of the lair opened and thankfully it was Harry who made his way back in, Slytherin’s Blade tucked behind his back in a sheath and he stopped looking horrified at the state of his brothers. In an instant, Harry took out his wand and made quick work of the ropes, freeing his brothers who promptly thanked Harry.

“Eskara was the one behind this naturally, she found the lair and attacked us all,” informed Leo as Harry walked over to Master Splinter who was starting to regain his senses.

“I’ll live my son, she just cracked a few ribs, the damage could have been a lot worse,” replied Master Splinter weakly.

“Yeah it could have, but that’s not what she was after, she knocked out Lily, before walking out with her and Hailey,” replied Don. “She could have easily killed us without breaking a sweat.”

Harry’s eye shot up, he feared that might happen and it just made the stakes even more dangerous.

“I’ve got the weapon and the Aurors are ready to swoop in to bring the vampires in once the mystical device is activate but I’m worried that since Eskara has two hostages, it might be a bit tricky to get in there,” said Harry quickly.

“Get in there, we were taken out twice tonight by Eskara, there’s no way we can stop her!” exclaimed Mikey.

“Yes there is, if we cut off the source of their power, the cold weather and the lack of sunlight caused by that mystical device, we can beat them,” said Harry as he looked around. “We need to get there quickly.”

“Wait a minute, where did Black head off too?” questioned Don, as it appeared that Regulus had slipped out sometime in between returning to the lair and Eskara’s attack.

“Who gives a damn, we need to get back to that building, now!” snapped Raph and the others nodded, before the Turtles and Harry rushed from the lair.

Lily’s eyes flickered open, as she found herself shackled to the wall and Eskara standing in front of her, with a hungry look on her face.

“Where is the book?” demanded Eskara.

“That book wasn’t yours to begin with, Voldemort stole it and put it in your possession,” answered Lily and she received a hard slap across the face.

“The human who had the book stole it from us, The Dark Lord gave it to us as a gesture of good faith, not that it matters as he is nothing but a pathetic little worm no matter how many times he splits his soul,” said Eskara coldly. “You will hand over the book whether you want to or not, all humans break eventually, your will is not strong enough, especially once the city is under my control, only a matter of moments left.”

“You’ll be stopped,” said Lily definitely.

“By whom, soon this city will be overrun by vampires from all around the world, it will be our base of operations, no mere mortal would dare penetrate my strong hold,” said Eskara. “Yes, I believe you are still under the misguided notion that your son will save the day and I hope Harry Potter tries, because I wish to be known the world over as the one who single handily put an end to the storied Boy-Who-Lived. It will be the ultimate proof of my power.”

“You talk a good game, but Harry got us out once and…” stated Lily but Eskara slapped her once again.

“Yes, he did, luck and help from that traitor, who will not pull the wool over my eyes again,” declared Eskara. “Your son will fall and your daughter will be one of us. You will give me the book and then I’ll put you out of your misery.”

Eskara left the room, leaving two of her minions to guard Lily as she prepared for the final minutes of New York City, the final phase of the ritual to destroy every single human being in the city.

In the hallway, many vampires, both male and female waited around for the final phase but as they gazed up towards the ceiling, four mutant turtles and one wizard dropped down, ready for a fight.

“Okay, let’s do this!” shouted Raph as the other three turtles nodded, but Harry held up his hand, as the vampires took a step forward.

“Wait for it,” muttered Harry and in a second, a large jet of light shined into the building from multiple wands as Aurors on broomsticks circled over the building. “Now, let’s get them.”

Fists and feet flew everywhere, as the Turtles and Harry attacked the vampires with ruthless aggression, knocking them around every which way. A trio of vampires made their way around but Raph leapt over the top of them.

“I don’t think so,” replied Raph, before he wiped out two of the vampires with a leaping split kick, before he grabbed the third vampire and threw it against the wall.

Mikey somersault into the air, and wiped out one of the vampires with a leaping kick, before he flipped over a second vampire who was staggering from the light above. The vampire was spun around and got whacked right in the face by a double fist to the face.

“You know this is getting no closer to us to stopping Eskara,” grunted Leo, as one of the vampires managed to get out of the range of light and wrapped his hands around Leo’s throat, fangs bared but Harry sent a jet of fire from his wand, causing the vampire to stagger. Leo took advantage of the distraction by cracking the vampire across the head and tossing it into another ground that had been wiped out by Don.

Several Aurors managed to drop from the sky, placing more pressure on the vampires.

“The Junior Aurors are still circling over top, but I figured you need some people with a bit more combat experience, Harry,” said Alexandra as she sent a jet of white light at the vampire, and an Auror swooped in and wiped out that vampire with a banishing spell.

“Yes, thanks, I need to get to the top floor,” replied Harry, as he dodged a shot before he sent another jet of fire at the vampires, allowing Raph and Don to topple them over. “Mum and Hailey have been captured…”

“I’ll find them, you’re the only one who could stop the device now, but Lily would probably want me to tell you to be careful, as Eskara is likely to be up there guarding the device,” said Alexandra as she watched her Aurors help Leo level another small group of vampires.

Harry nodded before handing his mother’s wand off to Alexandra and walked off, knocking out the odd vampire or two on his way up.

Eskara looked out the window, the sky was nearly iced over, it would not be all that long now before New York City was completely in her grasp.

The door burst open and two of her minions burst in looking absolutely terrified.

“Speak,” said Eskara.

“Mistress, Harry Potter, along with those turtles and the American Wizarding Government has attacked your strong hold, we are just barely managing to hold them off,” said her follower in a horrified tone.

“Allow him to come up here, if he is foolish enough,” said Eskara.

“Harry won’t let you get away from this!” yelled Hailey in a pained voice as she tried to fight off the transformation.

“I suggest you should not try to fight it child, you are nearly done with the second to final stage, soon you will be one of us forever, with no turning back,” said Eskara and Hailey just glared at her defiantly, before she clutched her head in agony, the transformation taking over her mind.

Lily looked up, she heard the sounds of combat outside the room and she hoped it was to their favor. She watched the two guards rush over towards the door and the door flew open, before the two vampires were knocked over by a rush of Aurors, with Alexandra leading the way quickly she unshackled Lily and gave her wand back.

“Thanks,” replied Lily, as a few more vampires made their way to the room, but two of them tripped, allowing Lily to blast a blinding jet of white light towards the third would be attacker, as the Aurors blasted the vampires from the room and they were promptly knocked unconscious by the assaults of Mikey and Raph.

The door burst open upstairs and Eskara looked calmly as she saw Harry stand in the doorway, ready for a battle.

“I was ready for you,” said Eskara calmly as she pulled Hailey slightly in front of her to use as a shield. “I suggest you surrender.”

“For all your supposed power, you are quite find of hiding behind people,” responded Harry, as he reached into his robes.

“I hide from no one, human,” spat Eskara viciously but Harry had quickly pulled out a staff, with the piece of crystal tied to the end and the blinding green light filled the room, causing Eskara to back off slightly and Hailey to drop to the ground, her transformation slowly regressing once again.

“Looks like you won’t get a new minion, Eskara,” taunted Harry.

“You fool, you’re just only forestalling it, she’s in the second to last stage already, and there’s only one thing she can do to reverse it,” said Eskara.

“Yes, well, I’m going to make you tell the way to my sister,” remarked Harry calmly, as he waved the staff right in front of Eskara who recoiled. “Ready, Eskara, ready to say.”

“Bite me, Potter!” shrieked Eskara as she managed to rip the staff from Harry’s hand and throw it across the room.

“You heard her Hailey,” said Harry and Hailey’s foggy mind understood, as the transformation began to take hold again, she didn’t have much time left.

“Take out your brother, prove your loyalty,” said Eskara in a forceful tone, and Hailey stepped towards Harry, but in a second, she back flipped over Eskara, before grabbing her around the head. Eskara struggled but Hailey sank her almost completely developed fangs right into the neck.

Eskara screamed in agony for a minute, before she knocked Hailey backwards, she hit the floor with a thud.

“You’ve gotten on my last nerve, you filthy human!” screamed Eskara, as she grabbed one of the telescopes, preparing to freeze Harry in seconds.

In an instant, Harry pulled out Slytherin’s Blade, hoping that it would work as it was rather fickle the first two times he used it. Eskara fired up the freezing mechanism, sending a jet of blue light to Harry, just as the sword began to glow red and sent a jet of red met the jet of blue light, causing them to force each other back and forth in air. Harry screwed his eyes shut with concentration and Eskara did the same right across the room.

“Give it up, human!” demanded Eskara as she began to push through, causing the blue light to briefly overwhelm the red light but Harry pushed back and knocked Eskara right back causing the woman to give up.

Rushing over before Eskara cold regain her bearings and while the sword was still flowing properly, Harry jammed the blade of the sword right into the top of the mystical box. It faded from blue before turning into a blinding orange and the energy flowed through the telescopes, reversing the process.

“NO!” yelled Eskara as she rushed over, but her legs began to buckle as sweat rolled down her face, the warmth weakened even her.

“Everything getting back to normal, only one thing left to do now,” said Harry before he swiftly removed the sword and sliced the mystical box in half. The box hissed before it crumbled to dust, beyond repair.

Eskara staggered to her feet and sprung at Harry angrily, grabbing him by the throat and baring her fangs, attempting to turn Harry Potter into one of her own with her last burst of energy.

“You will be mine, Potter!” shrieked Eskara.

“Hey, Eskara, behind you!” shouted Hailey and Eskara relaxed her grip on Harry before she turned around to see Hailey wielding one of the magically modified telescopes. “Now which one of these stupid buttons…ah here we go.”

“You foolish child, don’t…” started Eskara but she was cut off with a blinded blast of yellow light from the remaining mystical energy contained in the telescope, bright as the sun. It caught Eskara right in the chest.

An inhumane shriek escaped Eskara before she stepped forward, crumpling into nothing to dust from absorbing way too much sunlight into her skin in such a short amount of time.

“That’s what you get for trying to turn me into a mindless vampire minion!” cried Hailey, glaring at the ashes.

“Good job, Hailey,” said Harry. “Thanks, but you know I could have gotten her off.”

“I know, but I can’t very well let you have all the fun can I?” asked Hailey.

“Yes, I suppose you can’t, if you can call this fun,” admitted Harry. “Exactly how did Eskara get to you anyway?”

“The last thing I remember…actually I can’t really recall the last thing I remember, sorry Harry,” said Hailey, and the truth was she couldn’t.

“Yes, temporary amnesia, a common side effect from failed and reverse transformations,” said Regulus as he walked into the room coolly.

“When did you show up or to be more blunt, how did you get in?” demanded Harry.

“I have my ways, Potter, but I preferred to stay out of the way, all that light and fire flying around,” replied Regulus calmly. “I did trip up a few people when possible but mostly it was best if I stayed out of the way.”

Regulus paused as both Potter siblings stared at him, before he pulled out a file folder.

“Here’s a bit of reading for you Potter, a bit of information a couple of key Death Eaters and a rumored meeting point for some of the new recruits, do with it as you well,” said Regulus before he departed.

“Let’s go, all those vampires should be rounded up by now and we can get out of here and on with our lives,” said Harry as Hailey nodded, before they walked off to join the others as the sun came out to shine over New York City once again.
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