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Humming a melancholy tune softly, Harry put the finishing touches on the spell he was using to mutate the natural enchantments of the sprig of wizarding mistletoe he had gotten just that morning. If everything went according to plan, Severus and Tom would be caught within a magical field that they wouldn't be able to break out of until they kissed each other. He could already imagine all the cursing and hexes that would fly upon this revelation, but he couldn't feel sorry for putting them through this after all they had put him through this past year.

In the beginning they had tried to spend their nights with him in rotation, but the strain upon the bond hadn't eased enough for this to be feasible and so Harry had spent many nights sleeping between two very possessive men. It had gotten very frustrating for one of his bondmates to start something only to suddenly stop and growl at the realization that there was a third person in the bed. The way things had been going, Harry had been extremely shocked when they had discovered that he had somehow gotten pregnant. By the time his birthday had rolled around, Harry had been pregnant and easily irritable, so matters hadn't been helped when Severus and Tom had both tried to outdo each other with their gifts. It had gotten so bad that Tom had actually ordered Severus locked away in the dungeon so that he couldn't do any more shopping. Harry had been pissed when he had found out.


"Tom," Harry drew the Dark Lord's attention to him with ease, "have you seen Severus? He was supposed to be making me a potion to help with the backpains."

Tom actually had the audacity to lie and say that he hadn't seen Severus all day. It might have worked if he had been saying it to anyone other than Harry.

"Tom, where is Severus?" Harry demanded, his crankiness from his pregnancy causing his magic to flare out in a spectacular display.

"Alright, alright," Tom muttered in a sulky, disgruntled tone, "he's in the dungeons."

"Doing what?" Harry's tone had become dangerous.

"Sitting in a cell." Tom was reluctant to answer, but didn't dare not tell Harry the truth.

"TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE," Harry shouted loud enough for everyone in the mansion to hear, "you had better get him out of there right this second."

It hadn't even taken five minutes before Severus was standing in Tom's study, the two men once again yelling and fighting over Harry. Harry was fed up with it all and stomped from the room, walked directly to the floo, and allowed the flames to whisk him away to the Malfoy ancestral home. It took both Tom and Severus two days to gather up enough courage to go after Harry with a suitable apology ready. Those two days had been hell on Harry, the pregnancy making it all worse as it played havoc with both the soulbonds and his emotions, and Severus and Tom had walked in on Harry crying in Draco's arms about not being able to stay away from them for even two days without getting sick; in between sobs Harry continued to curse the two men for their stupidity.

Tom and Severus had immediately forgotten their quarrel at seeing Harry in such distress and had cradled him between them both as they begged for forgiveness. Harry had caved, relaxing into the security of their embrace, and forgave them because it was easier than continuing to make himself sick by denying the contact the bond desired. He hadn't protested when they had taken him home and lay him in bed between the two of them.

~End Flashback~

For about a week Tom and Severus had tiptoed around Harry, even to the point of being civil to each other, but their individual personalities hadn't been able to handle the unspoken truce for long and they had been back at each others throats in no time. Thankfully, most of it had been minor squabbles because Harry hadn't been above running away to Draco's house even though he knew the strain it put on him and his pregnancy to be away from Tom and Severus. He chose Draco's house because both men knew Draco was his silver and it made them extremely jealous to find him wrapped up in Draco's arms for comfort. They probably would have killed Draco months ago if they thought they could get away with it without raising Harry's ire.

Towards the end of his pregnancy, Harry had almost hoped the two had finally begun to reconcile their differences until he discovered that they had been saving their fights for when he was out of earshot. He had dissolved into hysterical laughter after one visit to the medi-witch when he had come upon Tom and Severus fighting over who was the father of his child, he didn't bother to tell them that he was pregnant with each of their child after witnessing that. That little fight had been nothing compared to the one they had on October 31, the day he went into labor.


Harry lay panting on the bed in one of St. Mungo's delivery rooms while Tom and Severus hovered over him worriedly. For the most part, Harry was ignoring them as his mind raced over the momentous event that was about to happen even as he was trying to ignore the unwelcome feeling of his privates having been transfigured into that of a females for the duration of the birth. He wasn't quite sure who the masochistic male was who had come up with this spell and instituted it as safe-birth practice for men, but right now he would love to kill that man-he would have rather just been cut open so that this whole affair would be over and done with.

"It'll be alright Harry," Tom soothed, "it'll be all over soon and then you'll be holding our child in your arms."

"Who says it's your child?" Severus huffed as his hand gently smoothed back Harry's bangs.

"I know it's my child," Tom was acting all regal, "I am the Dark Lord and Ruler of the Wizarding World, therefore I have to be the father."

"Without Harry you wouldn't be the Ruler of the Wizarding World, you'd still be getting yourself off by torturing others!"

The two men had continued to argue over who was the father and what the child was going to be named even after Harry's attending medi-witch had forcefully banned them from the delivery room so that she could attend to Harry in peace. Even when Harry began screaming in agony from birth pains they hadn't been allowed back in, but Harry could still hear them out in the hallway.

"Damn you both," Harry found himself screaming as another contraction ripped through him, "I'll never let either of you touch me ever again. You hear me! Never again. You can go fuck yourselves, or better yet, fuck each other because you'll never fuck me ever again!"

Predictably the two men turned on each other.

"You hear that!" Tom shouted at Severus, "this is all your fault. If you hadn't gotten him pregnant...!"

"My fault?" Severus spluttered, "me get him pregnant? Who was it who was saying that he had to be the father because he's the Dark Lord. This is all your fault. I would never put Harry in such pain."

Harry was about to ask the medi-witch to go curse both his soulmates into silence or, better yet, oblivion, when a giant contraction seized him and he felt as if he was being ripped apart. At that moment no force on Earth could have kept Severus and Tom from the delivery room and they both charged in with wands drawn, ready to torture and kill whoever was hurting their Harry.

"Both of you are dead when this is all over," Harry panted as he followed the patient instructions of the medi-witch, "I'm going to kill you both with my bare hands!"

A lust wail split the sudden silence that had fallen when Tom and Severus stopped arguing, followed shortly by a second as the first child's sibling easily slipped out in the wake of her brother.

"Congratulations Mr. Potter," the medi-witch efficiently wrapped the newborns up and laid them beside Harry before flicking her wand to take care of the afterbirth, "a boy sired by one Severus Snape and a girl fathered by one Tom Riddle. Have you decided on names yet?"

For once in what seemed to be an eternity both Tom and Severus were stunned into silence and Harry took advantage of this.

"Yes, Matthew Emrys Potter and Ravyn Ciara Potter," Harry announced tiredly, taking hollow pleasure in denying his soulmates the right of having their child bear their surnames.

~End Flashback~

Harry had stopped any protests that might have occurred by silencing both men and having them removed from the ward. Since then things had been a bit strained and Harry had spent most of his days and nights with his children, but he hadn't forgotten his plan to get his soulmates to recognize their own bond and the Holiday season had raised his spirits considerably. Making one last adjustment to the positioning of the mistletoe, Harry turned and made his way back to the nursery that had become his refuge during the past few months. There he gazed upon the peaceful forms of his children lying curled up side-by-side in their crib. A soft smile flitted across Harry's face as he settled himself in the rocking chair next to the crib where he had past most of his nights since his babies' birth.

"I'm going to get your daddies together if it's the last thing I do," he promised his children and himself, "because if I don't, I don't know how much longer I can withstand the strain."

~~ ~~ ~*~

Loud curses woke Harry from his fitful doze and caused the babies to start crying. Lifting first his daughter and then his son from their crib, Harry calmed them with touches and soft words before heading towards the scene of the disturbance. There he found exactly what he had expected to find, Severus and Tom trapped within a small field that allowed them just enough room to keep from touching each other if they stood against the walls of the barrier. Thankfully neither man had shot off any truly harmful curse because of their close proximity. Tom saw Harry first.

"Let us out of here, Harry," he demanded, voice so low and dangerous with threat that it nearly broke Harry's heart and shattered the tenuous thread he was holding onto to keep himself going.

"I can't do that," the pain in his voice was clear for all too hear, "I can't keep letting the both of you destroy me like this. Besides, I sealed the barrier with mistletoe and you both know the one thing that will break the spell."

"Harry-" Severus began.

"No," Harry cut him off, "don't even say anything. I have laid down the terms and you will have to meet them if you want your freedom. Because of you two I am dying, you are pulling me apart and not even my babies can hold me together enough. I am taking the children and going to Draco's for Christmas, I hope you two will make it."

Without a backwards glance, Harry walked down the hallway in the opposite direction and headed for the floo, praying that the unnatural silence behind him boded well.

~~ ~~ ~*~

It had taken Severus and Tom hours to gather up enough courage to even look at each other after Harry had left, and even then the despairing visage of their love rose between them to haunt their thoughts; arguing had been out of the question. Slowly, pulled onward by a force more powerful than either of them combined, Severus and Tom leaned in to brush their lips together. The kiss was warm and hesitatingly tender as both men forgot themselves in that instant, forgot to try and dominate the other as their individual personalities demanded. It was by no means and end to the quarreling, but a beginning that would allow them to share the one that meant the most to both of them. They pulled back as gold shimmers sparkled in the air around them, praying that they weren't too late to make sure Harry's Christmas was magical.
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