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Harry Potter / DC Comics Universe crossover. Harry is given the Universe's Ultimate Weapon the summer after 3rd year.

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A/N: I do not own Harry Potter. Nor any of the DC Comics Characters mentioned herein. But you knew that.

Harry Potter and The Darkest Night

Prolog - The World Cup

The scene was bedlam. Jeering, roaring laughter, drunken yells. A burst of light illuminated the scene. A crowd of wizards, packed tightly together were moving with their wands pointed upwards. Wearing heavy black cloaks and bone white masks the crowd taunted four struggling figures, each of the four being bent into grotesque shapes. It was as though the masked wizards were puppeteers and the people above them were marionettes controlled by unseen strings. Two of the figures were very small. The crowd grew as more joined the masked figures, laughing and pointing up at the struggling floating bodies. Tents collapsed as the marching crowd swelled, several caught fire when one of the marchers blasted them out of the way of the procession.

The floating people were suddenly illuminated as they passed over a burning tent. Roberts, the campsite manager, the others appeared to be his wife and children. The woman was flipped upside down, her night dress falling to display her under things, she struggled to cover herself as the crowd below pointed and laughed with delight. The smallest child was spun like a top, sixty feet off the ground, his head flopping limply from side to side.

Ministry officials attempted to intervene, but the crowd was too large. A chant started among the masked Wizards and was picked up by the surrounding crowd.

"Kill the Muggles. Kill the Muggles. Kill the Muggles"

Then very odd things happened. The four suspended people were surrounded by a bubble of bright green light, they all stopped struggling and seemed to fall asleep and they were slowly lowered to a clear patch of ground, where the protective bubble remained.

Then a band of bright green energy surrounded the marching crowd. Of course by now the crowd was no longer marching. The band of energy hovered above the ground about waist high to an adult man. Touching the band or attempting to go over or under it caused excruciating pain. Those in the crowd who only moments before had been laughing and carrying on were not screaming in terror. Over this din, the Ministry officials stood open mouthed not knowing what to do or how to explain this phenomenon.

It was an off duty Ministry Official named Arthur Weasley who first spotted the Stranger. A man stood over the crowd, hovering in midair with no broom in sight. The Stranger was clad all in Green. A green hooded robe, green gloves, green trousers and green boots. The face of the hood was completely black showing only a pair of eyes flaring in green flame. In his right hand he held a green staff that glowed in exactly the same hue as the band of energy confining the crowd and the bubble that protected the Muggles.

The Stranger slowly descended to the ground immediately in front of the trapped horde.

"Where is the laughter? You were all laughing a few moments ago." The stranger's voice boomed out, easily understandable to everyone with in sight. "Has the joke gone stale perhaps?" He raised his staff and a shaft of green energy passed from the staff to the band of energy that confined the mass of people contracted by a third. Those inside the band crowded together ever more tightly to avoid the pain that touching that horrible green band provided.

"Still no laughter? Was it the humiliation of the woman you all found so humorous?" He waved his staff and the clothing of all of the women in the crowd dissolved to nothing. The women screamed. "I don't understand you people, one moment you're laughing, suddenly nothing is funny. Let's try the men." Now everyone inside the band of green energy was naked, except for those clad in black and bone white masks.

"You people are no fun. Go to sleep." The band of energy suddenly contracted until it confined only those in the black robes and masks. As the band passed though the bodies of those who had joined the masked wizards they screamed until consciousness was lost and they fell into a nightmare filled sleep. They wouldn't wake up for several days, and when they did, they were screaming.

"Now then Death Eaters." The Wizard in green levitated the masked wizards into the air. "Why aren't you laughing any longer? I know why the sheep stopped bleating, but you, it makes no sense. Laugh with me Death Eaters." The black clad wizards inverted and began to spin. "I don't hear you laughing."

He reached out and picked one of the Death Eaters from the air. "Tell me Lucius Malfoy, why aren't you laughing? I know you laugh, I heard you when you humiliated the Muggle woman." The black robes dissolved away, the bone white mask split into pieces and fell to the ground revealing the patriarch of the Malfoy line. "You disgust me coward. Branded like a farm animal, you hide your inbred face behind a mask and you worship a dead man. Try to claim the Imperius this time Malfoy, see what happens." The man was thrown to the ground with his hips shattered. The Wizard clad in Emerald Robes raised his staff again and tendrils of the green energy flashed to each of the suspended Death Eaters and fused the mask to his face. "You cowards are afraid to show your faces? I'll make it easy for you; your masks ARE your faces."

The Emerald Wizard raised his staff over his head.

"In the brightest day or the darkest night,"
"Let no evil escape my sight."
"For those who worship evil's might,"
"Fear my power, Green Magic's Light!"

The Ministry officials finally began to move toward the Stranger, when there was a blinding green flash, and the man in green was gone.

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