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Frerard, just a short one shot thing, cute with a kiss. :]

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A/N: Since my laptop is broken and I'm finding it difficult to add to my chaptered stories I'm posting a oneshot and will probably being adding a lot of 'em whilst I try to get my laptop working again. Hope you all like. Just a little frerard thing. :]

Gerard. He's the most amazing guy I know. Everything about him gives me butterflies, when he looks at me I blush, when he hugs me or gives me a high five I shudder with happiness, I get a warm feeling in my stomach and he could always make me melt. I even go weak at the knees, but I never feel nervous around him. I always feel natural, normal, but not calm. Never calm. Always beyond myself with happiness, which is why I'm not trying to show him how much I like him. If he rejected me and it ruined our friendship I would hate myself. I'm happy just being his friend, infact, not just his friend but his best friend. We see eachother everyday, and I've noticed I'm the only one he ever told when he was self harming. And it always makes me smile when he tells me I'm the reason he stopped. I dont believe a word of it, I'm not special like that, but it still makes me smile.
I was smiling now, as I knocked on his door. I hadnt seen him in a week, it may not seem that long but to me. It was too long. I tapped my foot impatiently, eager to see his smiling face, those pretty hazel eyes that shifted from hazel to green. And then the door opened and there he was, a gorgouse smile graced his face when he saw me and he stood back to let me in. I walked into the way household and watched Gerard shut the door. He led me into the living room where some of our favourite video games were waiting. "I missed you Frankie" Said Gee, pulling me into a hug that made my heart melt. I embraced him back and we stood in the middle of the living room, holding eachother. "How was your holiday?" He asked.
"It was great." I answered. 'but no fun without you' I thought to myself. Gerard let go and we sat down beside eachother on the couch. We played some video games until we got bored and then Gerard turned on the music channels but there was nothing good on. Gerard turned to me. "So. Tell me about your holiday." He smiled. I shrugged.
"Ah, it was okay." I answered. 'I spent all of it thinking about you though.' I thought to myself. Gerard frowned and tilted his head to one side. "Come again?" He asked.
"What? I said it was okay." I said, surprised he hadnt heard me. Gerard shook his head.
"No. The part after that." He said. I think I felt my stomach hit the floor. My tongue seemed to swell up so I could barely speak.
"W - what part?" I asked.
"I dunno. It sounded a bit like you were thinking about me or something." Gerard looked away blushing and I began mentally hitting myself. I had said it out loud! How stupid could I get!? "Oh..." Was all I could mumble. Gerard looked back at me and he smiled at me, his eyes were a deep acidic green, I hadnt seen them so green before and my lips parted in surprise."Frankie...if I ask you something will you be honest with me?" He asked.
"Of course." I answered automatically. There was no way I would lie to him.
"Promise?" He pushed.
"Cross my heart." I answered. Gerard took my hands and looked me directly in my eyes.
"Do you like me?..More than a friend?" He asked. My heart soared into my throat, how could I lie. I couldnt lie. I had promised, and he was looking at me so intently I knew there was no use trying to deny it any more. "Y...Yes." I choked, barely above a whisper. But he had heard it and his smile caused me to blush and feel excitement instead of nerves and for some reason I found myself asking the same question. He let go of my hands but his smile didnt falter as he leaned closer and whispered. "I always have." And then his lips were an inch away from mine and for a moment we looked at eachother and then slowly, gently, his lips connected with mine. Instinctively I moved my lips against his, and his soft artist hands lightly held my waist. I wrapped my arms round his neck, playing with his soft hair closing my eyes. I felt the point of his tongue running along my bottom lip and without even realising what I was doing I parted my lips and felt his tongue roll over mine. I hadnt kissed with tongues before with anyone and it was unlike what I imagined, but I loved it. I held Gerard closer and his hands roamed up to hook round my back, Gerard tasted of coffee and cigarettes. We smoked the same kind and I recgonised the taste, but behind it I could taste something else, something that couldnt be named because it was the taste of Gerard and I swear there is nothing sweeter. Gerard seemed to like how I tasted as his tongue clashed repeatedly with mine and he worked his lips ferociously against mine, filled passion and love. I clung to him like he was life support and a small moan escaped my lips as he tugged gently on my lip ring. His tongue licked round the cool metal before his lips completely sealed mine once more, our lips fitted perfectly. Like two pieces of a puzzle and though we kissed until we had to pull apart it was too soon and then we embraced eachother and I held to him so tightly I thought I might crush him, but he held on to me equally tight and neither of us said a word. "Gee..." I eventually whispered, Gerard pulled back and looked at me. His beautiful eyes gazing into mine. "Hmm?" He asked.
"Gee... I love you." I mumbled, blushing slightly. Gerard gently pressed his lips to my cheek,before whispering in my ear.
"I love you too...always."
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