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Like A Shadow He Stayed Close, Watching My Every Move

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Frank has an Imaginary Friend. [FRERARD]

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So this is basically my first post. This is only an introduction to the story, the first part is just so you get an understanding about the situation and the second part is a flashback to the first time when Frank and Gerard first met. Somehow in my story I magically made Frank and Gerard only a year apart. It just makes the story work better. If you don’t understand something or something doesn’t make sense just ask me and ill explain. Oh and yeah this story is Frerard, der.

I laid in this cold bed trying to forget the figure that laid next to me. The one who wouldn’t leave no matter how much I begged him. Like a shadow he stayed close watching my every move, but unlike the ways of the shadow he never left my side even when it was completely dark.

I stared into he’s soulless eyes trying to make sense of the unrealistic situation for the Millionth time. How is it possible that he is here? Aren’t Imaginary childhood friends meant to disappear when you realize that they aren’t real? He isn’t real but somehow I can still see him, after all these years he’s still here.

Tears fall down my face as I continue to look into he’s beautiful eyes. He lifts he’s head and leans closer to my face, softly kissing my cheek. It’s all too much and I crash my head into he’s chest crying hysterically. He wraps he’s arms around my body and softly brushes my hair with one of he’s hands.

“I love you Frank,” He whispers, as I try to calm myself down.

Eventually I stop crying and all that’s left of my screeching cries is the sound of my restless breathing.

“I love you too, Gerard” I manage to stutter out in between my frantic breaths.


Frank; 5 Gerard; 6

It was a warm summer day. Young children ran wild with happiness not wasting a minute of there precious time at the park. But for Frank Iero being at the park wasn’t that fantastic when you had no one to share it with.

Frank sat alone on one of the Park Benches swinging he’s short legs back and forth wondering why he didn’t have anyone to play with. Frank was just the kind of boy, who didn’t make friends easy, It wasn’t because of the way he looked or because of the way he acted he just for some reason never seemed to be able to make any friends.

Franks hopes soon lifted as a dark haired boy stood before him smiling enthusiastically.

“Um hi” Frank curiously spoke, wanting to befriend this boy.

“Hey” the boy said excitedly“ My names Gerard”

“My names Frank” Frank said standing up off the bench.

“Frank would you like to come play with me?”

Frank nodded frantically. Gerard giggled quietly before grabbing a hold of Frank’s hand and leading him towards the colorful playground.
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