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A half-ass excuse to stick Bryan and Lei in the army together in funny little adventures...well, they're not really adventures. And they're certainly not funny.

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Disclaimer: I still don't own Namco, but I'm getting there...only $3.50 more and I'll have saved up enough money to purchase the whole company! But until then, don't think I do own Namco. Or the current owner would spare no expense to see to it that I, one who has written a fanfic without their expressed permission, is destroyed.

Bryan's Crazy Adventure...In the Army!

Wow, that title says it all, doesn't it? .....maybe I should use something else..

This is a stupid little sitcom with no point other than to provide viewers with a variety of comical situations. So I put Bryan Fury in the army.

(Bryan enters the barracks)

Jack-2: Welcome, fellow private.

Bryan: Shit, not you assholes.

Jack-2: I am a 4000 series, so I have not been equipped with an asshole, having no need to remove excre-

Bryan: Just shut up.

Jack-2 : Understood, I shall close the opening for my voice output, thus preventing any further vocal-

(Bryan smashes the Jack-2)

Bryan: I'm really gonna hate this place...

Jack-2: The sargeant is coming.

P-Jack: The sargeant is coming.

Another Jack-2: The sargeant is coming.

Gun-Jack: The sargeant is coming.

All the Jack units: The sargeant is coming.

Bryan: Shut the hell up!

(Sargeant Lei Wulong enters)

Bryan: Wulong?!

(Jack units stand at attention while Wulong proceeds with an inspection)

Lei: Good...good...good...good...(sees Bryan) Fury?! What are you doing here?

Bryan: None of your business.

Lei: Oh, great, I'm stuck with you in my platoon!

Bryan: You can just go stick your platoon-

Lei: You can't talk that way to me, I'm your commanding officer!

Bryan: The hell you are, I'm not taking orders from some stupid Kung Fu reject.

Lei: I was a better cop than you were!

Bryan: Bullshit! I took out an entire gang armed with submachine guns by myself!

Lei: At least I wasn't involved with drug deals!

Bryan: That was never proven, you just set me up! And why the hell are you here?

Lei: I botched a two-year case...

Bryan: So why are all these Jacks here?

Lei: We receieved them from Russia as part of a goodwill trade.

Bryan: Weren't you lucky...

Lei: Well, Bryan, just realize that while you're here, you follow my orders.

Bryan: Sure (gives Lei the finger behind his back)

Lei: Now, it's getting late, so everyone power down.

Bryan: (looks around as all the Jacks shut off) Now what?

Lei: Go to sleep!

Bryan: There aren't any beds!

Lei: Oh, sorry, these barracks were designed for the Jack units. Good night.

Bryan: Goddamn Wulong and his goddamn Jacks...I hate this place.

End Of Chapter 1

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