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Multifaceted Fascination

by Laural_Rose 1 review

Three drabbles about the games Sephiroth plays in bed. Bastard!Sephiroth, Crisis Core.

Category: Final Fantasy 7 - Rating: R - Genres: Angst,Erotica - Characters: Sephiroth - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2008-02-16 - Updated: 2008-02-16 - 312 words - Complete

He liked pretending to be taught. He liked how Angeal remained stoic and controlled even in sex. Liked looking up, watching the tension leave Angeal’s body, watching the ghost of a smile glide closer to his lips as his ‘teacher’ lost himself in the act. He liked be coaxed and coached; pretending to be as chaste as the gentle, learning sex. He liked how Angeal thought he was making a man; a human.

“You’re my first and only.” Sephiroth whispered, nuzzling Angeal’s neck as the man sprawled atop him.

“I doubt that. There will be others. But for right now…”


He liked the way Zack needed to be taught. He liked Zack’s unsure but game smile as the boy tried to take control, then couldn’t quite figure out what he was doing. He liked how Zack didn’t want to be topped, but lay beneath Sephiroth anyway with that edge of youth and life and newness. He liked teaching, too. He could see why Angeal got off on it. But Angeal was wrong; the boy was just the right age.

“I’ll be your first and only.” Sephiroth warned, nipping Zack’s ear as he thrust.

“Yes.” Zack panted, eyes glazed with desperation.


He loved the passion with Genesis. The precariousness. Either one could end up submitting, pinned and bleeding and struggling but loving every moment of it. He’d been topping more and more lately, and he could tell it was wearing on Genesis. He loved the way the man broke, little by little, beneath him, even as Genesis broke Sephiroth’s body, humanity and will.

“We belong together.” Sephiroth rasped, straining to come as Genesis growled beneath him. Genesis’ teeth sank into Sephiroth’s shoulder with a growl, pushing Sephiroth over the edge.

”You belong to me.” Genesis snarled, lapping the blood he’d drawn.
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