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Urizane Level One

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Just a little adventure with everyone's favorite watermelon boy, Urizane!

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Urizane Level One

It was a beutiful day. Urizane stretched luxuriously, feeling the sensation spread from head to toes. Aaah, that felt good. As he got out of bed and brushed his teeth he made a resolution. To finally get that date!

The object of Urizane's affections was a young woman called Amelia. She ran a fruit stand in front of the HOLY Tower. As Urizane put it, she had "fair hair, skin as smooth as a new-picked watermelon, and eyes as glistening as a glass of freshly poured watermelon juice" He was MADLY in love with her. So far, he had talked to her once or twice while buying watermelons there, but only over the matter of exchanging money. Today was going to be different. Today he was going to get her!

Before going out, Urizane would do a ritual that some would consider odd. He would open a shelf in his bedside cabinet, take out a rather dilapidated looking stuffed rabbit, and place it on the bed. Then he would stare at it for about an hour, completely in a trance. Then, apparently, the rabbit would "speak" to him. Here is the following scene of Urizane and the stuffed rabbit, Mr. Hopkins.

Urizane: Mr. Hopkins, I'm going to try and get a date today.

Mr. Hopkins: {sounds like Mr. Dressup} That's wonderful, Urizane. I'll be behind you all the way!

Urizane: All right! Then I'm going now.... do you have any suggestions about how to wow a girl?

Mr.Hopkins: Well, girls always love it when you purchase flowers or sweets for them.

Urizane: That's a great idea! I'll do just that.

Urizane ran out of his room, excited. Flowers! Why didn't he think of that! He ran downstairs, remembered to run back upstairs to put some clothes on, the proceeded to run for about five minutes more until he was totally exhausted and had to call a taxi to take him to Flower Corner.

Later, as Amelia prepared to clean up the cart and go home, Urizane jogged up to her. When he reached her, he was panting, really out of breath.

"Huh-huh-huhhoo" He gasped.

"Whoa, are you okay, Urizane?" She bent over him, a concerned look in her face.

"No, I'm fine. Look, I have flowers for you!"

"For me? That's lovely! Where are they?"

A single petal drifted out of Urizane's mouth. He looked very sad.

"A-heh-heh-heh..... I'm couldn't control my hunger."

That night, Urizane went back to his home and consulted Mr. Hopkins about his flower-eating problem.

"Well, I can't do anything about that." sniffed Mr. Hopkins "perhaps you should buy her fruit. Since she owns a fruit stand, it could be something to bond over or something like that"

"That's a great idea!"

The next day, Urizane was determined. He would not eat his present and make a fool of himself! He would not! However:

Amelia: A watermelon for me? How wonderful! Where is it?

{a trickle of juice runs down Urizane's mouth. Urizane looks forlorn}

Urizane: Sorry.

That night, Urizane ate Mr. Hopkins.
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