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"Is it possible to see someone think?"

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Wow.I wasn't expecting to write all of this.Ok.Frerard one-shot.My best yet in my opinion.Rate and Review! Fee and Gee first get together. I'm trying to get at least 3 reviews

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We were laying in the grass, looking up at the stars. The moon was no more than a small slither of light.The street lights were turned on.
The blades of grass tickled the sides of my neck as the cool autumn breeze blew them gently.Every now and then, I would sneak quick glances of him.
I would give every star in the sky to Frankie. I would run around the world and back for him. If he wanted something, I would get it for him.
Do you know why?
Because I love him. I love him dearly. I love him in a way I'm not supposed to.
Yes. Frankie loves me, but not like I love him.
I'm his best friend. I'm his only friend and vise versa. We are alone in this thing people call 'reality'.
We have our families, but his family just doesn't love him like mine love me. Not the way a family should, and that's why he turns to me. He always has and I've grown to take care of him when he needs it. I know he hates being taken care of, but everyone needs it sometimes. In his case, more than others. And it's not his fault. I honestly don't mind. If he asks, he will get it. That's why he doesn't know my feelings. He wants a best friend, and that's what he's got.
But if I could have him for my own, I would be the happiest person alive.

The wind blew harder, making my hair blow rapidly.
"It's getting kinda cold." came that flawless voice.
"Do you want to go inside?"
"No not yet."
"Then do you want my jacket? You're not wearing one. Here."
I sat up and slipped my hoodie over my head and handed it to him, not waiting for him to object.
"You sure?"
"Yeah go ahead."
"Thanks Gee."
"No problem."
He smiled sheepishly.
I always try to give him what he wants. Whatever makes him happy. It's usually just me offering things. He never asks for anything. He's so shy about it and I find it extremely cute, yet heart-breaking because at home, he's always the one getting things for others.
He pulled my hoodie over his head, and straightened it out.
We laid back down on our backs.
The cold air hit my arms. It was pretty cold. He must have been freezing, but I don't mind the cold. He gets cold and sick very easily.
I glanced over his way. His eyes flickered across the sky of endless stars. His pale cheeks were flushed. His full, pink lips were slightly parted. He let out a deep sigh.
He turned his head to face me. I was immediately captivated by his gorgeous, green eyes.
"Just thinking."
"Bout what?" I asked concerned.
"Nothing and everything."
"Oh... Wanna talk?"
"Can I ask you something?"
I turned on my side and leaned on my right elbow. Frankie was still on his back.
There was a short pause.
"Why are you so nice to me?"
"I mean you're always so...I don't know. You're always so nice to me when I don't deserve it. It's like you don't care about what you want. It's usually always about me. I mean I don't mind. I actually love it, it's just why is it always about what I want or what I need?"
I thought for a moment on what to say. Of course I knew why, but how am I supposed to answer that as a friend?
"...cause I care about you man. You're my best friend and I know what you go through. I just want you to know I'm always there for you."
"I just don't see how something as simple as a friend could be worth such...dedication ya know?"
Maybe it's cause it's not that simple. Maybe it's because I love you more than words could ever say.
Yeah I don't know what to say.
"I always thought you had to be more than that to care so much, but I guess anything is possible."
He moved his gaze to me and smiled softly.
"I guess..."I mumbled and then stared of into the distance, thinking about how I guess that is true most of the time.
I looked back at him and smiled weakly.
"Is it possible to see someone think?"
I chuckled.
"Umm..I don't know. Why?"
"I think I just saw you think."
"Really?" I laughed, but then I saw he wasn't laughing. He still had that his lips ever-so-slightly upturned. Not really a smile, but a thoughtful look I guess. My smile faded as he looked over at me.
"What did I think?"
"I honestly don't know..."
He propped himself on his elbow, so his eyes were level with mine. He was searching my eyes for something. He just kept on staring into my eyes to the point I almost felt invaded. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable, but he just kept burning holes into me. I wanted to say something, but I was kind of scared to do anything at this point. He was being so still. His eyes then flickered across my face. What if he really did hear me think? Was it that obvious?
"...but I think I can guess." he said just above a whisper.
His eyes never left mine.
He bit his lip softly as he slowly leaned his face towards mine. He paused about an inch from my face. I felt his warm breath against my lips.
"Was I right?" He asked in nearly a whisper.
I nodded my head.
"Not just for me?"
"No Frankie. I love you."
His eyes left mine and flickered towards my mouth and then closed. He filled the small gap. His lips pressed gently to mine. It was so soft that it seemed as if he thought that I might break if he pressed any harder, but it was perfect. I don't know when it happened, but he was now a lot closer to me. Our bodies were almost touching. I pressed only slightly harder against his full lips, letting him know it was okay. He moved his lips softly against mine, once. I loved the feeling. My insides were screaming. They were twisting and turning and fireworks were exploding and butterflies were were flapping their wings, trying to escape. I moved mine against his. Then him. We took turns until we were now kissing, softly and slowly. The warmth of his lips against mine were warming my insides. He slowly moved his hand and placed it on my side. I did this as well. We pulled each other closer. His flat chest was warm against mine. He moved his lips with a little more pressure, deepening the kiss. He pulled away for a slight second and we both took in a deep breath. He came back at me. He moved his lips a little harder against mine, as did I. We let our passion flow through our lips. The passion of this kiss was breath-taking. He really meant it.
I felt a warm, wet feeling lick my lips. I ran my tongue over his bottom lip. He ran his tongue over mine and we shared the feeling of our tongues on each other's lips. Then I felt him put pressure against the crease of my lips and he didn't pull his tongue away.
Wow. He's really going to do this with me.
I parted my lips and his tongue entered my mouth. A pang of pleasure hit me in the gut.
He licked around in my mouth until he came across my tongue. He rubbed his tongue to mine. He tasted so sweet. He tasted of coffee, cigarettes and ...Frankie. It was an amazing taste.
He pulled away from the kiss and I felt his leg hitch around my hip. I moved my hand down past his hip to his thigh. I slowly dragged him on top of me. I was now on my back. Frank was laying on me, but he put only a little pressure of his body against me. His knees were on either side of me, as he straddled me. He pressed his chest to mine and he dove back in. This time, he didn't hold back. This time he knew it was okay to do anything. This time he knew that we both wanted it.
His lips moved fiercely against my own. He made his way into my mouth. His tongue was exploring my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his, savoring that priceless taste that was marked on his tongue. He pressed his mouth to mine to where it would leave a bruise later. I loved it. His tongue was now lapping against mine, needily. He let out a whimper. His tongue continued to lick at mine with lust, love and passion. My hands gripped his thighs. I moved my hands up his perfect body and slipped around his neck, holding his lips to mine. I moaned. I was in Heaven. I can't begin to explain exactly how this feels, but I have never felt it before. Just the feeling of his tongue drove me crazy, and the there was still the taste and the texture and it just goes on and on. He continued lapping in my mouth like a cat with a bowl of milk.
I moved my arms around his slim waist, pulling his hips on mine. I bucked my hips into his. He moaned at the contact. I was hard right now and I know he was too. He began moving his hips in small circles against mine and rubbing his body into mine. I held his hips to mine, no matter how many times we bucked into each other. He sucked on my bottom lip and nibbled it softly. I whimpered.
"F-Frank. I'm-"
"Me t-too."
With one last buck of our hips, we came together with loud screams of pleasure. The warmth was seeping through my jeans and I felt his seep out on me.
Frank was laying on my chest, panting for air. I was panting like a dog.
Frank looked into my eyes and pressed his lips to mine briefly and slid off of me. He laid his head to my shoulder. We waited for our breath to even out.
Now we were laying in the grass, holding each other, looking into the stars.
Nothing has ever felt this right.
Nothing has ever felt like this.
"How long?"
Frank's voice came out thin and soft.
"Really long."
"So there was something behind all the giving and caring so much."
"I would have done it anyway."
"Why didn't you tell me?"
"You thought that was what I wanted?"
"Well, now I have everything I could ever ask for. Right here."
He looked into my eyes and smiled.
I kissed his forehead.
"I love you."
"I love you too, Gee. Thank you."


A/N: pshh i wasn't expecting all of that to flow out, but I'm REALLY proud of it. i was listening to MCR's new love song over and over while I wrote this and it really helped!!
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