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Boa Constrictor

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Two words: Bert. McCracken.

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Chapter 5 - Boa Constrictor

By overhearing fragments of loud conversation from the other room, Gerard gathered that his band and The Used would be staying at a hotel in Minneapolis for a few days. The actual Minnesota show would be on Tuesday. He counted on his fingers, figuring out that it gave him three days of pure Bert McCracken related pleasure. His feelings towards Bert were enough to be a brand new drug, all on its own. Bert was extremely hot, extremely cool, extremely talented, extremely hyper, and extremely high, all the time. But that wasn’t it. He was more than just a fun person to be around. He was the sole person in the universe who could actually understand Gerard. He was like a twelve year old best friend, whom Gerard could spill all his secrets to and know for certain that they’d never leak. In more than one way, Gerard really loved Bert.

The bus screeched and came to a halt. Gerard gleefully shot up from his post on the bed. In quick motions, he stuffed all his belongings into his suitcase and jumped on it to make it close. He was sure to grab his cocaine and stuff it into the front pouch. Before running out at top speed, he stopped at a nearby mirror to make sure his hair looked okay. Upon rushing out the heavy metal door, he found that his band mates were all outside in the Holiday Inn parking lot already, with their bags in hand. He chose to stay back and away from all of them; he still did not have the guts to look any of them in the face, especially not Mikey. His eyes wandered around until they finally rested on a graffiti-covered The Used bus. His heart twisted with happiness as he saw the door swing open. Out stepped the familiar blonde guitarist, Quinn Allman, followed by Jepha Howard and Dan Whitesides. Gerard frowned when the door shut behind them, and Bert didn’t step out.

His band mates walked towards the three men, Bob with extra enthusiasm to see his old friends. Gerard lingered behind. At the moment, Bert was the only person he was interested in talking to. Minutes passed, and Gerard saw no sign of Bert. His friends had all started towards the large golden doors. He knew he had to follow. Knowing Bert, he was probably making out with one of his girlfriends inside his bus. Gerard’s mood unexplainably darkened. With a sigh, he began to walk although he was sure to keep a few feet away until they reached the lobby of the lavishly decorated hotel. Inevitably, someone had to look back over their shoulder. It happened to be Mikey. Gerard groaned when his brother strolled towards him.

“Hey, why’re you going so slow? Are you feeling okay?”

Gerard mumbled some sort of a response. His brother smiled at him warmly and grabbed his hand. With a gentle pull, he brought Gerard forward to the rest of the crowd. Gerard was forced to be friendly and greet Quinn, Jepha, and Dan with polite hellos. He made himself say he felt much better to his band mates. Fortunately Quinn started talking before any questions could be arisen.

“Uh...we need to split into pairs for the rooms. One person has to be alone, though. That’ll probably be Bert if he ever finishes arguing with Allison.”

The word arguing made Gerard smile. That posed a high risk of a break-up. He watched as his friends broke up into twos. He slowly moved away from them, so that he wouldn’t have to share with any of them. He’d wait for Bert. Unfortunately, Frank had other plans.

The short man approached Gerard in a shy sort of saunter, “You wanna share rooms with me, Gee?”

The guy’s expression was so cute that it made Gerard’s throat twist into a thin spiral. He didn’t want to say no, but at the same time, he did want to be with Bert. His mouth opened and he automatically began stuttering. All of a sudden, he stumbled forward, nearly dropping his suitcase. He felt arms around his neck from behind and legs wrapping around his body. A bearded face appeared next to his own clean shaved one.

Bert McCracken’s soft pink lips kissed his cheek softly, “I shotty Gerard!”

A worried expression formed on Gerard’s face as he latched the light man off his back and turned around. Bert waved a hello. Gerard immediately noticed that he had lost a lot of weight from the last time they’d seen each other. His face had grown gaunt, and dark circles ringed beneath his eyes. His skin had paled, not leaving an ounce of color. Only his eyes remained bright and happy, like the old Bert. Gerard felt his heart take a punch, right in the middle. He didn’t want to think about what could’ve caused such a drastic change in his friend’s body. He quickly gave Bert a hug, trying to let himself know that it didn’t matter. Bert smiled, lighting up his whole face. Gerard forced himself to grin back, but only momentarily, because he heard a rude comment from Frank. He spun around to look down at the guitarist. Frank’s thin lips had pursed into an even smaller line. His green eyes held a hint of hurt, but mostly just annoyance. Gerard muttered an apology. Frank shook his head and mumbled a wannabe-apathetic “Whatever.”

Gerard sighed, feeling a little bad that Frank would be all alone in a large hotel room. However, it was not like had really accepted Frank’s offer in the first place... Still, his stomach sank guiltily. He pivoted back to Bert and smiled once more. In less than five minutes, he knew Bert would offer him a solution for that. It was just a short matter of minutes.

Bert looked over his shoulder to Frank, “Hey Frankenstein! I’m sorry, were you planning on sharing with my Gee-Gee?”

Frank scowled and stalked away to the front counter without replying. He strongly disliked Bert McCracken. He could feel jealousy gripping his heart, shortening his temper. It was actually more than just dislike, it was disdain. He hated the often mocking tone Bert spoke in. He detested the light blue eyes that contrasted so perfectly with the man’s dark hair. He hated the charisma, the talent, the beautiful pain that he held in his eyes. He loathed the way Bert hung onto Gerard, crawling all over his body like a boa constrictor. More than anything, he abhorred the fact that Gerard seemed to like it. And of course, there was the fact that Bert was like Gerard’s private drug dealer (but that was just a minor thing, right?)

Bert giggled in his own deranged way and pointed at Frank, “That obsessed with you, Gee.”

Gerard blushed in denial, “No, you just piss him off.”

Bert shrugged, picked up a brown duffel bag from his side, and yanked Gerard’s arm, “Let’s go check in. I think everyone else went up already. Oh, and uh...I got some new stuff to show you.”

Gerard’s heart leaped excitedly. The two rushed to the desk, cutting in front of an irritated Frank. They quickly confirmed their reservation and made their way towards the elevators. Still guilt stricken, Gerard stopped Bert, feeling like they should at least wait for Frank. Voices floated from the counter to his ear.

“What the hell do you mean there’s no room?” Frank shouted angrily.

A monotonous voice replied, apparently uncaring. Gerard heard Frank’s hand slam onto the desk, followed by a storm of furious curses. He bit his lip and looked towards Bert, whose face was contorting. Gerard didn’t want Frank in their room and neither did Bert. It wasn’t because either of them particularly disliked Frank’s hygienic habits or anything; it was just that the short dude was awfully observant. He’d find their drugs in a matter of seconds. They’d both get sent to some rehabilitation facility, far away from each other. The thought was horrible. Gerard tugged Bert’s arm, hinting that they should flee before Frank approached them.

Bert refused to budge. Even though Frank hated him, he didn’t hate Frank. “Come on, Gee, he’s your friend. Let’s go rescue Frankie before the security guards gets involved.”

Gerard was unsure, “He can’t share with us. He’s gonna find out. He’s already really suspicious.”

Bert moved his head close to Gerard’s, parting his lips slowly, “Just trust me.”

Bert’s eyes melted into a deep blue-gray pool. Gerard was drowning, and he didn’t even want the hot lifeguard to save him. He nodded his head up and down. He trusted Bert.


I realized that I did not have a disclaimer for this story. I added it at the beginning of the first chapter. Just in case any of you are obsessed with reading disclaimers. Or obsessed with trying to sue me.
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