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With Luna, walking backwards was the easy part.

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With Luna, walking backwards was the easy part. He didn't mind it much. She said something about always being surprised when they reached their destination. She liked surprises, she said. Kept her on her toes, she said.

The hard part was trying to talk to her when walking backwards. Walking and talking wasn't normally a problem for him, but doing it backwards was a bit of a challenge. Not to mention the fact that Luna usually talked backwards when she was walking backwards, as well, as if there were some sort of pattern to it.

After the first week or so, the ritual had become a little tiring. "Luna, is this really necessary?" he asked tiredly. Luna looked at him, saying something incoherent, and Harry smiled at the grin on her face, despite himself.

"We can stop if you like, Harry," she said eventually, stopping in her tracks.

"That'd be nice to my calf muscles," he responded, bending down to massage them. When he stood up again, he was quite surprised when Luna launched herself into his arms, kissing him passionately for several long moments before finally breaking away.

"Luna, what...?"

"Okay, Harry. We can stop doing things backwards now," she said in a sing song voice, beginning to walk again as Harry stared after her.

Maybe doing things backwards wasn't so bad, he thought. As it turned out, he liked being surprised, too.
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