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"Yeah, you looked hot...."

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Gerard makes Ray an offer

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A/N: Hey! Thanks for the reviews! I have quite a clear idea of whats gunna happen in this story... so all i need to do is put words to the plan and i'm sorted! reviews really do help, though! I'm never quite sure how people reading the story react...

“Gerard, I’m… Well I’m sorry that you had to see that…” Ray shuffled awkwardly in his place and seemed to find the cigarette stubs on the floor somewhat mesmerizing.
“Heh, Don’t worry about it!” Gerard shrugged. “I wasn’t forced to watch it, after all. Do you want to find a place so we can talk??” He suggested, and Ray agreed, his fingers were starting to lose their feeling.
The two men wandered down the darkened streets for about 10 minutes before coming to stop at a small café on a street corner. Although the temperature in the café was still cold, it was a vast improvement from the digit-numbing winds outside.
Two coffees were ordered and the men sat on the farthest table from there with their hot beverages.
“Hey, Gerard – I can explain! I need money, and-” Ray began, before Gerard interrupted him.
“Dude! Don’t worry about it! I wouldn’t care if you did enjoy it a lot! Not that you do, of course!” He added hastily as he caught a glimpse of Ray’s expression of protest. “Anyway, I can’t preach much, can I? Remember that day I dressed up as a chick in college?”
Ray could remember it clearly, Gerard had been discovered by the end of the day by one of the mean bastards in their art class, and then had to suffer with the taunts of “Gerard Gay” for the next year. Ray had to admit, he had looked damn sexy, though.
“Yeah, you looked so hot that day…”Ray commented, suddenly realizing how strange that must have sounded. An awkward silence followed as the heat in Ray’s cheeks increased simultaneously with the decrease of heat in his coffee.
“Are you happy with your life? Gerard enquired out of the blue, at first the question startled Ray. To be honest, he had never really thought about it, to him, life didn’t consist of enjoyment. You need to live, to live you need money, and for money you needed a job. It didn’t really matter whether or not the job made you happy, because without it you couldn’t live…
“Well… no.” Ra concluded, he had realized that he wasn’t at all. He had to do a job he hated just to be able to afford rent to share and live in a flat with a guy he didn’t even particularly like??
Gerard then shot another unrelated question at him, “So, how’s the guitar playing coming along?”
A smile teased Ray’s lips, Gerard had recalled a factor of Rays life that even he hadn’t even taken notice to recently. It also made Ray feel slightly guilty, because all he could remember about Gerard was that he was the quiet dude who spent the majority of his time drawing and sleeping.
“I haven’t really played guitar for about…. two years.” He replied, regretting it instantly as he saw Gerard shocks, almost angry expression.
Shocked? Gerard was beyond shocked! Ray - the best guitarist he had ever met hadn’t played guitar in two years?!
“Are you….serious?” Gerard asked, continuing after Ray’s nod, “First, your famous fro has been flattened, and now this??”
“So, Gerard, how’s your life?” Ray asked, trying to convert the subject of conversation away from himself.
“Shit.” Gerard replied bluntly, “Still drawing cartoons. Now don’t get me wrong, I love drawing! But… I wanna see the world! Get out more, achieve, do you know what I mean?”
Ray could relate to everything Gerard had just said, and Gerard could see it in his eyes.
“Which is why I came to find you,” Gerard continued, taking a large gulp of his lukewarm coffee. ‘I’ve started a band – My Chemical Romance. I was wondering if you would like to be the guitarist, I mean, you’re awesome!”
Ray was flattered to say the least, Gerard had actually asked him to be in the band. Had come looking for him in particular, he felt proud.
“Yeah, Of course I will!” He flashed a large smile to Gerard, “But, ya’know, until we actually get off the ground, if we do – I still need money, so I need to keep at this job for a while longer…”
“I still have my job!” Gerard nodded, “Come on! I’m not that irrational! Or stupid!”
The both laughed and shook hands happily. Each man swapped their contact details with the other and departed the café in separate ways to get home.
This could be the start to something big…
Ray thought to himself as he opened the door to his cramped apartment that night.
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