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Just thought you'd like to know

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Alright, while this has NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Fall Out Boy at all costs I thought you'd might like to know this,

I'm in a club at my school called Written and Illustrated where we all write our very own personal stories and either illustrate them ourselves or have someone else do it and then we publish them in our school library.

At least that's what they did last year. This year they have started doing something different. Instead of publishing it themselves in our school we put it on and just wait and see who buys it and whatever.

So, seeing how much you loved this story I thought, maybe you guys would like to know about the story (NOT Fall Out Boy though, I must warn you.) I published myself and maybe if you're intriged enough, buy it for yourself.

Unfortunately that would mean that you'd have to pay about $14 for the book itself and shipping and handling.

So decide what you want to do and if you do get it send me some reviews, I love hearing from you guys!

p.s. the link is:
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