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Hugs Are Overrated Just FYI

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-Sighs- This is a dream I had that was a little strange but fun so I just had to continue it. And since there is no Jonas Brothers category. I added fall out boy into this mix.

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"CHELSEA!!! I WON!!!!!" Jessica Starr (yes that is her real last name) ran through my living room.

"Won what?" I asked flipping through my AP magazine.

"The Jonas Brothers contest silly!!! We get to be in the video for their new single!!!" she shreiked and ran to her room to pack. I looked up from the AFI article to see the dust that had settled.

"We?!?!?" I asked before running after her. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE????"

"Well, there are four tickets. Me, Zach, Pete, and you!" she counted us off on her fingers.

"Pete's going to see the Jonas Brothers? Yeah, okay you little crazy." as if on cue Pete came up behind me and kissed my neck.

"Hell yeah! Give them talented little kids some publicity!" he smiled. I groaned. Zach emerged from the closet in jessicas room.

"Dude this is going to be awesome!!! A cruise ship and Joe, Nick, and Kevin!!!" he smiled.

"I know!!! And babe," pete turned to me. "I packed all your stuff already."

"But I don't like the Jonas Brothers." I sighed in defeat. As if all on the same brain wave, they all shouted YOU WILL!!! At me. I cringed but smiled.
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