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Don't jump

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song fic to tokio hotel 'don't jump', writen as a lover commiting suicide because the one they loved died, there feelings before you can look at it as girlXguy, GuyXgirl, GIrlXGirl, or GuyX GUy, wh...

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Song fic time! MY FIRST ONE! Lol, the song is By Tokio Hotel Don’t jump (English version). The slanted words are the lyrics, the slanted words with quotation marks is the other lover (who is presumed dead) saying the words, which are also the lyrics to the song! clap yea! Okay, moving on, the dead lover is the one the jumper (the one that is about to kill them self) is seeing runs up the stairs trying to stop them, there imagining what would happen if the lover was alive. And the reason I’m not using he or she is because I want ppl to look at it there own way. Enjoy and please tell me how it is, also check out the band.

It was dark, around 11 at night. 3 cop cars were in front of the building, just sitting there, head lights on, lighting up the area. A soft wind was blowing, ruffling my shoulder length black hair, caressing my cheeks. I closed my eyes.
Moving closer to the edge. I whisper you name out loud.

on top of the roof, the air is so cold and so calm. I say your name in silence, you don’t want to hear it right now…

I know you’ll never want your name to slip from my pale lips, but I can’t help with my fears. Edge on the roof top, I stand so tall. A girl below is frightened beyond the bright shining stars. Two men are fighting and cops are trying to pull them apart. I close my eyes, and let the breeze flow by, like your face in my memories. The pain of my choices, tears drip down to the ground. No one sees those 2 tears, even though there right in front of them. In apartments people walk to there windows, flinging back cur tons to look up at me. One more tear falls down, as I imagine you running up the rusty stairs.
The eyes of the city are counting down the tears falling down. Each one a promise of every thing you never found.
I remember you saying, “I’d always be there.” I remember you telling me how you felt with a promise…you promised the love wouldn’t fade. And I remember you saying to your very last day, you’d never leave me.
I scream in pain of the cold hand clutching my broken heart. Why did you leave me this time?
I scream into the night for you.
I still see you running up the stairs below my feet, out of breathe to try and stop me. I hold back a sob, and put a straight face on; I’d always have to be strong. Now I stand, on the very ledge, I imagine you open the door, and scream at me
“don’t jump.”
I look down, into the bright lights leading up to me; I’ll get ready to head to them. The others are focused now, fearful too. I can see it from up here, so I close my eyes. I imagine you crying to me
“The lights will not guide you, there deceiving you!”
I know you want me to keep living, I know you’d want me to keep believing, I know what you would have wanted, but I want to let the memories go. There so strong, and I love them, but there to much to bear. I can imagine you, reaching for me, as you run closer.
“Don’t let memories go, of me and you!
I can see you get so close to me, your only half way over, but you still whisper
“please don’t jump”
I smile, I open my eyes again, I see snow fall quietly, which I use to adore. You and I would dance around singing our favorite song; we’d lie down, and just never finish the song.
The snow falls quietly, you just can’t feel it no more.
Right then and there, I decided it was fair, to end it all. I still see you running towards me. Your figure sees, the real me, leave. I close my eyes once more, memories fade back into store.
You dream of the end, to start all over again.
I open my mouth, I say out loud.
“I’d scream out into the night for you!” You know it’s true.
As you run closer, you try to change my mind you scream again.
“don’t jump. Please don’t jump! Don’t Jump!”
I don’t know how long, I stood there. But then I opened my crystal eyes, and I turned around. I look at your skinny frame, coming closer to me. Begging me. The hand you had let fall to your side, reached up to me.
“Just take my hand and give it a chance, don’t jump.” I shake my head; tears fill my eyes, and say your name out loud. I’m sorry this time. But I can’t change my mind. You yell at me, try and grab me, as I fall back words.
“The lights will not guide you, they’re deceiving you.” You look at my slowly falling for and you whisper, eyes wide.
“And if all of that can’t hold you back…then I’ll jump with you…”
But this time, we’ll finish the song. As I plummet down, I say as I imagine you saying it with me.
“Then I’ll jump with you…”
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