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You're Right

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Chapter 84-

I slammed the car door and walked heavily into school.

Scarlet was waiting for me at the gate.

“Hey.” I said quietly as I approached her.

“Hey. How was Friday night?” Scarlet asked.

“Eh, it was alright.” I shrugged.

“Tom try to seduce you again?” Scarlet joked.

I sneered.

“A little. But I ignored it at my best.” I giggled.

I stopped walking a frowned.

“Scarlet, I need to tell you something.” I said, deep in thought.

“Anything wrong?” Scarlet asked, a little worried.

“No. Just, I need to tell someone. That someone is you.” I said slowly.

“Well, I have a free next two.” Scarlet suggested.

“I have Health and Science. No big deal.” I said.

“Meet me at the D-wing after sections.” Scarlet said, nodding.

I nodded and parted away from her.

After sections, I made my way to the D-Wing. Scarlet was already there.

“Ah. We haven’t wagged together in ages.” I sighed once I came in talking distance of her.

“Well, technically I’m not wagging, you are.” Scarlet pointed out.

“Okay, fine. It’s been ages since I’ve wagged.” I corrected.

“Come on.” Scarlet said; yanking me forward to sit under a large, bulky tree at the top of a hill just behind the art rooms.

“Why here?” I asked.

“Well, we can’t go too far. Don’t want to make it look suspicious.” Scarlet said in a matter-of-fact way.

I rolled my eyes.

“So what is it that you want to tell me? I have a feeling it’s something big, and it’s related to Friday night.” Scarlet said excitedly.

“Promise not to get, too animated. Whatever reaction you have, just, try tone it down a bit. I can tell right now you’ll react in some way. I know you too well.” I winced.

“Just tell me.” Scarlet said dully.

“Okay. Friday night, I stayed at Mikey’s, as you know, and ah… Something happened.” I started.

“Something like?…” Scarlet pushed.

“I’m just going to get this out. I fucked him.” I said quickly.

“WHO!?” Scarlet squealed.

“Mikey’s Dad… Who the fuck do you think Scarlet?!” I said loudly and sarcastically.

“Gerard?” Scarlet said breathlessly.

“Gerard.” I nodded, ashamed.

“You WHAT?!” Scarlet squealed again.

“You fucking heard me. I fucked him. Now shut up or we’re going to get caught.” I hissed.

“Then why the hell aren’t you together? Why isn’t he holding you in his arms?” Scarlet asked, confused.

“Because it was a mistake.” I said.

“Sex just doesn’t happen as a mistake.” Scarlet pointed out.

“Yes it does. It’s a called a one-night stand Scarlet.” I said smartly.

“But when it’s with your ex it isn’t.” Scarlet pointed out again.

“Well this was.” I defended.

“How the fuck did this happen anyway?” Scarlet asked.

“I was drunk-“ Scarlet rolled her eyes. “And I went upstairs when I heard something from upstairs, and I went into Gerard’s room, and we talked for like a minute, and the next thing I know he’s lying on top of me.” I finished, eying Scarlet angrily.

“So he pulled the first move?” Scarlet asked.

“Yeah.” I nodded slowly.

“And you honestly didn’t know what you were doing?” Scarlet questioned.

“Well yeah.” I answered, shrugging hesitantly.

“Then why the fuck are you two still kidding yourself?! There’s no excuse for you now Rachel. He pulled first move, so you know for sure that he doesn’t want to be ‘just friends’. And you fucking went along with it- fully aware of the situation, so right there is proof that you feel the same way. So you two need to stop fucking pussy footing around and just admit your feelings for each other! Even if it doesn’t get you back together! Just do it!” Scarlet yelled.

I looked at her in shock.

“You’re right.” I said.

“I’m sorry, what?” Scarlet asked, just as shocked as me.

“You’re right.” I repeated.

“Hang on, let me get a fucking tape recorder or something. So I can replay it multiple times.” Scarlet said in a sarcastic way. “You just said that I was right.”


“We had a talk yesterday, and I made a suggestion that we don’t make any contact with each other for the next week, see how we end up. Then I’ll make my decision.” I explained.

“I can tell you right now what you are going to decide.” Scarlet said forcefully.

“And you’ve already decided it, but for whatever reason need be, you’re afraid of that, of you’re true feelings, because you’ve been hurt.” Scarlet pointed out.

“Let’s just see how the week goes first.” I said smartly.

“You know I’m right.” Scarlet smiled childishly.


“You are not going to believe what I have!” I said dramatically, stomping into the room with a piece of paper flapping wildly in my hand.

“What?” Tegan asked, mouthful of Tuna sandwich.

“After school detention.” I said bitterly, slamming the paper on the table in front of her.

“What’d you do this time?” Tegan asked, taking another bite of her lunch.

“Wagged the first two periods.” I said.

“After school for that?” Tegan asked, a little shocked.

“Apparently I’ve had too many and they’re enforcing after school now. I have more than three after school’s in the same term and it’s suspension.” I shrugged.

“When is it?” Tegan asked, leaning forward and reading the paper.

“Wednesday.” I said grumpily.

“Damn school taking over my whole life. Too bad if I wanted to go somewhere.” I muttered to myself.

“Ah just bite the bullet and shut up. You’d think you’d be used to it now.” Tegan joked.

“I am used to it, doesn’t mean I still can’t complain about it.” I poked my tongue out at her.

“And, to make things worse, they’re making me bring this chart thing to every class and if there’s not a signature from my teacher for every period at the end of the day for a whole two weeks, it’s another detention for every less signature.” I said bitterly.

“Again, something I’d expect you to be used to.” Tegan laughed.
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