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Chapter 7

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Dark Link and Phantom Ganon finally reach there destination.

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Chapter 7

Dark Link and Phantom Ganon, two very unlikely companions continued on their journey to the Dark Worlds Kakariko Village, where the key to there freedom was said to exist. It had been an hour or two since they had began and aside from the stray stalfo, and petty argument, they made it to there destination with little difficulty. Well, almost, for just as the poe had spoken, a magical field blocked there path. It was eerily beautiful structure, made up of a mix of blue and purple mist that seemed somehow solid at the same time.

"It appears you were telling the truth shadow. Perhaps there is something of value beyond this wall."

"That's great, now can you get us through it or not?" Dark Link was quickly getting agitated, if he didn't need the phantoms help he would have certainly done this on his own. Phantom Ganon gave him a stern look before going to examine the shield. It was similar in construct to his master's shields, but not as strong. Unlike Ganondorf's, this one didn't rely on several barriers to power it, instead keeping all it's energy in one place. While this worked, it also meant that a strong enough wizard could take it down at once with a strong enough spell.

"I can do it, but it won't be easy. From what I see here and from the instructions you gave me, I have to pour just the right amount of my energy into the shied to weaken it. Not enough and it will backfire, killing us both. Too much could overload it, killing us both."

"I think I'll stand over there." Dark Link muttered as he backed away.

"No, I'm going to need you this. Listen carefully and have you sword ready, you must do exactly what I say when I say it, otherwise this will all be for naught. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yeah, let's do this." Dark Link readied his sword as Phantom Ganon began to concentrate his dark magic into his hands. After he had waited long enough, he let loose a continuous beam of dark energy into the shield, immediately getting a reaction. The ground itself began to shake and the sky began to turn an angry read. Electricity was thrown wildly out of the shield, as if it were trying to strike back at its attacker. A few bolts did hit the phantom, but it wasn't anything he could not handle. The shield began to change colors at random, a dark red one moment then a bright yellow the next. Weather or not this was a good sign was unknown. Dark Link stood transfixed, having never before seen such a sight he found he couldn't take his eyes of it. He almost didn't notice that Phantom Ganon had stopped his attack and was shouting at him.

"Now you fool! Drive your sword into the shield while we still have time!" Regaining his senses, Dark Link rushed forward and drove his sword into the shied. With it weakened from the attack, Dark Link was able to drive his sword halfway into it. As soon as Dark Link stabbed the shield, Phantom Ganon unleashed another beam of Dark Magic, but this time instead of aiming for the shield, he aimed for Dark Link.

The beam hit Dark Link straight on, sending Dark Magic coursing through his body, into his sword, and finally into the shield. As the magic traveled into is mark, cracks of light began to form on the magical shield. Of course Dark Link didn't notice this as he was too busy dealing with the pain. The cracks spread out over the shield and with one final burst of magic the shield shattered into a million pieces, sending out a shockwave with enough force to knock both men to there to ground.

Phantom Ganon rose up from the ground and slowly walked over to a nearby tree, sitting down and resting against it.

"It is done..." The phantom closed his eyes, perfectly content to rest a moment after that little escapade. Dark Link however, wasn't.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?! YOU COULD HAVE WARNED ME YOU KNOW!" Dark Link let out an anguished moan after his out burst, the pain still going through his body. Phantom Ganon looked over to him and let out a sigh before replying.

"If I had warned you you would have said no. I needed something to concentrate my energy onto a single point, and you worked perfectly."

"If I could move my arms..."

"Well you can't. I suggest we rest awhile and regain our strength for whatever lies ahead." Dark Link would have retorted if his body hadn't decided to go unconscious at the moment. Phantom Ganon sighed and closed his eyes, not that he could sleep of course, but it did feel good to just lay back and tune out tune out the world.

"I am not going to forget this." Dark Link grumbled.

"I'm sure you won't did say that this Kakariko was a village in the real Hyrule correct?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Whoever created this dark plane has a strange sense of humor." Phantom Ganon motioned ahead to a large clearing. Instead of anything that looked like a village, there lay a massive graveyard. Countless graves adorned the area and the only thing that seemed out of place was a well lying in the center of it all.

"So where the hell is this thing that's supposed to get us out of this world?" Dark Link looked around, trying to find some obvious sign like a temple or a treasure chest.

"I would suggest we try the well. It would seem the most likely place to hide anything." Phantom Ganon set out towards the well, but as soon as he set one foot into the graveyard, ten figures seemed to leap out of the ground in front of them. Each wore a brown robe and had there faces concealed with hoods. As Dark Link and Phantom Ganon readied themselves, each figure drew two swords and entered a fighting stance. After a moment one stepped forward and addressed the two.

"We are the Garo Ninjas, allies to the Sheika and sworn to not let the evil escape from this world. Turn back now if you wish to live."

"I have come too far to be sent back by some freak in a bathrobe." Dark Link shot back as he drew his sword, soon joined by Phantom Ganon who summoned his spear, readying for battle.

"Then you shall die."
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