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Facing the truth

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Brendon's back and feeling better but he has to face the truth he needs help getting a girl or at least keeping one.

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I walk back to the bus and the guys are all sitting up front and all the girls are gone. What a relief. Ryan is bent over in the refrigerator looking for something to drink. Jon and Spencer are looking at something on the computer. No one seems to notice I was even gone. Whatever it doesn’t matter at least the girls are gone.

I go to my bunk and grab my teddy and laptop. I come back to the front of the bus but something’s not right. It feels like all eyes are on me like someone is waiting for me to do something. I plop on the couch get comfy look up and yeah all eyes are on me. Hey guys is before I could get a whole sentence out they all respond at the same time just with different answers. Jon says “nothing” in a rather girlish voice and picks up Spencer’s sticks (backwards) and starts playing air drums. Spencer say “I don’t know what your talkin’ about” in a extremely guilty tone and picks up Ryan’s cell phone and starts dialing numbers. (And that’s wrong you don’t touch another man’s cell). Ryan says “hey guys yourself” in a snooty tone. Then picks up Jon’s beer and takes a tiny sip of it and chokes but mangers to get it down. While Jon and Spencer are getting a kick out of watching him choke I ask him if he’s ok. He replies “yeah fine do it all the time” in a low raspy voice. With that I turn back to my laptop and teddy. When I open my laptop which I have named Toby I see why the guys were acting so strange and abnormal. I see what there were waiting for I now know why all eyes were on me. Someone has been on Toby and left him at this one site the five senses of love. I look up at the guys the all have their laptops out now. What’s going on? I demand to know who’s had there filthy little paws all over my beloved Toby. There all looking at me like I’m crazy I mean who’s been messing around with stuff.” We’re going to help you get a girlfriend” Jon say’s in a taunting manner I don’t have trouble getting girlfriends. Yes but you do have trouble keeping them. Ok so I don’t have meaning relationships I’m young. I don’t want to be chained down to one woman. Or do I. No! No! No! No! that’s not me, maybe it is. I don’t know but what I do know is I’m tired of the loneliness so how could this possible hurt.

To be continued…..
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