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Rescue me

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prequal to 'don't jump', this used to be our secret place, just you and me, our names writen on the run down walls, in the emty room, we had so many memories, our first kiss, our lies, more inside!

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‘Rescue me’

ANOTHER ONE! I’m finding out…song fics are fun! Anyway, this is (English version) Rescue me by Tokio Hotel. The slanted are the lyrics, if the lyrics have quotation marks that means someone is also saying/thinking them, if it has these star things * that right there, or in other words, thickness, then it’s a memories….anyway, I guess it is like a prequel to ‘Don’t jump’, yea, I want it to be a prequel! So, anyway, here we go…XD, also, u can look at it as boy girl, girl boy, boy boy, or girl girl. WHat ever you want.
“this used to be our secret” now I’m hiding here alone. Can’t help but read our names on the wall, and wash them off the stone.
I sat in our secret place, the old, empty, attic in the mansion. I couldn’t believe it was only 3 days ago, I saw your smiling face, as we added our names one more time to the already other clusters of them.
Tears ran down my face, as I rubbed fiercely at my cheeks to dry them, but they always got wet again as I tried to wipe away our names.
“How could you leave me?!” I screamed with a sob.
I stood up quickly from my crouching position, my black combat boots sliding, as I started to slip.
Turn around, I lost my ground.
I started to fall back, memories faded in.
We ran threw the old mansion, you chased me as I tried to escape. Finding some stairs I ran up almost loosing my footing as one stair creaked too much below my body. I made it to a door, flinging it open. My mouth opened as I called for you to come and see the empty, cold, and dark room, but it wasn’t so dark we couldn’t see. We ran inside, you saying this could be our secret place. I just smiled in return as I took out a sharpie, and wrote yours and mine name on the wall.
Come and rescue me. I’m burning can’t you see?

My face felt hot as I slipped closer to the ground, tears pouring down. More memories filled in, our first kiss.
We sat on the ground, a black and dark red checker blanket spread out. Candle light midnight dinner, there were no windows to see the full moon, but I was enjoying it completely. I bit into my sand which, right after I swallowed, something soft and cold laid on my lip. Bidding me to let it trespass into my mouth, your tongue entwined with mine. You pulled back, blushing. It was our first kiss, MY first kiss. I blushed, you said quietly, embarrassment in your voice, “Mmm, turkey.” And I smiled, pulling you into another kiss, by your ‘bite me’ black t-shirt, with vampire fangs on the caller.
I was so lost and happy, I didn’t think I’d ever wake up from the remembrance (unless it was for you), even though a burning pain erupted in my back and head.
Come and rescue me, only you can come and set me free. Come and rescue me.
I wish you were still here, I remember the time, when we were asleep.
* On the weekends, we’d sometimes accidentally fell asleep. This was one of those times; I laid next to you, our hands entwined lightly as I imagine you and me on the fairest wheel we could never get on because the line was so long. I was smiling in my sleep, I knew it too. Until I felt the hand I held, shaking. I looked over to you. You were crying. I got up as quickly as I could. “What’s wrong?” I asked with slight pain in my voice.
“I had a dream you were dead, it’s Nothing, go back to sleep.” You said, looking down to our hands now tightly held together. “You’re crying, it’s something.” I said, with a motherly tone, as in you-ate-that-cookie-don’t-lie. “They’re fake.” You told me, I knew you ment the tears. And for a moment I believed you.*
Now I wish you here to tell me, you were lying, they were real…
We lied when we were dreaming. Your crying was just fake; I wish you could deny it here and today.
I realized, we never said ‘I love you’ to one another. To say that to let you knew, I need a S.O.S, I would tell it on the radio, just to let you know.
My S.O.S on radio, the only chance to let you, what I feel. Can you hear?
I need to be rescued, I know something’s wrong. I can’t open my eyes, because I still believe you’re alive. I want to see your soft face, I want to see, your bright brown eyes. My body feels like it’s in fire. I feel so tired. I believe you’re still alive, your still here, I need you to rescue me…
Come and Rescue me, I burning can’t you see? Come and rescue me, only you can set me free. Come and rescue me.
I remember now, you’re gone. I need you, can’t you see? Our best times were together, just you and me.
Rescue me. You and me. You and me. You and me…
I open my eyes; I hope for a surprise, I’ll see you smiling face. My hopes are shattered, and this place is looking smaller, and I see your shadow. I don’t know what’s happening, I can’t hear now, I can’t feel. And now I can’t see.
The walls are coming closer. Our senses fade away. I’m haunted by your shadow. I reach to feel your faith.
I now you’re no where near. You’re not here.
“You’re not here!” I yell out, angry. “You’re not here!”
“You’re not here.” Are you here?
I whisper. “Are you here?” I feel the tears.
come and rescue me. Rescue me.
I try to run. But the door keeps getter farther. I call your name. But you can’t hear. I know that, dear. I reach the door, and I open it, I just stare down the stairs.
“Rescue me!” You and me. You and me.
“Rescue me!” You and me. “Set me free!”
The door shuts again. I stand in shock. I need to be let free.
“Rescue me…”
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