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Chi-Chi gets a job

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Basically Chi-Chi gets a job

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A quiet evening alone was all that Chi-Chi wanted. It had been a long day. She wanted to make money so she wouldn’t have to borrow from Bulma anymore. She was starting to feel bad and she felt like she was asking for too much from her even though Bulma didn’t mind it. She had two job interviews in the morning and two in the afternoon. She was so sure she would get one of the jobs. She was slumped over on one of the kitchen chairs, too tired to make dinner. She had sent Goten to hang out with Trunks for the day and to spend the night and Goku to the kaioshin planet so she could just be alone when she got home.

She had almost fallen asleep at the table when the phone rang. It was Bulma.
“Hi Chi-Chi. What are you doing?” “Hi Bulma I’m resting from my job interviews.” “Why are you getting a job?” “For something to do and I’m starting to feel bad that I have to borrow money from you, and I want to pay you back” “Chi-Chi you’re my best friend. I don’t mind giving you money and you don’t have to pay me back either. Infect it would be cool if one day you and Goku lived her to and then we can be together all the time. Not sure Vegeta would like it though.” said Bulma happily. Chi-Chi smiled. “Your sweet Bulma but could we talk tomorrow. I’m just so tired.” “That’s fine but would you like to do something tomorrow?” “Sounds good.” They hung up and chi-chi decided to just go to bed.

The next morning she woke up around noon and was well rested. She was glad no one was home. She had the house to herself. The phone rang. It was Bulma wondering if she was ready. “Sorry Bulma I just woke up. Give me an hour to get ready.” “Sounds good” said Bulma laughing. Chi-Chi got ready really fast. Bulma came an hour later like she promised. “Sorry you always have to pick me up.” “It’s alright Chi-Chi what are friends for. I love driving you places.

It was a girl’s day out. They got pedicures and manicures. They shopped all day and Bulma got Chi-Chi lunch for good luck. They had a wonderful time, and stayed out till almost midnight. Finally Bulma dropped Chi-Chi off at home. Bulma waited until she was inside and left. Chi-Chi was so happy. She got new clothes and didn’t feel bad that Bulma bought her so much stuff. Chi-Chi eventually went to bed.

A week past and still no call. She was beginning to worry. Finally on Friday she got a call from one of the managers. “That’s great thank you sir. “Your very Welcome Ms. Chi-Chi. you start on Monday if that’s ok with you.” That is awesome. I have no problem with it.” The manager laughed. “OK then I will see you on Monday. They hung up. It took Chi-Chi 5 minutes to get Bulma’s phone number right. She was so happy and excited she could barley push the right numbers.

“That’s Great” so Bulma happy for her friend. “When do you start and where are you working?” She told Bulma everything. They went out to lunch to celebrate with 18 and Videl. They were proud of her too. Videl was more happy for her while 18 just said congrats and didn’t say much.
On Monday Chi-Chi got to work 10 minutes earlier. The manager was so impressed that he started showing her everything right away. He told her what she would be working on and introduced her to the staff.
She began cooking her first cake. Everyone liked it and she was having so much fun working she decided to stay.
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