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Infernal Comedy

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Vergil is guided out of Hell by a strange woman. Vergil/OC

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Chapter 1: Sea of Nothingness

Darkness...Nothing but darkness met him as he opened his eyes. For a moment he thought he was blind, but soon realized that he really was awake and he began to slowly get up as his vision became clearer. Sitting up on his knees he began to take in his surroundings; the whole ground seemed to be a crystalline sea in which he could see his own reflection, yet he didn’t sink, it was just like solid floor. Everything was a depressing gray color, even the endless sea and it was just plain empty save for him.

‘What the hell happened? And where am I?’ he thought to himself not really remembering anything at the moment, save for his name.

“Vergil, Vergil son of Sparda.” a female voice echoed throughout the whole empty space. In a quick reaction to the unknown voice Vergil stood up quick and spun around, his hand going to grab the hilt of a sword that wasn’t there. Realizing he was unarmed he looked upon the other being.

She was a woman at least a foot or so shorter than him. Her hair was layered in a wild way, shorter on front and getting longer as it went to the back. It was orange and the long strands of hair were pure black. Her right eye was stitched closed and her left eye was black with a black shadow around her eye. The right side of her face had stitches going up from the corner of her mouth and stopping at her cheekbone. Lips black and skin pale as a ghost.

“Who are you?” Vergil snapped at her giving her a threatening look. However she merely let out an amused laugh.

“You don’t even remember why you are here or where you are for that matter.” she responded slyly.

“Just answer my question woman.” he insisted.

“Since you are persistent my dear Vergil I shall tell you.” she responded, the right side of her lip curling in a smirk that seemed elongated by the stitched skin. “You may call me Zan.”

“Right. Now tell me where we are.” he continued. Surely he wanted to get out of this empty space and get away from the freak of a woman before him.

“Why, I do not think that is the right question to ask first dearest Vergil...or shall I say, alias Nelo Angelo.” she replied with a malicious yet playful grin.

Glaring furiously at Zan for how she spoke and referred to him, he was about to attack her searching again for his sword out of habit, when suddenly a sharp pain hit the back of his head and all of the missing events before this crashed back into him. Falling down on his knees he remembered; Mundus...The Underworld...Becoming Nelo Angelo...Fighting Dante once again and losing...And then this.

“By your groan of pain and your position I am assuming that your memory went back into function.” she snickered as she appeared behind him in a matter of seconds. When he was about to reach back to grab her by the neck and strangle her, a very familiar sword was placed at his neck. “Where you looking for your dear Yamato?” she smirked letting out a sadistic giggle.

Letting out a growl in frustration Vergil tried to Devil Trigger, yet he couldn’t.

“And don’t try to go devil, Vergil, it won’t work.” she informed him, finally taking the sword away from his neck and sheathing it as she stood in front of Vergil who got up to his feet.

“Just who are you?” he demanded once again glaring at her, though she had told him her name, he wanted to know who really this freak of a woman was.

“I told you already.” she responded with a wide, freaky smile while holding his beloved sword behind her.

“That’s not what I meant. I want to know what are you and why are you here.” he said pursing his lips in anger getting fed up with this woman and frustrated by his lack of power.

“You will know...In time.” she replied with a small smile. “Now you need to follow me.”

“I’m not following you anywhere woman.” he snapped coldly. “Just give me back my sword so I can get out of this godforsaken place.”

“I can’t give you back your sword Vergil, you’ll be a bad boy with me...Although, with you being as weak as a human right now...” her speech was slurred and a malicious smirk appeared on her face. Suddenly she threw the sword at him, which he caught instantly.

Just the moment his Yamato was back in his hands, Vergil unsheathed it and attacked her with a downward slash without thinking about it twice. To his amazement she caught the sword between her hands firmly holding it.

“It’s useless for you to try and kill me.” she finished the sentence with a sly smirk. “So, since you can’t hurt me, and any attempt to kill me will be in vain...I’ll let you hold on to your Yamato.” she said while letting go of the sword.

Though frustrated and angered, Vergil sheathed his sword not bothering to try and kill this pest of a woman.

“How do you know me?” he questioned her finally, he hadn’t wondered until now how the hell she knew who he was.

“Let’s just say I’ve been around Hell and Earth for a while, and I’ve been told stories. I have my reliable sources.” she answered while walking in circles around him.

Though he wasn’t completely convinced by her answer, he knew she wasn’t going to speak anymore of that matter.

“Then start telling me where we are and why do you want me to follow you.” he demanded trying to ignore her walking in circles around him.

“Very well then.” she finally stopped walking and spread her arms and did a small circle. “We are in the Mansions of Silence, this specific place is called the Sea of Nothingness.” she explained bringing her hands to her back. “And I want you to follow me, Vergil, because I’m your way out of this place before you really get into deep shit.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Vergil asked confused, though not showing it.

“You ask too many questions.” she sighed throwing her head back. “Let’s just get moving before something finds us and you get in trouble.”

“Answer my questions woman!” Vergil raised his voice already getting fed up with her.

“We better start getting out of here now.” she simply said looking at something behind Vergil. He turned around and saw what seemed to be angels with burnt skin flying towards them with weapons at hand. Instantly, Vergil brought his hand to the hilt of his blade ready to attack but Zan stopped him.

“It will be useless to fight them off, they just keep coming back. Follow me and I’ll keep answering your questions along the way.” she stated pulling on his arm. Frowning, Vergil looked up at the burnt angels in thought. Not knowing what the hell possessed him, he decided to just follow her. “Good boy.” she said in a mocking voice irritating Vergil only more.

Taking out a dagger from a holster placed on the side of her thigh, she brought it to her left hand using the tip to cut through her skin. She ended up drawing a strange symbol on her hand and placed that hand palm down on the floor where the symbol replicated. Standing up and taking a peek over her shoulder seeing as the angels got closer, she gave Vergil a pat on the back.

“You better hold your breath now.” she suggested while Vergil raised an eyebrow at her. Just when the angels were about to reach them the solid sea floor allowed them through and they began to sink quickly. For Vergil it seemed an eternity; it certainly wasn’t the same holding his breath with his demon side asleep. Finally they made it through and they landed on solid ground.

Looking up after the event, Vergil saw that the sea was now above them floating.

“We are still in the Mansions of Silence. Now we’re in the Sorrowful Abyss.” Zan explained as she began walking, Vergil following shortly reluctantly.

“I’ve never heard of this place.” Vergil said simply. He wondered why it was called Mansions of Silence if there wasn’t even mansions here...Maybe it was just used metaphorically.

“Ok let me explain. Heaven and Hell are opposite sides of the same coin.” she explained producing a coin from one of her pockets. “And the Mansions of Silence is the side of the coin.” she said brushing her fingertip over the side.

“I see.” Vergil responded with an expressionless face. ‘Why am I even following this idiot?...She reminds me of Dante I wonder why.’ he thought sighing mentally.

“Those angels you saw, they are all dead. When an angel dies or some other creature that belongs neither in Heaven or Hell their souls end up here. And before you ask, angels that die can’t end up in Heaven again, that would just be illogical. That’s why this place exists. And it wasn’t even designed by God; you could say it was an accident.” she explained as they continued walking.

Vergil said nothing to this; he preferred to keep silent while they walked down a slope.

“Where are we going?” Vergil finally asked once they began walking into the mouth of a huge cave.

Coming to a stop and turning around to face him with a smirk, Zan responded.

“All the way to Hell.”
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