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Chapter 2

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Rose strolled into the control room, where the Doctor was waiting for her. His face lit up, “There you are! I was wondering where you’d got to. Listen, how about I take you somewhere? The planet Karstila, famous tourist destination throughout the universe. It has some of the best wildlife and rainforests you’ll ever see. Think of the Amazon rainforest covering a planet, but even more beautiful! So what do you say?”

“Nice scenery, time together, peace and quiet…” Rose pondered. “If you can get it right, then I’m interested.” She smiled.

The Doctor grinned and kissed her forehead, “Brilliant! I won’t let you down.”

He bounded round the console pressing buttons and pulling levers. The TARDIS shuddered and jolted, throwing them both onto the floor. Rose laughed and got up, “Honestly, you drive like some of the lads back home after a few pints. Ever heard of careful driving?”

The Doctor jumped up and glared at her, “Would you rather I left you to drive?”

Rose went over and ruffled his hair playfully, “Nah. I’ll leave that to you. You aren’t that bad.”

“Ha, you’re very funny.” He looked at the monitor. “Yep, looks like the right place.” Rose came over and peered at it. “Is that it? Wow! And the whole planet is like that?”

“Yep, all of it.” The Doctor grinned, “Do you want to go see it up close then?”

“You bet I do!” Rose said eagerly, and ran to the doors and flung them open. She was left speechless by what she saw. “Amazing…” was all she could manage to say.

The Doctor came up behind her and put an arm round her. She rested her head on his shoulder. “Do you like it?” He asked. “Like it?” she whispered, “I love it!”

They were surrounded by tall trees, their roots spreading across the ground like snakes. Large, colourful eagle-like birds were flying by, with what looked like a cross between a lemur and a monkey staring at them from a tree.

The Doctor walked forward and sat on a giant tree root, “Ah, haven’t been here for a while…. Do you fancy going for a walk?”

“Sounds good to me, but how are we going to find the TARDIS again? It’s not as if we landed in a proper parking area.” Rose asked.

“Oh, don’t worry.” The Doctor said, brightly. “I’ll be able to find her again. Besides, people come here all the time. If it was that easy to lose your mode of transport, they would have done something about it long ago. Are you going to stand there all day or are you going to come and explore?”

“Yeah I’m coming.” She went up and grasped The Doctor’s hand. “Let’s go then.”


They had been walking for about half and hour when the wilderness suddenly changed. It had got darker and the amount of trees decreased until they were on what looked like savannah. In the distance, they heard growling. “Doctor, there isn’t any chance of the animals going crazy and attacking people, is there?” Rose asked anxiously.

“No, not that I know of. It’s meant to be peaceful, the animals are meant to be scared of humans, therefore they wouldn’t go for us. Unless…”

“What?” Rose said sharply, “Unless what?”

“Well, this place actually has a twin planet. It’s almost identical to this one, except they had to abandon it due to the fact all the wildlife there didn’t appreciate having visitors. Plus the animals were very very wild.” He said quietly.

“Oh. Well that’s fine. What sort of animals are we talking about? Lions? Bear like things?”

“Um. No. They’re kind of like what your lot call moose…” He laughed nervously.

Rose burst out laughing, “You’re joking! So what do you mean, this is an ‘Attack of the killer Moose’ kind of thing?”

“Of course not. They won’t kill you. Just chase after you until you leave, and possibly head butt you……”

“Oh well, I can deal with running. Who needs the gym when I have you, eh?” A loud growl made them to spin round sharply and for Rose to grab hold of the Doctor’s arm.

“Oh, now you’re scared!” The Doctor teased. Hearing something breathing heavily made him to look round behind him. “Rose.” He said slowly, “Don’t be alarmed, but we seem to have a herd of moose behind us.”

“Oh. Okay.” She breathed.

He continued, “When I say run, run very fast. Scream if necessary, but just get back to the TARDIS. You ready?”

Rose nodded.

“Good.” He said. “After three. 1…2…3… RUN!!” They sprinted back towards the forest, the stampede charging after them.

Rose was surprised at how easily she managed to jump over the tree roots that covered the ground, although she was just running on adrenaline. “You do realise I’m gonna make you pay for this Doctor!” she shouted at him.

He was further ahead of her, his long legs powering him across the terrain. He noticed the TARDIS ahead of him. “Aha!” he thought. He got the TARDIS key out of his pocket and quickly opened the doors slipping in quickly, with Rose coming in behind him. She shut the doors while he typed in some coordinates to get them out of there. The growling grew faint as they gradually disappeared from the planet.

“You’re just lucky I love you so much. If I didn’t I would be hitting you right now…” she said, darkly.

“Um.” The Doctor said, breathless. “Sorry?”
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