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Band Practice and the Movie Theater.

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Sorry it took so long. I had writters block and was clogged with ideas for Sugar and Spice.

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Laying with Frankie, tangled in his limbs and sheets trying to catch my breath, must have been one of the most beautiful moments in my life to date. Frankie’s skin was warm, soft, and, comforting and his eyes, still half lidded with the pleasure of his orgasm, were making me melt. Fuck, I was a puddle by the time both our breathing had evened out. I hugged him tight to my body as sleep started to take over.

I was awakened what had to have been hours later by a sharp brightness and Mrs. Iero’s voice. "Wh...What time is it?" I opened my eyes, blinking against the light that poured in from the hallway. The fact that Frankie’s mother just opened her son’s door to find him asleep and naked with his boyfriend must have really been a shock to her, but I was too full of sleep and overwhelmed by the light to notice.

"It's nine o'clock Mikey, and your mother is worried sick!" Mrs. Iero had abandoned her whisper in favor of one of those kinds of tones that mothers only have so they can use it against their children to make them feel guilty. It sure as hell worked. With a curse, that caused Mrs. Iero to inhale audibly, I stumbled out of Frankie’s bed, using one corner of his sheets to cover myself as I reached for my underwear. "Your brother is on his way to pick you up." Mrs. Iero left after that and I began to search Frankie’s floor for my clothes without the benefit of glasses.

"Frankie...Frankie," I said as I tugged my shirt over my head and stepped into my shoes awkwardly. He stirred with a groan, right eye cracking open and mouth widening in a yawn.

"Why are you in such a hurry?"

"It's nine o'clock."

Frankie cursed as he reached for the digital clock on his night stand. "We slept that long?"

"And your mother saw us."

Another curse tumbled from his lips. Frankie rubbed some sleep from his eyes with a sigh before he said, "So you're going home?"

"Your mother said that Mom is worried sick, so I guess I have to."

"All right, well I'll see you tomorrow."

I bent down to give him a kiss before I grabbed my glasses off the night stand and left him to fall back asleep.

Gerard was already waiting for me in the drive way by the time I got outside. "You two didn't film it this time did you?"

"Shut up!"

Gerard smirked as he put the car in reverse so that he could deliver me to our worried mother, and maybe even another awkward conversation with dear old Dad.


Gerard wasn't kidding around when he told me about starting a band, for a week he yammered on and on about it till Bob, Frankie, and I caved. So, that Saturday, we ended up in Bob’s basement, reading Gerard’s notebook and trying to figure out how to use the words that my brother had scribbled down late at night, when insomnia attacked him, to make a decent song.

"I think it'll be easier once Ray comes home for summer break, he's a lot better at this kind of shit then I am." Gerard leaned back against the washing machine and made a few notes in the shrinking margins of his tattered notebook. “He’s like a fucking guitar god and has got great ear for melody and shit like that.”

“You know Gerard, sometimes I get the feeling that you’re in love with Ray.”

Gerard bitch slapped me with his notebook and glared. “He’s my best friend dickweed. I’m allowed to admire his talents.”

“Alright, lay off,” I whined before scooting away to lean into Frankie so he could kiss it better.

’Those metal spiral rings hurt.’

Gerard was right though, it would be easier once we had Ray to guide us and help me figure out how to write a decent bass line. At the time all we had were Gee’s words, a few of Bob’s better beats, and a vague idea of what we wanted it to sound like. “I want us to rock, but have a message. We’re not going to do it for shock value, fame, or fangirls screaming about how hot we are and trying to rape us.”

Frankie just had to chuckle at that last part. “I can just see the fangirls’ faces when they try to rape me. I’d be all like, “stop that, I like dick,” and they’d be all like, “what the fuck!”

Gerard banged his head against the washing machine couple of times before turning his attention to Bob. “You got any ideas dude?”

Bob shook his head and checked his watch. “Nah. I’m going to have to kick you guys out in about five minutes though. I agreed to meet Julie at the movies at two.”

“Mind if Frankie and I come with?”

Bob shook his head once more and that was the end of our first band practice.


The movie that Julie wanted to see was some romantic comedy that didn’t really turn out to be that much of a comedy and more of a snore-fest, so Frankie and I just made out through like half of it. Afterwards Bob and Julie left the theater, but Frankie and I hung around to play DDR and feed quarters to Mortal Combat in the theaters arcade. Everything was going fine and dandy until I spotted Lyn buying a tub of popcorn. Normally I would have thought nothing of it and would have gone over to say hi and warn her about the romantic comedy’s suckyness, but there was this guy with her. A really weird looking, skinny guy with a pink neck tie and arm warmers. I watched them with worry and suspicion which turned into panic when the dude paid for Lyn’s popcorn and guided her towards their movie with his arm around her shoulders.

’Oh shit!’
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