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Changing Rooms

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When A Young Bisexuals crush admits his feelings in an empty changing room... somethings gonna happen ;) Sorry bout the crap description [MxM]

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It was geography before swimming. I hated Swimming but after swimming was lunch, so that was ok. I was sitting in geography, watching Ryan, one of the hottest boys in school. His skin was slightly tanned and his smile was gorgeous. Every time he looked in my direction, I would be sucked into his dark eyes. And then he start talking and, my god, his voice was heaven! I stared at him for most of the class, until the bell rang. I shoved my books into my bag and headed to Swimming.


Guess who was in my swimming class today? Ryan.
Guess who was my partner in swimming today? Ryan.

Yep, the god loves me! But changing was the worst. I got out of the pool, willing my hard dick to settle down. Oh yeah, im a bisexual boy! Bet you feel sorry for me now! My only love is a boy, and he’s straight! Well, there were rumours that he was bi but he denied them. Oh, the shame! Anyway, I got into the changing rooms and sighed. This was going to be hard (in more than one aspect). For those of you that don’t know; in my school, there are several kinds of people in my class. The people that reckon they have the biggest dick in the world and walk round freely naked. The people that think there cool and hang around with the people that walk round freely naked. The people that aren’t cool are get scanted and then there the people like me, who either wait until everyone’s finished to get changed, or get changed in super-fast time. Today it would have to be till the end. Nearly everyone in the changing room was naked. Dicks galore! I kept my head down and eyes on my bag. That was until I heard Ryan’s voice. I looked up, his cute face was directly towards me. He smiled and turned away. Someone ran up behind him.
“Ryan!” I yelled, before I knew what I was doing. He turned towards me just as someone pulled away his towel. The guy got a face full of Ryan’s cock (lucky bastard). But when the guy moved I got a direct view of a very naked Ryan. Man, was he hot! His chest was well muscled, his six-pack was very nice indeed, and his cock… well… that was just amazing. I turned around before anyone noticed me staring. I sat down, hoping my erection would calm down soon. Eventually the crowd in the steamy room died down. I eventually changed. I walked into the toilet cubicle, sat my bag on the water block thing at the top, and sat down. I pulled down my trousers and pants and started to rub my dick. I had been waiting for this since Ryan got scanted. I was nearly at the… climax, when someone banged on the door. Someone had broken the lock earlier that period so I kept my foot on the door.
“Im in here!” I said quietly, gasping at the feeling still running from my cock to the rest of my body. The door was shoved a second time and my foot slipped. The door opened quickly and… Ryan walked in. he shut the door again and slid a pencil through the hole that the lock would usually go into to. He picked me up and stood me on the toilet. I had no idea what he was doing so I just followed his hands, completely forgetting that the lower half of me was naked… and hard.

After about a two minute wait, someone came into the changing rooms. It was Mr Burns, the P.E Teacher. He tried the toilet door, and Ryan pushed closer towards me. I was aware that my hard dick was pressing onto his crotch.
“Bloody kids,” Mr Burns said and walked out again. I realised he thought the lock had been drawn and then someone had climbed over the top, which was just big enough for even me to get over. Then I started to panic as the changing room doors were locked.
“W…what are you doing?” I asked Ryan. He smiled at me and my cock twitched. He looked down.
“Well, someone told me you were bisexual…” I gasped. Only one person knew I was bisexual! Hayley Johnson!
“We used to go to school together, we were best friends,” he said as if reading my mind, “She’s the only one that knows im… bisexual!”
I gasped. So he was bisexual! I forgot who he was (only for a second) and came towards him. I kissed him, thrusting my tongue forward into his mouth. I used my tongue to massage his and drew it along the top of his mouth. He did the same to me as he pulled my top off.
“Woah!” I said, “I’ve never done… that before,”
“Well, I have,” he smiled again, “I’ll keep you right,” And I knew I was ready.
He pulled my top off and we continued kissing again. I pulled his top of I smiled as his perfect body. I wasn’t no bodybuilder but I wasn’t exactly flabby. I kissed his chest and his neck. Then I realised my trousers and pants were at my ankles, I shoogled my legs about, trying to save Ryan time. They came of easily and I pulled his belt off. I unbuttoned his trousers and pulled them off. My face was directly in front of his crotch, blue boxers acting as a barrier between me and Ryan’s cock. Well, not if I had anything to say about it. I pulled them off quickly and couldn’t help grabbing his cock. He gasped lightly as I massaged it, feeling it get harder every second.
“Are you sure… you havent… done this be…fore?” he gasped.
“positive!” I grinned. His teeth were perfect white. He picked me up from his cock. We both stood there naked. I smiled at him, he smiled back.
“What now?” I asked, feeling a little bit awkward.
“Sit on there,” he said and pushed my bag away. I did as he told and he sat on the toilet seat (with the lid down, obviously). He pulled my legs apart and I gasped as he started to lick my cock. Slowly but surely, he started sucking on it. I arched my back slightly. It was the first time this had happened to me and it was great. He sucked and sucked and sucked until I came in his mouth. He quickly came up and kissed me, rolling my cum around my mouth. I kissed him harder and he opened the bathroom door.
“Hey, do I not get to…” I stopped, feeling extremely embarrassed.
“Oh,” he grinned again, “Ok!” He took my place on the water tank thing and I sat on the toilet seat. I licked his cock a little, unsure how I would feel about it. I started to suck a little bit on the tip of his cock and he moaned slightly. I pulled back a little and got more into my mouth. I eventually had his whole cock down my throat! And take it from me, that’s a long cock! I sucked and sucked and nearly gasped as warm, semen entered my mouth. I couldn’t help but swallow it. Once we had finished, he picked up his trousers.
“Now, we can leave it there, or we can go to the next… level!” he told me as he pulled out two condoms.
“I… want to,” I said, determination rushing through me. I took a condom from his and unwrapped it. I carefully placed it on his cock, longing to suck it again. He came up behind me and thrust his cock into me… I gasped with pleasure. This was so much more better than doing it myself. He slid in and out, enjoying it just as much as me. He eventually moaned loudly and I guessed he had just came. He exited me and started to put a condom on me. The lubricated rubber felt good on my hard cock. I held my cock steady as I thrust it into his anus. It was a strange feeling as his muscles contracted and squeezed on my cock. I thrust in and out feeling the climax coming. I done it faster and faster. The climax came and I yelled. I hadn’t felt anything that good in the 15 years of my life. We collapsed to the floor. I recovered eventually and rolled on top of him. My cock pressing against his thigh. It was heaven, everything I had dreamed about (late at night) was coming true. I pulled of the condom and threw it in the bin. He kissed my neck and I moaned slightly, closing my eyes. I made my way down his body towards his cock. I gave him another Blow Job and he moaned a lot. As fresh cum entered my mouth, I let it drizzle down my chin. I kissed him again, transferring his cum back to him. I had an idea and started to wank. His hand grabbed my cock and I let him continue for me. I felt cum rushing up my cock and aimed slightly. Cum sprayed onto his chest and I smiled.
“Oops, ill get that for you!” I said, and started licking his chest. I hoped this lunch time would never end.

I was sitting in the changing rooms with my clothes on. Ryan was in his clothes and I walked up to him and kissed him. He kissed me back.
“I hope Im not just a fling,” I said, “I really like you!”
“I really like you to! But im in the closet about my sexuality!” he replied.
“So am I!” I told him.
“Well, I guess you could help me with my homework sometime soon,” he said and grinned.
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