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Guardian Angel.

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Gerard was the guardian angel of Frank, protecting him away from the damn. (Frerard one shot)

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It was a dark night. I walked along the empty street. I got a detention class since I was late in school again this morning. I couldn’t dare to see my mom; I didn’t want to let her know her son was still like this. But honestly, I didn’t want to get blame.

“Hey Frank...! Why are you lingering here...?” A drunken voice yelled at me. It was Krishna, the big brother of my school. It might because of my outlook, a guy who always wears eyeliner, with long fridge and black tight jeans. He bullied me at school all the time. I just got a little fight with him few days ago because I stepped on his foot. I wasn’t in purpose of course. But he used his ass to think, so yeah, I got punched.

“I... I’m going to something.” I looked down and raised my speed. I didn’t want to get any trouble, cause I’m in it already. Therefore, I approached the wall, tried to keep myself safe.

“I’m asking you dude...” He pushed on the wall in front of me and made me stopped. He seemed couldn’t hear me. He glared at me with his blurred eyes. He was a muscular guy and much taller than me, plus he was drunk, I better got away from him or I might get injure again.

“I’m going out to buy something.” I answered quickly and stepped back, tried to go away.

“Wanna being punched again huh?” He grabbed my arm and shouted.

“I’ve already told you! I’m going to get -” I returned my head and said. But before I could finish my sentence, I felt a pang of my eye. I lost my balance and fell on the floor.

“Ouch! Fuck you!” I stood up and tried to pummel him back, but he held my fist. Soon, another pang on my cheek, I could feel some liquid flew out from my mouth. It was blood. I felt dizzy but I wouldn’t let myself faint, cause you’d never knew what was going to happen while you were lying on the ground in front of a drunken big guy.

I did want to stand up and ran away, but my feet were under control. I could just lie down there and watched him going to hit me by fist. I closed my eyes, ready to accept the pain. However, while I was supposed to get hurt, I felt nothing. I got confused, so I opened my eyes immediately. It was Gerard! He was holding Krishna’s fist! Gerard was my classmate; actually I had a crush on him. I’ve never told him, that’s for sure. I’m too nervous and anxious to do that. He had a pair of gorgeous green eyes, a beautiful smile and smooth black hair. He was a bit shy, it made him even more adorable. He was a really nice and helpful guy as well. But somehow, he couldn’t get a girl.

Krishna punched on Gerard’s face with his spare hand. Frankly saying, Gerard wasn’t strong at all. Therefore, he fell on the ground next to me too. I could see anger from his eyes. He howled and stood up, was pushing Krishna against the wall. He hit his stomach with the knee. Krishna bowed, and I could see him smirking as I was still sitting on the ground and didn’t know what to do. At the first place, I couldn’t understand the laughter, but a second after, I realized his was holding a glass of beer.

“Watch out Gee!” I stood up and shouted with fear. However, it was too late. Blood poured out from his head. He was swaying and started to faint. I ran toward him and caught him in my arms. But by the way, did I just say ‘Gee’?

“Dude! What have you done?” A friend of Krishna approached and asked his dear friend panicky. He saw Gerard’s head was wet by blood, and Krishna was holding a broken glass. It was so obvious. Therefore, he shook the body of his friend, tried to sober him up.

“What’s up?...” Krishna mumbled and rubbed his eye. “Holy shit...” He opened his mouth, eventually realized his masterpiece, “let’s get off here.” They were really scared and ran away very fast, leaving me and Gerard in this silent helpless night.

I let him sat against the wall. “Gerard...” My eyes filled in tears. I chunked his bloody cheek, tried to remove those blood. I looked down and held his hands, tears were already poured out. “I’m so sorry was me...It’s my fault.” I sobbed.

“Nah, that’s okay...It wasn’t your fault, and it’s not anybody’s fault.” He placed a hand on mine and gave me a weak smile.

“But...” I was so guilty while I saw his pale face.

“Hey, are you asking me to just stand there if you’re being punched?” He wiped off my tears gently with his warm hand. I was melted; I was melted by his kindness.

“But at least let me do you a favor.” I asked, “Let me clear up your wounds...” I pulled him up by putting my arm round his waist and placed his hand on my shoulder. “Where’s your house?”

We didn’t say a word while we were walking. But it didn’t matter for me, I was quite enjoying it. Walking on this street together, I had never felt such comfortable and sweet. And I felt safeness as well even though we both got hurt. If only I can, I wanted his house was being much far away from here. I was selfish.

Eventually, Gerard broke the silence. “Hey Frank, why were you here anyway? It’s late.”

Gosh, I got embarrassed and my face ran red like a tomato. How can I tell him I was late again in school and got detention class, and then I didn’t want to get blame by my parents so I was lingering here? It sounded like a 6 years old kid! However, I couldn’t tell a lie in front of him.

“I was late this morning and I got detention... I afraid that I’d get blame by my, I just linger...” I ashamed and rubbed my head.

“I sound like a 6 years old kid right-”
“Same.” He interrupted. What? I’ve never thought about he was such kind of boy like me. It was like narrowing the gap between us because I never dare to talk to him, so I didn’t much about Gerard. We looked at each other and laughed.
“But now it is night enough, my parents are probably sleeping. So that’s fine to back home.” He grinned.

“Here it is.” We finally arrived. “The key is in my right pocket.” He said. I was pretty surprised but I didn’t show any, that’s for sure. I mean I was in his left hand side, and it meant I was going to touch his...thigh.

While I was full of excitement and reached his pocket. “Hey, not here. It’s in the sweater.” He pointed out.

“Oh, sorry...” I got embarrassed again. Alright, this time I’d just walked to his right hand side and pulled out the key.

I caught his arm and placed him on the couch. Then I ran toward the bathroom to find a wet cloth. I got back to the living room and sat next to him. I wiped off the blood which was on his mouth and forehead very carefully. While I was clearing him, my guiltiness was back. It should be me to get punch, it should be me to get hit by the bottle and it should be me to get all bloody. Why was it changed into Gerard? Why was it changed into the one I truly love? I couldn’t help but tears ran out from my eyes again. I thought Gerard didn’t notice since he was gazing on the ground. But he did.

He looked up into my eyes. It made me bluer because I didn’t want to let him know at all. I was such a loser, a crier. I’m a boy, but I couldn’t even defend myself, how can I protect my only love? Hence, I cried harder.

He held my hand which was hanging besides his cheek and placed on my knees. He said, “Frankie, what’s wrong?” He took the cloth and wiped off the blood which was dried on the corner of my mouth.

“I... I’m... I’m so weak!” One of his hands held back mine tightly, and the other one was touching my back, leaning a cuddle. My head laid on his shoulder and hugged him back. I continued, “it was my fault to cause you all injured!”

“No, no, Frank.”
“It should be me to get hurt!” I hugged him tighter.
“No Frankie!” He patted my back.
“It SHOULD be me!”
“Frank!” He pulled me off and held my upper arm. “Listen! As I’ve said, it’s no one’s fault. And it’s not your fault neither. If you have to say, it may be Krishna’s fault, but it’s never be your fault. You understand me?”

“Ger-” While I opened my mouth and trying to say something, his soft lips collided with mine. I closed my eyes. He brushed my hair to lean closer and kiss deeper. He reached out his tongue, was exploring my mouth and my lips. It was like magic, I made a low moan in my throat. Eventually, our lips separated. But the distance between us was only an inch.

“You’re the one I want to protect, if I didn’t shield you from that bastard, I’d never stayed alive.” He whispered. “I love you Frank...” That was incredible, he thought the same way as I did. Now it was the tears of joy. I smiled, “I love you too Gee...” And hugged him.

“I’ll always being here with you, no matter what happen, I’ll be your guardian.”
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