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Chapter 10

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Ecstacy Ch 10

Dinner was pretty uneventful. We took the limo to the club. We were immediately taken to the VIP area. Ray and Bob went to get us drinks.

The night was going great I was getting drunk pretty quick. Us girls were all dancing on the dance floor.
“Im go get a drink” I said as I walked off the floor. As I was at the bar I saw frank sitting at the table. There was a girl there hitting on him. You could clearly tell that he was getting annoyed with her. I ordered me and him both a drink. Once the bartender handed me the drinks I made my way towards frank
“Hey babe” I said as I sat down in franks lap. I set the drinks on the table then turned and kissed along franks jaw line. I could feel his body tense up a bit like he was nervous.
“Just go along with it” I whispered into his ear. He wrapped his arms around my waist. Just as we were about to kiss on the lips the girl cleared her throat.
“Oh im sorry. How rude of me to interrupt your conversation. I’m Katie, Frank’s girlfriend” I said as I stuck my hand out. She just rolled her eyes, stuck her nose up in the air and walked away. Once she was out of sight I started laughing hard. I almost fell out of franks lap, but he tightened his grip on me
“Thank you so much. I was ready to strangle her” Frank said
“It’s no problem. I’m sure you’d do the same for me. Now come on, come dance with me” I said while pulling him up
“But I can’t dance” he said
“Bull shit, everyone can dance… even poor mikey” I said pointing at mikey who as attempting to dance with molly. By attempting I mean he looked like an absolute idiot.
“Ok fine, but only cause it’s your birthday” frank said. I grabbed his hand and pulled him on the dance floor. I started to head towards the others but frank pulled me in a different direction. He pulled me so that we were I our own secluded corner. I put my arms around his neck and his hands were on my hips. Our dancing started to get a bit heated and our bodies were pressed together.
“You look amazingly beautiful tonight” he said
“Thank you… you look amazing too. Then again you usually do… even with bed head” I said while smiling
“Yea well you are gorgeous when you come off stage all sweaty and hot lookin. I’m telling ya it’s like an instant boner. Thank go for my guitar covering that area” frank said. I started laughing.
“What it’s true. I’ve got to think about worm or Gerard naked to make it go away” he said
“I don’t even want to know what either one of those images look like.” I said leaning my forehead on his. We looked right into each others eyes. I felt my heartbeat speed up. I got really nervous. But it was a good nervous. Frank leaned in and kissed me. It was like no kiss ive ever experienced. It was amazing to say the least. We pulled away both breathless.
“I really like you” Frank said
“You’re drunk, you like everyone” I said laughing
“Im serious” he said
“Frank I...” I started
“Sorry to interrupt but we have a problem” Maxie said as she randomly appeared
“What happened” I asked
“Luna passed out and hit her head and we can’t get her to wake up” Maxie said while starting to freak out.
“Shit “I said as we ran towards the group. I kneeled down next to Luna. Her breathing and everything was ok
“Luna, come one wake up” I said while putting her head in my lap and tapping her cheeks. She still didn’t move
“How hard did she hit her head?” I asked
“Not that hard” Gerard said
“Ok. Someone get me a lemon and a soda” I said. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy but frank went off to get it for me.
“Here ya go” he said when he got back. He looked upset about something.
“Thanks” I said taking the lemon and coke from him
“Ok Gerard hold this for me. Give it to her as soon as she wakes up. Everyone else back up” I said
“What are you doing to her?” Gerard asked
“Just trust me” I said. I took the lemon and squeezed it into Luna’s mouth. She almost immediately woke up. Gerard gave her the soda and she gulped it down.
“What the hell happened” Luna asked
“You passed out and we couldn’t get you to wake up” Gerard said
“How’d you know to do that?” Bob asked
“Well for one I went to college for nursing. I am a registered nurse. That and she can’t stand the taste of lemons” I said
“Lets all get back to the hotel. We’ve had enough partying for one night” Molly said. We hailed a few cabs and headed back to the hotel. We gave each other goodnight hugs. I noticed Frank wasn’t there
“Where’d Frankie go?” I asked
“Up to the room. Said he wasn’t feeling well” mikey said
“Oh” I mumbled. I knew he wasn’t sick and I knew why he looked upset earlier…… I was because of me.
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