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But I Can't Dance

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Kiba throws Naruto a birthday party, but Shikamaru's having all the fun. InoxShika.

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"Mendokuse, iteke, mendokuse," Shikamaru muttered into his sake, trying as hard as he could to not let his eyes stray to the dance floor. It was all Kiba's fault for throwing Naruto such an... Interesting birthday party.
Okay, okay, why be nice? It was basically an excuse for all the girls to dress up (or down) and a great oppurtunity for boys to, erm, glance or actually dance with them.
And Ino was not helping. The song was obviously one she knew, by the way she mouthed the words. But Shikamaru didn't care about that.
What he did care about was that she was dancing. Well. And he couldn't get his damned eyes off of her.
Aforespoken eyes slid from the bar to the lighted dance floor, and, a-ha, there she was, dancing in the middle of her friends. To his extreme horror, her eyes rose from the floor to his eyes, and she smiled.
While dancing.
It was all very suspicious to Shikamaru.
What with her mouthing the words, dancing, and constantly staring at him, smiling... Why, he could have sworn that she was inviting him over.
The song changed to a slower, yet still fast song. She moved the harsh beat, eyes never leaving his face. She was grinning now, singing along with the love song.
His heart beat faster, and, if he was certain, to the tune of the song.
Interlude. Ino's mouth stopped singing as the guitar took over where the words were and she stared at the floor while she focused on dancing.
A minute later, too soon for Shikamaru, the interlude was over and she was grinning at him again, singing.
"Hey, Shikamaru!!" Naruto yelled behind him, causing him to start. Dancing Ino stifled her laughter as best as she could, still moving her legs as the song changed.
"Oi, Naruto, give me a warning next time, will you?" Shika asked crossly, rubbing his ear where the eardrum had popped. Naruto just stared at him.
"The yell was the warning," He stated matter-of-factly, looking at Shika with a look that so clearly said, "Well, duh, baka, didn't you know that?" Shikamaru merely turned away from the newly-sixteen ninja. Ino was oh-so-tempting to look at, and the damned girl probably knew it too.
"Anyway, Shikamaru, why don't you go ask Ino to dance?"
"Are you crazy? I don't dance, and besides, I'd look stupid dancing next to her." He replied before he could stop himself. So much for just ignoring him.
"She wants you to, though," Naruto said simply. "She's giving you the eyes," He added mysteriously.
"I'm dead serious, man." Naruto clapped him on the shoulder before going to Ino's knot of girls that were all dancing together. Shikamaru's heart sped up, but Naruto didn't talk to Ino; he went to dance with Sakura.
Another song came on, a slow one, and Ino sat down at the bar, still aways from Shikamaru. No one was inbetween them though. She laughed with the girls that were still dancing--she had stopped looking at him when he was talking to Naruto--and looked at her jeans, brushing off some non-existant imperfection. Her hair was all mussed up from dancing, and random strands were escaping from her ponytail.
Shikamaru thought she looked amazing.
And--oh shit--she was walking over to him.
"Hey Shika!" She greeted him excitedly. "You should be dancing; you're so lazy!"
"No thanks," He managed to say cooly, despite the rush of emotions inside of him. Ino pouted childishly.
"Are you suuuure? I'll dance with you."
"I'd look horrible next to you. You can dance; I can't." She smiled slyly.
"I knew you were watching me dance. C'mon, I'll teach you."
"I was only looking at you because you were staring at me!" Shikamaru argued heatedly, hoping that the dim lights didn't betray his blush.
"M'hm, let's go!" Ino laughed. Much to his dismay, she managed to haul him to the dance floor.
As they began to dance, however, Ino showing him where to go and such, he decided that maybe it wasn't such a horrible thing.
Them being together that close; not the dancing. That plain sucked, no matter how Ino tried to teach him.

Random, no? I thought of this while listening to my iPod... If anyone's curious, in my head the first song is "Falling for You" by Weezer, the second "Fall Together" by Weezer, and the rest I didn't really think of... Whatever you want I suppose.
Anyway, small little bit of ShikaIno for yahs. Yes, I am obsessed with that pairing.
Oh, Japanese translations. "Mendokuse" is "how troublesome", I believe, and "iteke" is "bitch". I think. If not, someone please correct me, my friends do all my Japanese translations.
Please review!!
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