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Nine In The Afternoon

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A One shot I did for some friends. It's kind of cheesy. Besides, Fall Out Boy..some of the members of The Academy Is, Cobra Starship, My Chemical Romance, and Panic At The Disco are in it.

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Kendra was behind the bar of Angels and Kings making sure everything was perfect. It was her boyfriend’s big night. His band’s new CD was coming out tomorrow. They were having a party with their closest friends. She felt a pair of arms around her. “What are you doing, Brendon?” “Just seeing what my beautiful girlfriend is doing.” “Making sure we have enough glasses and plates. Shouldn’t you be practicing?” “No, we’re done. Plus, Jon wanted to spend more time with Sophie.” “When you guys go on tour it’s going to be hard on those two.” “Yeah. Look at them.” “It’s hard on everyone, but new love is even harder.”

“Kendra, I got the tables all clean.” Emily said. “Alright. Everything should be ready.” Spencer came over. “Doesn’t Pete hire people to do this? I mean we are rock stars.” Jon and Sophie came over to the other two couples. “We are the rock stars, but I don’t know about you, Spenc. “Your funny, Jon.” Spencer said rolling his eyes.

Fall Out Boy and all their girlfriends came through the door. “So, you got this place ready?” Pete asked. “Yes, boss. No thanks to you.” “Pete, be nice. You could of helped them.” Tina, Pete’s girlfriend said. “Do you need any help?” “Actually, no. Things are all set up. Just your do crap.” Ryan said. “What’s your problem?” “Don’t be sad, Ry. After tonight and we get on the road we can go back to Ryden.” Brendon said. Ryan walked away giving the finger. “He’s pissed because everyone has a date tonight.” Jon said. “Anyway, I’m going to set up. See you later, babe.” Pete kissed Tina.

After awhile everyone started to arrive and the party started. Pete was Dj’ing and Tina was serving drinks. Barb and Patrick were dancing. “Have I told you how much I love you?” Patrick asked. “A time or two.” She smiled. Since we are on a break I though you and I should take a trip. Would you like that?” “Of course. Could we go to Australia. I’ve always wanted to go there.” “Anywhere. I just want to be with you.” Patrick leaned down and kissed her.

Tori and Nate were getting drinks. “Are you having fun?” Nate asked her. “Yeah. Your friends are all really nice.” “I told you that you didn’t have to be nervous.” “Hey, you two. Can we get our drinks too.” Ryland and Charlotte came behind them. “Here you go.” Nate turned and gave them their drinks. “How have you been, Tori?” “Charlotte asked. “Pretty good. Helping Nate get ready to leave. I’m going to miss him.” “Same here.” “What? I don’t need you to pack for me like Nate does.” Ryland kissed the top of Charlotte’s head. Nate hit Ryland on the arm and smiled. “Come on, Tori.” Nate and Tori went to find a place to sit down.

Jess and Joe were by Pete and Tina in the Dj booth. “Joe, can we dance now?” “You know I’m not a,” “I don’t want to hear it. Come on.” Jess grabbed Joe’s hand and went to the dance floor. “See, you can dance.” “I guess so,” He kissed her nose. “So, you have to dance too, Andy.” Joe said. Andy and his girlfriend, Alli who was Jess’s sister were dancing next to Joe and Jess. “It’s not so bad. Especially, with the girl you love.” Andy smiled at Alli. “You are too sweet.” She kissed Andy.

Jillian and Alex were sitting in a corner booth not talking to each other. Finally Alex spoke. “I told you that we were leaving in April. I’m sorry. The tour overseas is just a month.” “Just a month. We just got together.” “I know. There are a lot of couples who just got together and have to be apart. Look at Jon and Sophie and Gerard and Charie. They just got together three weeks ago. He’s leaving her in a little bit. Why don’t you make friends with her.” Just then Gerard and Charie came over and sat down next to them. “Hey, Alex. Is this Jillian?” “Yes. Jillian, this is Gerard and his girlfriend Charie.” “Hello.” “Hi, how are things going?” Gerard asked. “Good. I leave in a little bit for the tour.” “Same here. What we do for the love of music.” Gerard looked at Charie. “Thankfully, we have understanding women.” “It’s hard, Mr. Way. You have no idea what’s it like. I just moved here and now your leaving. I have no one.” “Charie, let’s discuss this later.” “I just moved here. I’m going to be alone. Would you like to get together every so often? And maybe we could meet a few of the other girls.” “See. I told you things would work out.” Gerard hugged Charie.

Adam and Sheridan were helping putting out the food. “This isn’t how I pictured my Friday night.” Adam said. “Just think that you are doing it for friends.” “Your right. Where’s William? I thought he was going to help too.” “I think he went to get Jessica.” “Likely story. He probably went and got her and off they went.” “Calm down.” She kissed him on the cheek.

William was looking through all the people trying to find Jessica. “There you are. I’ve been looking for you all over.” “I’ve been right here, silly.” “Adam and Sheridan need our help.” “Alright.” They walked hand in hand. William and Jessica got more food. When they were done they went on the dance floor. “Are you having a good time?” “Yes, your friends are really nice.” “What about me? Do you like me?” “I love you.” Jessica smiled.

Brittany and Gabe were at the bar. “Sweetheart, you have the most beautiful eyes.” “Stop it. I’m not in the mood, Gabe.” “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I didn’t mean to be late.” “You are always saying that.” “I know. This time I mean it. Patrick wouldn’t let me leave the studio. Ask Barb what time he got home.” “I did. Your lying.” “Alright. I stopped at a store.” “Really? What kind of store?” “You are going to be upset that I tell you. I got you this.” He handed her a box. Brittany opened it. “Oh my.” It was a bracelet. Gabe put it on her wrist. “I wanted to get you something before I left. Do you like it?” Yes. I’m sorry for getting mad.” Brittany hugged and kissed him.

“Attention everyone. We are here to support our friends, Panic At The Disco. They are going to be singing a few songs for us. Enjoy people.” William said. The guys got on stage and played four songs. “Thank you everyone.” Brendon said. Brendon walked to Kendra. “How’d I do?” “Great. I’m ready to go home.” “What? It’s only nine in the afternoon.” “Brendon, that’s just sad.”
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