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Curiosity's Bitch

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Gerard's never kissed a boy before. Well, it's his lucky day. ::Frerard::

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The amazing thing about this was that it came in a moment of utter spontaneity. It didn’t occur in a burst of passion or a blaze of romance. It wasn’t out of unspoken and unrequited love, and it wasn’t achieved surreptitiously- actually, it was very, very blunt. They were lying on their stomachs, not moving to the point where they could feel the dull pound of their hearts in their bellies. The movie they were mindlessly glued to delved into the random (but expected) eight-and-a-half minute boy-on-girl saliva swap. There was about ten to fifteen seconds where neither of them said anything, and after that time passed, the moment hit quickly and bluntly like a sudden slap to the face. Gerard simply tore away from their movie, looked Frank directly in the eyes and said,

“I’ve never kissed a boy before.”

Frank slowly moved his eyes from the movie to his friend, who returned a sort of half-bored expression, as if he’d just asked about the time. Frank suddenly became hyper-aware of the fact that he and Gerard were in only their boxer-shorts and T-shirts, that his parents were asleep, and that he was ever-so-slightly uncomfortable. He did a sort of slow blink and rubbed the back of his hand on his nose, as if stimulating his nose might somehow unearth his deepest questions about the current situation.

“Um…what?” He knew he sounded stupid and he supposed that Gerard got some sort of pleasure in that because he saw the tiniest of grins play along his lips. His eyes looked immensely huge and boyish.

“A boy,” Gerard repeated. “I’ve never kissed one.”

Frank leaned on his elbow and his eyes darted between the movie and Gerard. “And why are you thinking about this /now?/” Gerard shrugged, his shoulders looking tiny and childish in the ragged over-worn shirt. He lied his head down on the bed, his arms folded beneath it.

“I dunno. Just never done it.”

There was a moment of silence. It was thick like molasses and asphyxiating with the obviousness that someone wanted to say something but neither of them were going to. Frank stared languidly at the flashing television, his eyes not processing a single second of anything he was seeing. He wasn’t looking at Gerard, but he could feel that they boy was still looking up at him from his laying spot on the bed. Frank rubbed the balls of his feet together mindlessly and was again aware of their near-nakedness. Truth be told, Frank had never kissed a boy either. It just wasn’t something he made plans to do. Yes, he appreciated the male aesthetics and, yes, he had definitely had the fleeting ’Oh, DAMN’ cross his mind when he saw a particularly…/appreciation-worthy/ male cross his path but, yes/, Frank had a girlfriend whom he liked (aesthetically) very much. And he was free to kiss /her whenever so there was really no reason to lust after anyone else.

But if there was one thing he was, it was curious. And Frank was curiosity’s bitch. Curiosity broke his arm three times, fractured his ankle, landed him in exactly thirty-two detentions, taught him around ninety-two new words, and made him realize he will never ever move to Haiti. And he could sense Gerard’s longing and curiosity was tugging him by the leash it held so close and he couldn’t help but say to the boy next to him,

“You wanna try it?”

Gerard didn’t move from his place, but he did reply half attentively, “You wanna?” to which Frank shrugged and said he did. Gerard sat up and leaned his elbows on the bed. Frank realized now that his heart was beginning to shudder with nervousness. He slightly regretted his inability to just say no.

Gerard ran his hand through his chopped, raven hair and said, “Are we gonna tongue or just like, what?”

Frank sighed through his nose. “Let’s just see how it goes.” He watched Gerard position himself into a more comfortable resting place and turn to him. Frank did his best to mentally toss out any judgment he possibly had in order to kill whatever nervousness was still wriggling inside him. Gerard started to lean in first and when he saw the gap between them close to about five inches, he leaned forward as well. Their mouths met gently and almost immediately their tongues poked passed their lips and prodding at each other. The slightly wet sound of mouth-on-mouth was the only thing Frank could hear and when Gerard opened his mouth, the only thing he could feel were the bumps of his taste buds and the movement of Gerard’s working cheeks. The lips were firmer than that of his girlfriend’s, the tongue was cooler. Gerard’s hand moved to Frank’s hair and pushed him in farther and Frank cupped his hand under Gerard’s chin. They rubbed against each other’s separate textures for a while before Frank felt Gerard relieve the pressure. Their lips parted with another quiet, wet sound and moisture clung to their mouths. Gerard gave a sort of sleepy smile to Frank, pulled his hand out of his hair, and turned his head back to the movie.

And Frank sat there, feeling somewhat empty and stupid. He watched Gerard watch the movie. When his eyes finally trailed back to the television, he was glad he had been curiosity’s bitch once more.
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