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Chapter 33: Same As It Never Was

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TMNT 2003/Harry Potter Crossover. Sequel to Books I through V. With enemies coming from all directions, Harry Potter will need all the help he can get.

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Chapter Thirty Three: Same As It Never Was

Don sat in front of his computer monitor in the lair, analyzing the effects of the power crystals on vampire and werewolf DNA that Harry had borrowed from the Department of Mysteries of the American Wizarding Government.

“This is extremely interesting Harry,” remarked Don as he looked over the data on the readings on the screen.

“In what way?” inquired Harry, working on a pair of two way mirrors on the floor, attempting to modify them for a purpose that was unknown to Don.

“Well they caused some minor regression in the vampirism effects, I suspect it was stabilized, it could be an antidote, but there are so many variables that it could cure the disease but could kill the test subject at the same time,” explained Don.

“What about lycanthropy?” questioned Harry.

“From what I can see it’s possible, but not probable with the small fragments we got here, it’s one of the strongest magical curses out there if I’m not mistake,” said Don.

“You’re not,” replied Harry. “Still if we could our hands on a larger quantity…”

“Yes, if we could but we combed the lair from top to bottom and we only have a few small fragments out left and we sunk the underground city in the lava, so all those Y’Lyntian power crystals down there are sunk for good,” responded Don. “I suppose there could be more outposts elsewhere, as they did rule the world at one point. I’ll keep working and testing some more variables.”

“Thanks Don, I really don’t know what we’d do without you,” replied Harry, nodding slowly before turning back to his experiment which allowed Don to continue running his computer simulation for a couple of moments until the ground began rumbling beneath them causing Don to spring up in surprise as his computer monitor busted and several another small explosions went off.

Don spun around and saw a swirling vortex appear from across the lair. Harry had already quickly sprung to his feet to investigate the matter and Don decided it would be best if he had followed.

“No it can’t be,” muttered Harry, his eyes glued onto the vortex in some sort of hypnotic state and Don recognized what he had seen before him immediately and it terrified him that they had managed to find the lair.

“We’ve seen that kind of energy before,” added Don as an ominous figure appeared from the vortex.

“Drako!” exclaimed Master Splinter.

“And the Daimyo’s son,” added Leo grimly. “This is what we told you about Master Splinter…”

“Yes, somehow merged together,” continued Harry.

“All into one horrible package,” concluded Raph as he walked into the lair as Ultimate Drako fully materialized right before their eyes.

“We told you we would return, we told you we would have our revenge!” declared Ultimate Drako in unison, as they brandished Lord Simultaneous’s time sceptre, glaring down at the Turtles, Master Splinter, and Harry with utter contempt.

“Revenge, this you whacko!” yelled Raph as he leapt up but a blast of magical energy from the time sceptre sent Raph spiraling backwards and cracking against the wall, before he landed towards the ground with a thud.

“If you could simply fight us, we can control time and space with Lord Simultaneous’s time sceptre, we are unbeatable!” taunted Ultimate Drako.

“GET THE SCEPTRE, NOW!” shouted Harry as he leapt in the air along with Raph, Don, Mikey, Leo, and Master Splinter at the same time but Ultimate Drako stopped them with a jet of magical energy from the time sceptre. They were suspended in mid air, frozen in stasis, unaware that time passed around them.

“Now for our revenge!” exclaimed Ultimate Drako in unison, as they looked at their helpless enemies.

“Leonardo, destroy him first!” demanded the Ultimate Ninja, remembering very well his defeat his first time on earth.

“No!” shouted Drako angrily. “We agreed, the rat will perish first, then your father, the Daimyo.”

“And then Leonardo,” added the Ultimate Ninja in a persistent voice.

Ultimate Drako waved the time sceptre, as it glowed a bright blue color.

“Yes, all of them will pay, all of them will learn the meaning of suffering behind time and space!” chanted Ultimate Drako as the light engulfed all six of their enemies, before they disappeared from the lair.

Don found himself down face first on the ground of the lair and he quickly pulled himself out, before he pulled his Bo staff out, ready to go into combat with Ultimate Drako but something was extremely off. The lair seemed to be in ruins and completely deserted.

“Uh guys, hello,” said Don in an uncertain voice as he looked from side to side but he received no answer at all. So, he made his way to the elevator leading up to the warehouse and managed to slide the doors open, they were slightly bent. Don pressed the button to activate the elevator and it jerkily made its way up towards the warehouse. The doors were slid open and Don looked, the warehouse was completely in ruins, with half of the front wall and the roof blown off, with the Battle Shell over turned and covered in rubble. “This doesn’t make any sense at all, everything was fine just seconds ago, then completely trashed, the warehouse, the lair, everything. It looks like this happened a long time ago but it can’t be.”

Don stopped as he gazed upon the Turtle Tunneler that looked a bit dusty, but still in one piece.

“The only thing in here in good shape is the Tunneler but that doesn’t even look like it’s been touched in a long, long time,” stated Don as he looked around some more before he took a few reluctant steps outside, into the city which looked much more run down that he had remembered and seconds later, a bright light from a helicopter below shined light in Don’s eyes. Instinctively, Don shielded his eyes with his arms.

“Halt right there, put your hands where we can see them,” declared a stern voice and Don squinted to see a group of figures dressed in black with some sort of body armor. Looking closely, Don also saw a small symbol sketched on their sleeves.

The symbol was that of the Foot and as a result Don held his weapon, ready to defend himself to fight, even if the odds were a bit skewed at about twelve or thirteen to one as far as he could tell.

Fortunately for Don he did not have to fight as the attentions of his adversaries was diverted from a rusted old can that fell from the room. All eyes turned upwards, as a shadow moved across the roof.

“Up there, on the roof right there, get a light on them,” shouted one of the Foot police and the helicopter hovering above had shined a light above, but the shadow had moved slightly and the police aimed their guns upwards. “Fire, open fire, shoot him down!”

Bullets few upwards towards the top of the roof, but the shadow moved from right to left before it leapt down to the ground and wiped out a pair of guards by leaping on top of their heads. Don watched as one of the Foot guards were cracked in the face by nunchucks.

“Mikey?” wondered Don in an astonished voice as the other Foot police aimed their fire but two more were toppled and the mysterious shadow leapt up, cracking an attacker backwards with nunchucks before he pulled himself to the top of a rusted old truck. A punch rocked one of the secret police, before the attacker hoisted the hood up and slammed it viciously, before the gun was taken and more fire was avoided, before the shadowed figure backed off, and fired more shots, backing up the attackers under a rickety scaffolding. The supports were shot out and the Foot secret police couldn’t escape in time as a pile of rubble crushed them. They struggled to free themselves but the internal bleeding was too much to overcome.

Don looked as an aged form of Mikey stepped out of the shadows, most of his left arm missing, nothing but a total stub and several scars all over his body and face. He stood before Don with a serious expression but a bit of astonishment wore on Mikey’s face.

“So it’s really you, you came back” remarked Mikey gruffly as he sized up Don, his missing left arm evident.

“Mikey, your arm…” started Don but Mikey raised his right hand up, signaling Don to silence.

“Never mind me, where in the hell have you been for thirty years?” asked Mikey. “Just decided to skip out on us, didn’t you, didn’t bother to let us know you were alive?”

“I…wait a minute thirty years?” questioned Don, his eyes widening in surprise. “How is that even possible and more important what happened to the city?”

“No time to explain, not here anyway, we need to get out of here before we’re seen,” said Mikey as he looked from side to side in slightly paranoid manner. “Come, we need to keep moving, it isn’t safe outside, even less since you left.”

Quickly, Mikey ducked into an alley way and Don copied his brother’s movement, wincing as he inadvertently stepped on a human skull lying in the just inside the alley way and seconds later, a Foot Blimp flew over the city, with a television screen on it. The image slowly came into focus, revealing the helmet of the Shredder, his glowing eyes appearing to glare down at the city with contempt as Don looked on.

“That’s nothing, look above you,” whispered Mikey and Don stared at the sky scrapers above him, each of them having been fit with large screens, all adorning the image of the Shredder on them.

“Servants of the Shredder, your lord and master will speak to you now,” echoed the voice of Karai that could have been heard throughout New York City.

“For those of you living under the illusions that you will still have freedom, understand this, the last pockets of resistance are being eliminated, soon none will foolishly stand against me,” declared the Shredder coldly. “The Utroms slaves have my colossal transmat nearly completed and soon, more worlds will fall. Above all else, remember, there is no hope, there is only the Shredder.”

“Remember, the Shredder is always watching,” concluded the voice of Karai but the transmission went dead.

“Messages like that, nearly every hour, destroying what little hope we have left, nearly everyone has already given up, Shredder is just rubbing salt into the wounds of the world,’ said Mikey.

“But where is everyone, all the people?” wondered Don.

“The one’s who survived they have to work eighteen hour days at the Shredder’s labor camps, no one else is allowed out at night,” said Mikey. “If any are caught disobeying those rules or in rebellion in any way, they are to be executed but let’s go, I’m taking you to Master Splinter right now.”

“Is Raph, Leo, and Harry with him?” wondered Don as they made there way, sticking largely to the shadows and pausing as more Foot secret police patrolled the city, no doubt picking up news of the earlier incident.

“Raph and Leo aren’t with anyone anymore, as for Harry…well I don’t think I should be the one to explain that one,” said Mikey grimly as they made there way into the entrance to Central Park, ducking into the bushes briefly to avoid meeting up with more Foot secret police who walked by the outside of the park.

Once their pursuers had vanished, Mikey waved for Don to follow them and he stopped, pointing to a couple of pieces of wood sticking out of the ground, marking a crudely made grave.

“There,” said Mikey in a somber voice and Don leaned in closer, to reveal the grave marker had faint “Splinter” scratched on it. Don was horrified beyond words, his sensei, his father, who had taught him everything he knew about ninjitsu and had only seen alive and well five minutes ago, was buried deep below the ground and Mikey turned to Don, before he continued. “Master Yoshi just to bring him right here to the park, back in the day, it’s not the safest place, but it’s where Sensei wanted to be buried and we did what we could to honor his last wishes.”

“How did this happen though?” asked Don, finally finding his voice after standing in numb shock.

“A few years after you left, Master Splinter gave his life, protecting Leo, Raph, and me, Shredder and the Foot found the lair, wiped us all out,” said Mikey as he removed a manhole cover. “We need to keep moving, The Shredder’s secret police will never let up for a second for anything.”

Mikey leapt down into the manhole and Don followed him closely behind before he paused as he began to phase in and out slightly. He stood there, in confusion, it was almost like something was trying to pull him somewhere but the phasing ceased.

“What happened to Leo and Raph anyway?” asked Don.

“Well, they got into a big fight years ago, let’s leave it to that,” replied Mikey as they moved down the sewer tunnels. “I’m taking you to the resistance headquarters, there are certain other things that you need to know, that you missed, that I don’t know all that much about.”

Don nodded slowly as they made there way down the sewer tunnels to the secret resistance headquarters.

In Foot Headquarters, a silvery haired Karai made her way into the room, before she stopped right by a large sliding wall with the Foot logo on it. Calmly, Karai knelt right in front of the wall.

“Master, I bring you important news,” stated Karai calmly as she watched the large, shadowed insect figure from behind the sliding wall stir.

“Speak, Karai,” prompted the Shredder crisply, as his new, improved, and much larger exosuit shifted slightly.

“Master, our guards have informed us of the intruder earlier today,” said Karai pausing before she dropped the bombshell. “It is the turtle called Donatello.”

Silence and Karai braced herself for her master’s response, whatever it may have been.

“So the prodigal son returns,” remarked the Shredder coldly. “See to it that Donatello’s head is brought before me, with or without his body.”

“As you wish,” stated Karai coolly, nodding her head calmly as she walked out, turning her back on the ominous shadow form that was her master, before walking off to send the word to others.

In an abandoned building that was once served as Baxter Stockman’s Stocktronics research facility, Don and Mikey walked inside, as a figure with long auburn hair tied back had her back turned to them, barking instructions.

“Hey, look what we found!” shouted Mikey, getting the figures attention, who turned around to reveal the weary face of Hailey Potter.

“Don?” wondered Hailey in surprise. “All these years, you’ve finally decided to come back, but Harry always withheld hope I suppose but I’ve hadn’t had much time to hope, leading this entire operation against the Shredder, right under his nose.”

“Wait, I would think Harry would be right here leading this unless…” started Don as he trailed off realizing it.

“Yes, Harry’s dead, a long time ago,” replied Hailey somberly. “About seven or eight years after you vanished in fact, but he felt in a way that it was his fault due to your disappearance.”

“Yes, Harry would blame himself for that,” agreed Don darkly. “So how…”

“Harry’s battles with Voldemort took a toll on him both physically and mentally, but somehow, Harry managed to vanquish him but he was never the same again,” explained Hailey. “I don’t know how Harry managed to defeat Voldemort, in fact we may never know, in fact Ginny and Mum were the only ones that Harry told the full details of the battle and they took whatever secrets they had of that final battle to their grave.”

“To the grave, then that means…” started Don.

“Yes, they’re both dead, in fact I am one of the few magical people left in the world, but I’m unable to perform any magic, but we’ll get to that later,” continued Hailey. “Still, Ginny always managed to keep Harry’s spirits up when they were down at the lowest and with her help, we were all sure that Harry would pull through this, even after Master Splinter was killed when he was off fighting Voldemort and Raph and Leo had their big blow up. Ginny held Harry together but the Shredder made his move.”

Hailey turned, taking a drink from a cup of water before she took a deep breath.

“With help of some alien associates, Shredder managed to create a genetically engineered virus that would have done one of two things, either kill them on the spot or turn them into squibs,” said Hailey. “Most died, while a select few like Harry and I were turned into squibs. Ginny didn’t make it and because of the bond, her death drove Harry nearly to the point of insanity. I say nearly, because Harry left one day and decided to go after the Shredder.”

In Foot Headquarters, the Shredder sat in his throne room with hundreds of Foot Ninjas along with him.

“Today is a glorious day as the magical world has been wiped off the face of the earth and with that others will follow,” announced the Shredder as the Foot bowed before their master. “Those who didn’t die, most likely may beg for death when the virus crippled their abilities to perform magic ever again. The world will be ours.”

A large missile blew up the wall and a tank rolled inside, several more missiles blasted right at the Foot Ninjas. Some managed to dodge out of the way but other ninjas were blown to bloody bits as the missiles sliced towards them. Blood splattered all over the tank as the top popped open and Harry Potter climbed out.

Harry looked very sickly, ill, yet determined to destroy the Shredder. His hair had completely fell out, his skin was sickly yellowish color, and all the life out of his vibrant green eyes were gone, his body looking unhealthily thin. He reached into the pocket of his robes and tossed several shuriken at the floor. Seconds later, they exploded and several Foot Ninjas were wiped out in the attack.

The assassins circled Harry but Harry pulled out a pair of swords and leapt up, slicing the swords at every which direction. Despite his sickly state, Harry’s determination was such that he avoided nearly all of the attacks and his attackers dropped to the ground one by one, most of them sliced to ribbons as several.

Harry turned his attention to Shredder who responded with a high cold laugh.

“Elite Foot Ninja to me,” ordered the Shredder and the smoke appeared, before it cleared to reveal the four Elite Foot members but Harry instantly pulled out a bazooka and pressed the trigger.

Before they had a chance to move, a large jet of green fire vaporized the four Foot Elite guards into nothing but ash.

Harry rushed up the steps to the Shredder’s throat but Shredder pulled himself to his feet and calmly struck Harry in the face with his palm, causing the Boy-Who-Lived to skid down the stairs and land with a thud. Shredder made his way down the stairs and slashed Harry’s face with his gauntlet. Blood dripped to the ground as Harry looked up at Shredder with contempt.

“You were always weak!” taunted Shredder as he kicked Harry in the stomach. “Pathetic!”

Shredder punched Harry in the face and Harry dropped to the ground, more blood dripping to the ground.

“Up to your feet, Potter!” demanded the Shredder. “Face me!”

Harry pulled himself to his feet and Shredder aimed a kick viciously in his stomach, causing Harry to drop to the ground once again. Shredder stood over Harry as he rolled himself to his hands and knees, blood dripping from his mouth and Shredder aimed another vicious kick, causing a loud crack to echo for some miles around.

“Better make the next shot count Shredder,” rasped Harry weakly, as more blood dripped from his mouth and Shredder raised his gauntlet, aiming the sharp points right at Harry’s throat but Harry managed to dodge out of the way and whip a chain from underneath his sleeve, causing it to wrap around Shredder.

Before Shredder could pull himself loose, Harry flicked shuriken from underneath his sleeves and they stuck in Shredder’s armor. Seconds later, the delayed explosive charge in them detonated and Shredder was blasted backwards. Harry rushed back and grabbed the exosuit by the head, before he ripped the helmet off and threw it to the ground.

“Piece by piece Shredder, I’ll rip you apart, just like you ripped my life apart,” said Harry in a low deadly whisper as he used a sword to slice into the chest plate, denting it severely. Another slice and the chest was caved in, with Shredder falling backwards but the sword was warped so Harry picked up the axe of the vaporized Foot Elite guard and raised it above his head before he swung it down and smashed it right into the side of the armor.

“Potter, no, stop enough!” screamed Shredder but Harry used the battle axe to destroy the armor, taking one of the arms completely off.

“You killed her Shredder, and I don’t have long in this world because of what you did, but with my last breath, I’ll spill your blood,” said Harry in a manic voice as he bashed the battle axe into the armor two more times. If Harry was able to use magic, he would have been firing the killer curse but the front stomach plate of the exosuit had been weakened enough to allow Harry to land the finishing blow to the evil Utrom within.

“Stop, Mr. Potter, you can’t just…” stated Karai as she walked into the room feebly but Harry turned around and punched Karai right in the face, knocking her completely unconscious.

Unfortunately, this mild distraction allowed Shredder to struggle back to his feet, his hands on the weapon that Harry had used to vaporize his Elite Guard earlier. Harry had turned around to see the Shredder pulling the trigger.

“I’m coming love,” muttered Harry just seconds before a large jet of green fire engulfed him and Harry Potter was reduced to nothing but a few dust particles that floated in mid air before Shredder’s exosuit collapsed to the ground.

“Disturbing but you have to know what happened,” concluded Hailey darkly. “The Shredder, once he recovered, was quick to announce how Harry had attempted to fight his authority and failed, to serve as an example of what happens to those who defy him and less people stopped trying to stand up to him, most just submitting to the Shredder’s iron rule. Those in this facility have to keep moving but we are the ever dwindling group of those who resist the Shredder but some leave to disrupt his operations and never return.”

Don stood at a loss for words.

“Well, well, well, Donatello,” remarked an extremely familiar voice and Don spun around in surprise, at the voice of Baxter Stockman as he watched Hun in a wheelchair come to into the distant, with the brain of Baxter Stockman fused to Hun’s shoulder, with Hun’s face, a receding hairline evident, looking at Don with a deflated, defeated look. “Back and younger than ever and how do we look?”

Don stood rigid with his Bo Staff in his hand.

“As strange is it sounds, they are on our side,” commented Hailey, but it was obvious that she didn’t completely trust either of them.

“Yes, just another one of the Shredder’s punishments,” continued Stockman snidely. “Don’t be impolite Hun, say hello to our guest.”

“Greetings Donatello,” said Hun in a defeated voice.

“How did these two get in on the resistance?” questioned Don.

“We saved them from being executed by the Shredder, they’ve been a help as they had knew some of the Shredder’s plans but still not enough,” remarked Hailey bitterly as her hair swung backwards revealing a large hole in the side of her head where her right ear should have been and she answered Don’s unasked question about the missing ear. “Compliments of Bellatrix Lestrange, never did get to thank her before Neville killed her not that I’m bitter about that. He deserved it more, after what she did to his parents but his joy was short lived as he was another who was killed by the Shredder’s genocide against the magical world.”

Hailey looked a bit forlorn talking about Neville but she turned to hide it.

“So exactly how can we get into touch with Raph and Leo?” asked Don quickly. “We need to do something about the Shredder and we need Leo and Raph to do it.”

Mikey opened his mouth to protest but Hailey cut in.

“It would take a miracle but I have to try, at the very least” replied Hailey calmly as she walked off.

Hours later, Leo looking very aged and weary, dressed in a long trench coat and sunglasses as another reminder echoed through the city that “there is no hope, only the Shredder” and “the Shredder is always watching”. Leo contorted as these words taunted his ears but perhaps he was best he was blinded during another futile attempt to take down the Shredder years back and could not see the carnage around him.

On the other end of the hallway, Raph pulled himself in, several scars on his face and arms, along with the right side of his facemask stitched up to protect his severely damaged right eye but he stopped when he saw who was at the other end of the corridor.

“Leo?” inquired Raph in an uncertain voice.

“Wait, Raph, Hailey didn’t say anything about you being here,” said Leo in an uneasy voice.

“Oh what’s the matter Leo, did I remind you how you abandoned Master Splinter when he needed us the most?” demanded Raph angrily.

“It was what he wanted Raphael, to save us,” responded Leo, his temper rising.


“You know we couldn’t!” argued Leo but Raph had removed his Sais.

“That’s it Leo, I’m done playing around, we have it out right now!” shouted Raph and Leo pulled out his katana, as the two brothers prepared for a fight but seconds later they were smacked backwards by a Bo staff before Don stepped out of the shadows.

“Leo, Raph, we need to talk,” said Don in a calm voice.

“Don, no way, I can’t believe it,” remarked Raph as he reached over and gave his brother a big hug.

“Donatello, you’re back, but how?” questioned Leo

“Does it really matter?” replied Don calmly.

“No not really but still I can’t believe it,” answered Leo.

“Believe it,” said Mikey as he stepped into the room. “Brainiac here wants us to take another crack at the Shredder.”

“Don, we tried many times,” replied Raph. “Look at us and you can get a clear picture of how well that went, Master Splinter was the last straw.”

“It’s an impregnable fortress guarded by Foot Police and Utrominators,” added Leo.

“Not to mention Karai legion bots,” concluded Raph grimly.

“And even if you tried to stop him, you couldn’t defeat him,” added Stockman as Hun rolled into the room in his wheelchair. “His new Super Shredder exosuit is stronger than ever, I should know, I helped design it.”

“Yes, it’s hopeless,” replied Leo.

“No, it’s not, the Turtles I knew didn’t believe anything was hopeless, we need to end the Shredder once and for all, the fate of the world depends on it,” replied Don.

“He’s right,” replied Hailey as she walked out of the shadows. “I don’t know if any of you realize but the Shredder has a transmat completed, which means he’s about ready to check out of Earth and if you listened to Mum, the only time he checks out of planet is when he feels he has sucked it completely dry of all of its resources. You know, when he’s about to destroy it.”

“See, something needs to be done,” concluded Don.

“Fine Don, we’ll try one more time, one last time,” conceded Leo. “But please tell us you have a plan to give us a fighting chance.”

“I’m working on one but we need something to even the odds a little bit,” said Don slowly, going over possibilities in his mind quickly as possible. “First, I need to know if we have any hardware, exosuits, anything that can be used as a weapon.”

“Well there is that Karai legion bot that Doctor Stockman has been tweaking,” answered Hailey promptly.

“Yes it could work, it’s a start at the very least, but we need something from the lair as well,” muttered Don.

“The lair?” exclaimed Raph. “Bro, that old place got trashed years ago.”

“Not all of it, but no time to explain no, I’ll fill you in on the way,” said Don quickly as the other three Turtles, Hailey, Stockman, and Hun followed closely behind.

Back at Foot Headquarters Karai walked back into her master’s throne room before she faced the large sliding wall.

“Master, the Utrom slaves have put the finishing touches on the transmat, it will be operational within the hour,” informed Karai.

“Excellent,” said the Shredder coldly, his super exosuit shifting slightly from behind the wall but the ground began to shake with a rumbling, causing Karai to stagger back and Shredder to turn his form slightly as the Turtle Tunneler burst from the ground. “Who dares?”

Karai pulled out her katana, ready for action as the Tunneler doors burst open with the four Turtles and Hailey making their way from the vehicle, ready for battle.

“Can the Shredder come out and play?” taunted Don as he sat right in the center of the modified legion back.

“So the Turtles have reunited,” said the Shredder as the screen slid open, revealing the Super Shredder exosuit. It was nearly twenty five feet tall with reinforced metal and many blades, with a large helmet on the top, where the evil Utrom was inside. “It’s been thirty years overdue but I finally put an end to your pathetic existence.”

“Shredder, your reign of terror is over!” shouted Don but several Karai legion bots made there way into the room.

“Legions attack, destroy them all!” order Karai as the legion bots made there way up but Leo, Raph, Mikey, and Hailey swooped in, allowing Don to fire a series of rockets from the modified bot, wiping out several of the bots, but there were too many of them.

Raph swooped in and jammed his Sais to the optical sockets of one of the bots, jamming its circuitry, before he dodged a spear swing. Leo engaged in a vicious sword duel with another bot and Mikey leapt up, swinging his nunchucks and took out two bots, clearing Don’s path as he blasted one of the bots out of the way.

Hailey pulled out a crossbow and fired three sharp arrows coated in explosive chemicals at a pair of legion bots, causing them to get blown into the air, allowing Mikey and Raph to swoop in and put the finishing touches on them.

“C’mon, we need to buy some time, keep them busy!” yelled Mikey as he wrapped his nunchucks around the bot arm before he flipped it to the ground and then leapt up and destroyed a second adversary with a well placed swing.

In the distance, Hun’s wheelchair rolled down the Tunneler steps.

“Hun stop what are you doing?” demanded Stockman as Hun. “We’re supposed to stay in the Tunneler…”

“Master take me back,” begged Hun.

“What?” demanded Shredder as he looked down at both what was left of Stockman and Hun with barely disguised disgust.

“I’ll serve you please…” stated Hun in a shaky voice but Shredder wasn’t buying it.

“Hun you idiot, we should have stayed inside,” lectured Stockman.

“Exterminating you two pests will be an added bonus to today’s victory,” summarized Shredder coolly as he raised his large exosuit foot up.

“Ah crud,” deadpanned Hun before Shredder brought his foot down on both Hun and Stockman. A loud crack of bones was heard.

Hailey aimed an arrow at one of the bots but it caught it. Seconds later, the arrow exploded, which caused the bot to fly backwards. On the other end of the room, Mikey managed to knock one of his attackers back but a group of six robots surrounded him, weapons raised.

“What…no…I can’t….” started Mikey as the robots viciously slashed at Mikey who gave an anguished shriek before he fell to the ground, dead.

“Mikey, Mikey, no, no, this can’t be happening!” cried Don in horror as he watched his second youngest brother drop to the ground and his eyes narrowed in anger before he blasted right past every one, cutting a path of destruction. “No, you’re pay for this Shredder, if this is the last thing I ever do, you will pay you murderous bastard!”

With unnatural intensity, Don turned the weapon system of his suit on the Shredder, blasting him with bullet he had in the modified legion bot.

Seconds later, the Shredder reached forward from the smoke and grabbed Don by the arms, before he lifted him up, so Don was face to face with the Utrom in the helmet.

“Thirty years and this is all you have, truly pathetic,” remarked the Shredder as he threw Don to the ground before he kicked him. “Disgusting creature.

The Shredder aimed another kick right towards Don, rocketing him halfway across the room and Leo stepped in but Karai dodged in front of him, clashing her katana against Leo’s.

“You should have never come,” said Karai coolly but Leo had pushed her backwards, causing Karai to lose her balance and Leo to aim his katana at Karai once again.

“It’s a shame that you chose duty over honor,” replied Leo as he knocked Karai backwards and caused her to land on the ground. Leo raised his katana into the air, hovering right above Karai’s head as she screwed her eyes shut.

Seconds later, Leo spun around and sliced one of the Karai bots in half. The top half slid to the floor and Leo made an anguished sound as he felt a katana slice into the back of his neck.

“Forgive me, Leonardo,” said Karai quietly as she watched Leo fall to the ground.

“YOU BITCH!” shouted Raph, rushing over and grabbing Karai, before flinging her to the ground. Raph wrapped his hands around the throat of Karai but he found himself flipped right into a glass structure. The glass shattered and sent pieces flying in every direction.

Raph pulled himself up and picked up one of the pieces, before he roughly threw it at Karai who sliced it with her katana. Springing up, Raph held his Sais out and Karai dodged to the side, avoiding the Sais being plunged into her skull. Raph swung around but Karai sliced Raph’s chest with her weapon.

Raph fell down to the ground, with a pained expression as blood dripped to the floor from the deep cut.

“Leo…Leo….Leo…” stammered Raph as he crawled over towards the motionless form of his fallen older brother leaving a trail of blood. Raph gave a futile attempt to pull himself up but collapsed, with his arm draped over Leo.

“It ends now, Karai,” declared Hailey as she aimed her crossbow and Karai charged Hailey, leaping up into the air, her katana at the ready, but Hailey was quicker on the draw.

The arrow pieced Karai’s throat before exploding, blowing Karai’s head off of her shoulders and causing Karai to collapse to the ground. Hailey looked down at Karai but she felt an arm pull her up into the air and Hailey found herself face to face with the Shredder.

“You’ll pay for that, child,” said the Shredder as he used his arms to hoist Hailey high into the air before he threw her with little effort into a wall. Hailey’s back snapped on impact and she dropped to the floor, a few weak breaths leaving her body before she knew no more.

Don’s eyes opened weakly as the cold laugh of the Shredder taunted him.

“You are the last of your kind Donatello and I will now crush you like the insignificant worm you are,” threatened the Shredder as he lifted Don up, who saw the Tunneler out of the corner of his eye.

“You always did claim victory before you actually won Shredder but this entire attack was to get you into position to do this!” yelled Don as he pressed a button on the modified legion bot. Large chains wrapped around the Shredder before Don activated the Turtle Tunneler before he pulled Shredder closer towards the drill.

“No, what is happening?” demanded Shredder as Don managed to bail out of his armor just as the Turtle Tunneler drill began to slice through it, blasting through it in a matter of seconds, before it worked its way up the exosuit towards the Utrom. “No, I am the Shredder, I am the Shredder, the Shredder…no….argh!”

Shredder gave one more scream of terror as the drill drove right through the bottom of his form, slicing its way up, ripping him into pieces and sent blood splattering every where. Seconds later, the drill shut down.

“It’s done,” concluded Don as he looked around, at the depressing scene before him, realizing that he was the only one left, they had all given there lives and he just barely managed to stop the Shredder, but it was too late before it did.

Seconds later, Don watched as his body began to phase out, it had pulled at him, it was stronger than what happened before and Don felt himself being pulled to a location unknown to him. However, he reasoned that wherever it was, it was better than this nightmarish world.
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