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We Have Customers.

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Most people don't get the amazing things that happen when you and your friends run a pizzaria:)

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I really hate working at this run-down, God awful, hell hole, pizza place. I don't even remember what it's called. My friends, Kenzie Jeffs, Katelin Moon, Sam Genova, Jazmine Benjamin, and Ashlyn Holliman work with me though. So I'm okay. We get to play any songs we want because we pretty much run the place.

"Hey Kristi! Turn on Camisado!" Kenzie yelled to me. Who's Kenzie?
Ahhhh. Only one of the biggest Panic at the Disco fans in the world. Her favorite movie is Superbad, and her favorite song is.... Well, Camisado.

"NO! I WANNA HEAR BUILD GOD, THEN WE'LL TALK!" Ashlyn replied. Ashlyn?
Another huge-ass Panic fan. Her favorite movie is Gone With the Wind. Her favorite song is most likely Build God, Then We'll Talk.

"Lying is the Most Fun!-" Katelin and Jazmine added.
"Build God-"
"Nine in the Afternoon it is!" I finished.
"I can deal."
"Fine with me-"

We have customers. A LOT of customers.
"Uhm... KRISTI! What tables do I have?" Kenzie asked.
"6, 3, 9, 18, 16, and 7." I said looking at my clipboard.
"Holy shit. How many freaking tables do we have?"
"27. Now, can you go, and do your job before you get fired?...Again..."
"I'll get right on that! Can you turn on Camisado, please?!" She asked. I nodded, and she walked towards table 8 with Ashlyn. That's not even her table.... I turned on Camisado. Kenzie walked to the middle of the restaurant with Ashlyn. They started singing. Ashlyn singing Ryan's background vocals, and Kenzie singing Brendon's.

"It's not so pleasant, and It's not so conventional." Ashlyn sang.
"It sure as hell ain't normal, but we deal, we deal."
"Just sit back, just sit back. Just sit back and relax. Just sit back, just sit back. Just sit back, and relapse again!......-"
"Kenzie Jay! Table 7! NOW! NO excuses!"
"Aye Aye, Cap'n Sammons!" She answered saluting me.

Kenzie's Vision.
Stupid Kristi.... I was enjoying my favorite song, and there she goes again being mean! Little witch. Just because she's the manager doesn't mean she can be so mean to her friends.... Nevermind. Man. I'm such a bitch.
"Hello. I'm Kenzie, and I'll be your- Holy shit..."
"I knew that this was going to happen."
"Do you know who you are?"
"I think I'm Brendon Urie, right?" He said with that smile. Oh my.
"What? - What are you doing here? I know you had a tour, and everything, but this is Vegas, and you're from here and everything, but- I'm rambling, aren't I?"
"Kinda." Spencer said laughing.
"Sorry. Ummmm. Ashlyn?"
"Yeah?- HOLY FUCK! YOU'RE PANIC AT THE DISCO! " She screamed. I covered her mouth with my had.
"Ashlyn... Maybe you could take it down about 5,000 knotches, Please?"
"Okay... Hi?! Bye..." She said walking to her table.
"Anyway... What can I get you to drink?"
"Water, please."
"Alright I'll be right back." I came back.
"Here you go, Mr. Walker." I said handing him his Coke Zero.
"Thank you." He replied. I nodded.
"Mr. Ross." I said putting the the glass in front of him.
"Thank you.
"My pleasure."
"Spencer..." I said handing him his Sprite.
"And Mr. Urie." I held it out to him. The very stupid, clutzy, dumbass Sam pushed me from behind causing me to spill all of Brendon's drink on his lap. I laughed at his reaction, and so did Sam.
"I'm so sorry...." I said still laughing and wiping his lap. It felt like I was rubbing his "male parts" Ew. That sure made me feel clean, and sooo not slutty at all! I l fell over him laughing, and then I felt something. Which only made me laugh harder. I felt drunk- or high- or something. I grabbed Sam, and we ran to the kitchen.

"Did I just make Brendon Urie.... (gulp) Hard?" I screamed.
"I THINK YOU DID!" She yelled. Then, we scream like little school girls, and laughed like hyenas.

Katelin Vision!

We heared a big crash. So, we all turned around to find Kenzie adn Sam on the floor.
"Oh... I lost my contact... Sorry."
"Yeah... Me too!"
Then, they went back into the kitchen. Just like nothing was okay.
"Hey. Sooo, Brendon?"
"Kenzie give Brendon happytime, eh?" I said.
He grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and pulled me closer.
"Don't tell anyone about this...Got it?" He said. Then, let go.
"So..... How old is she?"
"What's her whole name?"
"Kenzie Rae Jeffs."
"What does she do for a living?"
"She's trying to make it as a musicain, but the only fanbase she has is the regulars on Saturdays. AKA open-mic night." I replied. He seemed interested.
"What does she play?"
"Guitar and Piano."
"You want her number?" I asked.
"It's 1-800-dosen't have a house phone. Wanna try cell phone?" He nodded. I wrote it down on a piece of paper, and all of a sudden, Sam walks out of the kitchen holding a giant pizza. She slipped....again....and it landed on Spencer. Then...
"KENZIEEEEE!" Kristi screamed. Then, she walked out. She bursted out into laughter when she saw Spencer covered in Veggie-lovers pizza.
"Nice look, Spencer."
"No problem at all" I said patting him on the head. He gave me THE look.
"Man, he's so adorableee" I whispered to Kenzie, walking off to get something to clean him up with. She like said nothing at all. AWKWARD. Then I noticed who she was looking at, Brendon. OF course....

When I got back from the janitors closet, I found Spencer still covered in his the pizza toppings.
"AYE!" I shouted, walking over to him. His hair was greasy looking, and he had red sauce on his face, but he still looked freaking adorable.
"What took you so long?" he impatiently giggled, teasing me.
"Shut up!" I responded, cleaning him up. I made sure my hands stayed above his waist. No need for a recall of what just happened. As I was cleaning his shirt, I looked up, into his eyes. Big mistake. He smiled, and I melted. I looked over his shoudler, Kenzie and Brendon were totally flirting. When our eyes met, he did it.
"HOLY SHIT!" I heard Kenzie scream from across the room. She ran over to us. I couldn't move. Had he? Did he? Man, the things that happen in a pizza parlor...

Kenzie's vision:

"Katelin get your ass over here!" I shouted pulling her with me. She listened and came.
"WHAT?" she said.
"Uhhm, I don't kno--w" She seemed upset.
"Yeah, ya kinda did" I said said, turning her towards the door.
"SHIT!" I shouted, there stood Jazmine, looking straight at Spencer.
"Do you think she saw the whole thing?" Katelin asked, scared.
Jazmine made her way over to Spencer, boy did she look pissed.
"What is she doing?" Kristi shouted jumping over the counter. Apparenlty Jaz grabbed one of the veggie pizzas and was heading towards Spencer.
"Hey asshole!" she shouted, throwing the whole pizza at him. It hit him in the face, and fell to the ground. I saw Katelin run behind the counter. Did that little ho expect me to fix this? I followed her.
"Why are you hiding back here?"
"Did you not see the way she looked at me?" Katelin mumbled.
"SHE WASN'T LOOKING AT YOU, DUMBASS!" I shouted, God she's such a freaking idiot sometimes.
"Should I talk to her?" she asked, looking over the counter. I stalled for a second. Jaz was sitting on Spencer punching him.
"OKAY, TALK TO HER NOW!" I shouted, pushing Katelin from behind the counter. She stood there frozen. What the hell was she doing?

Katelin's Vision:

I looked like two feet in front of me, the scene was terrifying. I cleared my throat. NO RESPONSE AT ALL.
"JAZMINE GET YOUR ASS OFF OF HIM!" I managed to shout.
She looked up at me. I saw anger in her eyes. She looked back down and completely ignored me. I drew everything inside of me, and managed to speak again.
"PLEASE..give me like five minutes..we need to talk!" I begged. I guess I got through to her, she got off of him. I grabbed her hand, and she followed me to the Janitor's closet.

Kenzie's Vision:

They went to the closet. At least she was off of Spencer.
"You okay?" I asked, checking on him.
"What was all of that about?" he asked, seriously confused.
"YOU JUST KISSED HER" I said, was he really that slow?
"And your point is....?"
"Jazmine and her have been together since 7th grade"
"So I just kissed a NON single COMMITED girl INFRONT of her significant other?" he said, letting it sink in.
"Man, no wonder she was beating the SHIT out of me"
"Haha. Okayy, Casanova..." I said, helping him up off the ground. Brendon walked over to us.
"What?" Spencer asked.
"You just got your ass beat by a chick! Man, thats FUCKED UP!" Brendon shouted, laughing and pointing at Spencer.
"Uhm..yeah..I guess" he replied, blushing a little.

Katelin's Vision:

We were in the dark Janitor's closet. I didn't like it and I think I had my foot in a mop bucket.
"What you saw was NOTHING" I said, looking her in the eyes.
"B-but when I walked in, you guys were like all over each other."
"Sweetie, he didn't know that we were together, and he kissed me. it didn't mean anything at all. He just didn't know..."
"YOU'RE LUCKY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, OR I WOULD STILL BE OUT THERE BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF HIM SPENCER!" she laughed, grabbing my hand. We walked out of the closet together. She glarred at Spencer. I don't think she's quite forgave him yet. Brendon and Kenzie were so all over each other. I guess we know who the next couple is going to be.
"KENZIE RAE JEFFS" Kristi shouted from behind the counter.
"A-WHA?" She asked, coming back to Earth.
"Time to go home!" Kristi laughed, walking from behind the counter. She set the keys down on the counter.
"You're locking up tonight, so make sure some hobo doesn't get in here and steal all the food....AGAIN." Kristi implied, walking out the door.

Kenzie's Vision!

"Can you hand me those keys right there?"
"Sure." He threw the keys, and I caught them. I'm so brilliant.
"Nice catch."
"Thank you.
"I gotta go. So, I guess, I'll see you later...Bye." He said walking backwards straight into the glass wall. CRASH! I laughed.
"You really like laughing at me, don't you?"
"You're Brendon Urie. When you screw up... Everyone laughs."
"Anyways... Bye." He left the restaurant. I let out a dreamy sigh. He's so amazing...
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